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The Sequel to Super Mario Logic
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2017 - The Sequel to Super Mario Logic
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As some of you guys here know I made a hack called Super Mario Logic. It was a puzzle/mini game based hack using mostly vanilla SMW resources.

Using vanilla resources was done on purpose for this hack as it was my very first hack here. I didn't want to use a bunch of custom stuff because I didn't even know the basics of SMW hacking yet.

But now that I have one hack completed and a little more experience I will be working on my sequel to Super Mario Logic. This new game will be very similar in style to its predecessor, but will be a very different game in the end as I will be aiming to make the game mostly out of custom blocks, custom sprites, custom asm, custom graphics and so on. In other words it will rely heavily on custom resources.

The game will not have Mario in it or anything related to Nintendo, but will have a cast of all original characters. It will feel more like a homebrew game than anything else.

I have already started making levels for this new hack and you can find my work in progress thread in the respective section here at smwc. However, I haven't updated it in a while so I decided to work on the game some more and to show off some new levels.

(I often put links to blocks and resources in my threads for my own reference)

press down and press A button to drop down contra block

Look out for more posts from me here at C3 as I will be working on new levels all during C3.
i still think you need to be more creative with what you consider a puzzle, or interesting level. This is like The Witness boasting having 500 puzzles, and including the ones that are drawing a straight line. That grabbing 4 coins by pressing down on a platform isn't an interesting puzzle, it's just a chore. I really really think you need to lower your ambitions (are you still planning on 200 levels?) and focus on good, creative design. Quality over quantity, you know?

You did a great job with Super Mario Logic, and i think it was designing in spite of the challenges vanilla resources provide that forced you to get creative. Here it's clear you're just throwing a custom block at the player and that's it. It ends up feeling like a 200 level tutorial for a game that never starts.
most okayest
Here is another potential level.

Please keep in mind that nothing is finalized yet, and that the end result should be excellent. Everything is in the brainstorming phase.

Originally posted by Hobz
That grabbing 4 coins by pressing down on a platform isn't an interesting puzzle, it's just a chore

If you would like to design a level with that same block in it be my guest. If its good enough I'll put it in the game. :)

Another thing that I did, was read all the way up to page 10 (which has taken me several full days to do) in the custom sprite database. I'm reading about the sprites and thinking about what I can do with the current resources hosted here. I have to first see what there is and once I know that then I can start really designing.


I just thought of something. Instead of using the spring board I could use the cannon shooting pipes that greenhammerbro coded. So see one idea leads to another and sometimes things are in a continual state of progression.
Hobz you gotta keep in mind that those ledges have to be introduced somewhere.
As a first-encounter kinda level, I think that the 4 coins one is just fine to introduce the block.

Your layout has been removed.
And here is one with vertical wrapping as well as a double jump ability. It's a skill shot.

The game will have many different characters that you get to play throughout the game. Some characters will have specials abilities such as the double jump or will have wall slide or the Wario shoulder dash tackle.

The characters will be similar to the style of characters in Chrono Trigger. There will be some male characters, some female characters, a robot character and an animal like character. They will all be unique in their own way. There will be no power up/down feature like in Mario where you can grow/shrink. Instead each character will just be a certain size or have a certain ability no matter what.

As interesting as this could be, I'm a bit disappointed by all the cut-off and bad palette choices. I like the idea behind it though. ^_^
Layout by LDA during C3.
Are you planning to remap the coin blocks?
Pressing down to get past sounds like a neat idea, but some sort of hint or something would be cool as well.

I've played Super Mario Logic before, and I'm sure this one will be even better and more creative in terms of content. Just make sure to innovate on the puzzles if you're going to keep the same pattern of one screen for each level. Good luck with this hack!
Originally posted by Lightvayne
As interesting as this could be, I'm a bit disappointed by all the cut-off and bad palette choices. I like the idea behind it though. ^_^

Im fairly certain theyre only like that because hes completely changing the graphics anyways. Its pretty much just prototyping now, no real need to waste time on visuals yet

Check out - Super Mario World: Vanilla Revitalized
VLDCX Entry - 35th Place! - Fuzzy Heights
Here is a level.

It uses GHB's cliff blocks, GHB's aftertouchshatter, and a 64x64 mega mole.

