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Golden Yoshi's B-Sides
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And no that's not a euphmism for parts of my body. #smw{:trollface:}

Welcome to my collection of various unreleased/unfinished projects I've started over the years. I'll give an overview of each one in chronological order of when they were created.

Joseph's Game 2

Year of Creation: 2006
Description: This hack was created in 2006 for my then-7-year-old cousin Joseph. It was meant to serve as an introduction to platform games in general. As you notice, the levels are very basic and easy as they were meant for novice players. This hack was also designed to be played without the run feature as I felt that would make things too difficult. As suggested by the title, there was a predecessor, but it was only about 5 levels long and even more simplistic. There were also Joseph's Games 3 and 4 but they were based off of other hacks so can't really release them.
What's Included: Full hack, about 4-5 worlds

The Essence Star 2


Year of Creation: 2012
Description: This was to be a direct sequel to SMW2+3: The Essence Star. Gameplay was never finalized but I planned to make it more puzzle-oriented as seen in the included level. The hack would've delved further into the history of The Essence Star and Roth's backstory. I stopped working on the hack after starting the second level because I wasn't really down to create a full-length, complex hack.
What's Included: First level, Insection (in Yoshi's Island 1's place). As a bonus, I also included an outline of the planned story in a text file.

Mario & Luigi Are Missing!


Year of Creation: 2014
Description: This was to be a hack starring Peach on a rescue mission for Mario & Luigi.
What's Included: Full first level (in place of Yoshi's Island 1) and most of the second level (in place of Yoshi's Island 2). The second level ends abruptly at the boss battle, which is not complete.

Hack 3 Part 2 Final Cutscene
Year of Creation: 2015-2016
What's Included: Originally, Hack 3 Leftovers was planned to be a direct sequel to Hack 3, resolving the story introduced in the predecessor. I felt creating cutscenes and all was too tedious so I just released the hack as Hack 3 Leftovers. But, I've included a text file of a script of how one of the final cutscenes played out, in case anyone was curious how the story concluded.

Hack 4 Beta


Year of Creation: 2016
Description: The beginning beta stages of Hack 4. Late last year I started progress on Hack 4 with the level in the above video. I ultimately halted progress on it because I felt I had started prematurely. At this point I think I've exhausted many gimmicks and level ideas currently available, so decided to hold off until I got more ideas and new resources were released so that when I do continue it feels fresh rather than stale and recycled. I do hope to create Hack 4 sometime in the future, but the included level likely won't make the final cut as I'm not crazy about the glitch where the Revive Block causes a momentary freeze a few seconds after touching it.
What's Included: The level from the video, Phoenix Mario (in Yoshi's Island 1's place)

Not Included, Which I Had Hoped To
-Super Mario World: The Lost Levels: This was a vanilla SMW hack I created back in 2003 to act as SMW's counterpart to SMB: The Lost Levels. A one-world demo was released. Was never able to track this down.
-SMW2+2 Extra: This was to be a one-world expansion pack to my Yoshi's Island hack SMW2+2. I started working on this in 2010. I created a level and a half. Can't track this one down either.

Content included in this collection is largely unfinished, so you may encounter glitches/oddities.

Dang, you were planning on making a sequel to SMW2+3? It's too bad that never took off. I hope you eventually have the inspiration to finish some of these old projects.
Cool that you got your unreleased projects done now. I like your projects and should give 'em a try.
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Originally posted by Falconpunch
Cool that you got your unreleased projects done now. I like your projects and should give 'em a try.

Uh no, none of these are complete hacks except Joseph's Game 2.
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
And no that's not a euphmism for parts of my body. #smw{:trollface:}
*leaves thread

Essence Star was one of the first hacks I ever played (and to completion, no less), so I'll have to check out what you were planning to do with its sequel.
I also only played the first Hack, but everything I've seen from the sequels always makes me smile with how creative it is. I'm not much of a hack player nowadays, but i'll try to find time to try these out!

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I wanted to know if THE SMW2+4 will complete
Oh holy shit, I actually remember you emailing me Joseph's Game 2 way back when you first made it (and I totally remember the whole "don't use the run" thing). Talk about nostalgia. I remember you had two other unfinished projects as well - Mario is Hungry and Super Mario Underworld, I think? What became of them?

Also, I missed your message on IRC the other day, but I don't have the hack anyway - sorry.
Mario is Hungry had a one-world demo released many C3s ago before I stopped working on it. As for Super Mario Underworld, I released the available four levels to the hack section quite some time ago.
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