The mega mole will eventually be turned into some sort of hover platform and the floor will be replaced with tiles which are solid for sprites, yet not solid for mario. so mario will fall though the floor and die if he misses the mega mole.

All of the graphics in the final game will be custom so the levels you see here are just testing out the ideas and seeing if they work.

A 64x64 mega mole

The cliff wall blocks

I love these cliff blocks GHB that behave exactly as they should. Very intuitive design and graphics.
Another level.

In this level I am using the custom dry bones sprite, double jump sprite and teleport after 8 enemy hits generator.

The key to this one is to save your double jump all the way until the end and order to jump on them some more otherwise you don't have enough "hang time". In this level there are no coins to collect or goal sphere to reach. You beat the level by simply teleporting to another level.


1 up bounce teleport

Dry Bones

Double Jump

I've also noticed that making these levels is a little harder than in my first hack which used mostly vanilla resources. With vanilla I can easily test sprites and blocks on the fly in a matter of minutes. However getting the custom sprites and blocks and inserting them sure takes a lot longer.

I wish someone would compile an entire rom filled with all the custom blocks and sprites here just for testing purposes.


I also wanted to add that the blocks that will guard the goal sphere that usually have numbers on them won't have numbers at all. There will be a number, but it won't be shown. Once the player gets enough coins though, the blocks will automatically visually change to show you that they are now passable.
A level with the falling block sprite.

The fall down block sprite

Originally I was a little disappointment that if this sprite lands on some brown block that later get turned into coins that the sprite won't fall anymore under gravity and be stuck in mid air.

I tried to see if I could change the asm, but I'm not that good yet. Anyway, then I thought why not put ceiling chains on the ones that get stuck so it looks like they aren't stuck. Innovate! That is what hacking is all about.

Anyway this also got me thinking. What about a sprite like the thwomp, but only with a ceiling chain. When the thwomp (or spike weapon thing) comes down it draws graphic tiles of vertical chains and then when it goes back up it erases those tiles.

Kind of like the growing vine or the scale platforms do. Too bad I'm not a super pro asm person and can code this all myself. But ideas like this motivate me to start trying.
You should make a note to add like a visual indicator for levels where the win condition is different, so the player always knows what to do.
Cause I'd get a bit confused at that dry bones one!

Your layout has been removed.
Here is a level.

It has custom left/right thwomps and the elevator sprite.

Also for the final game there will be no status bar whatsoever. The mario text will be deleted, the lives deleted, the yoshi coins and bonus star deleted, the item box deleted, the timer deleted and the coins and points deleted.

In Super Mario Logic there were coin requirement blocks with numbers on them to indicate how many coins the player needed an order to pass. In this next game, there will still be the coin requirement blocks, but they will automatically disappear/be passable once enough coins have been collected and thus not have numbers on them.
this elevator/thwomp room is barely a puzzle. You might as well call this hack "a bunch of rooms" or something
Originally posted by ft029
this elevator/thwomp room is barely a puzzle. You might as well call this hack "a bunch of rooms" or something

It has already been said but I think that bunch of overly simple rooms is to introduce the player to new mechanics, so that they know what to do with them in more complicated puzzles later in the game. That's how it was in Super Mario Logic anyways.
That's some good stuff Final Theory, making use of custom stuff for your puzzles opens a billion of possibilities and I'm looking forward to see how things turn out
pre edit: ninja'd

Originally posted by ft029
this elevator/thwomp room is barely a puzzle. You might as well call this hack "a bunch of rooms" or something

Originally posted by leod
you gotta keep in mind that those ledges mechanics have to be introduced somewhere.

What's the deal with being an ass lately in this forum btw? You don't sound smart or something

I really kinda love this type of games, and I didn't know you made a hack based on this kind of gameplay already; definitely gonna check that out. Hope you finish this one as well, besides challenging our brains I could potentially see some very creative mechanic/custom resource I hadn't thought of before, so looking forward to this. :P

E: coulda swear this was the Work In Progress forum LOL, oh well
Here is one that I came up with that actually doesn't have any custom stuff, but I like it none the less. Can't believe I never thought of anything like this before.

I'm also reading some of the replies here and noticing that some people are concerned about the game. Just trust me guys, the final game will be awesome.

P.S. The level has already been slightly modified to work better.
This puzzle is simple and effective. Maybe you can expand upon this idea in a future puzzle?
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