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Pizza Stream: Code Of The Dragon - By SNN, Medic and Lui37 (feat. Magi, idol, Sincx, ergazoobi)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2017 - Pizza Stream: Code Of The Dragon - By SNN, Medic and Lui37 (feat. Magi, idol, Sincx, ergazoobi)
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There is a prophecy, carved in sacred stone (which was incidentally repurposed to become a decorative plaque only decades later), that tells of an ancient prophecy. A dragon, perched high above a mountain so badass you probably haven’t even heard of it, grows hungry. As this hunger grows, so does its patience not grow. Rather, it shrinks. And when that patience shrinks as its hunger grows, it must feast.

The prophecy (the one from before) claims that the only way to shrink the dragons hunger and allow its patience to then in turn grow again is to soothe it with melody. But no merry melody will suffice. As this dragon, perched high above its mountain is so high up that normal music cannot pierce the sky and reach its badass ears to soothe the beast. No, piercing the sky and reaching the dragon’s ears requires more than a mere merry melody. It requires a constant flow of melody. A stream, if you will. Decorated with many layers and toppings, like a pizza. a…pizza stream, if you will.

Enter the code of the dragon, a compilation of music designed to reach the highest heaven, the lowest hell, the dirtiest basement and even your neighbor if you feel comfortable sharing it with them. But good luck mustering the courage, for to endure the cacophony of arranged chaos contained within is to open a pandora’s box to the soul, to break the chains of mediocrity and simple, 4/4 rhythm to expand and truly understand what it means to be music. To brave the sounds of true anarchy and agnostic belief in the norms of the culturally accepted is to truly face yourself, a carbon copy similar in every way except for one: the copy is listening to this album and that makes them substantially cooler.

So as you read this, and you feel the goosebumps on your arm start rising the shirt you’re wearing, and you start proclaiming each breath and blink in your mind before they happens, and you start thinking about what a paper cut on your tongue would feel like, it’s time to step outside of your own body, and perch yourself onto the mountain of badassness (like the dragon, from earlier), close your eyes, open your ears, and press play. Because with the sounds you’re about to hear,
there’s no turning back.


snn's birthdayLui37
when she succ u but u cum too earlyMagi
lui defeats mussolini but at what cost S.N.N.
banjo cockzooieSinc-X
I'M NOTidol
pest controlMedic
Lui finish ur fucking oggergazoobi
when the cold hits your feet like a dead moose meat, that's ehLui37

Download all the tracks in one zip here

In depth track by track description:

the album begins with snn's birthday, an arrow of musical brilliance designed to puncture the sky and have it’s voice heard

LUI FINISH ICEY OU IITALIAN DICK, the brunt of the force of this album follows through with the momentum of snn's birthday by crashing its way through with it’s hammer style percussion and hefty arrangement

SEPTEMBER 30 is also like LUI FINISH ICEY OU IITALIAN DICK because it also has arrangement and percussion, only it replaces a hammer of speed and agility with brunt force and attacking strikes of power and danger

by when she succ u but u cum too early, it’s over. not the album , we’re just getting started I mean the initial strike of sound burrowing its way into your brain and out your mouth in the words “wow, this is getting good”

as a crescendo increases its volume to get grander (or something like that), this album does the opposite. lui defeats mussolini but at what cost is probably the worst one and you might as well skip it or something. maybe just listen to SEPTEMBER 30 again idk

banjo cockzooie does what it can to salvage the album after lui defeats mussolini but at what cost did such a good job ruining it by bringing us back to form. a real knock-out, literally. this track stings like a jellyfish and flutters like a Yoshi with the flutter jump ability (like and favorite if you get that reference)

by I'M NOT, you’re probably waiting for it to end. that’s why I'M NOT is here to help bring new life into the latter half of the album, by reminding you of what it feels like to be a kid, staring at the moon and questioning the futility of the world around you as you smoke cigarettes and listen to The Cure (but not too loud or your parents will wake up)

while I'M NOT is content with bringing you nostalgia, pest control is all about moving forward. this progressive, some would say criminally ahead of its time track forces you to look at music not as notes on a piece of paper, but as a religious experience capable of bringing you transcendence into an astral plane nobody even knew existed before pest control showed them

remember the dragon thing I was going for earlier? well Lui finish ur fucking ogg is the song that finally tames the wild beast. it’s soothing, monochromatic approach to the desolation of choice and free-thought in an oppressive world of hopeless abandon drives the dragon to fucking kill itself, which is too bad because it would’ve loved when the cold hits your feet like a dead moose meat, that's eh!

as I said just then, when the cold hits your feet like a dead moose meat, that's eh is the cork in the ship-in-a-bottle of this album. It wraps everything up in a neat little package, and acts as not only a callback to the songs we just heard, but as an expanding outlook into what the future holds.

enjoy! #wario{;)}

hope this is as 👌 (preferrably better) as the first album

Baby please, would you end your night with me?

I knew too much #wario{>:|}

What-A-Blast! - My WIP Super Mario World hack
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I, too, always thought "Revolution 9" would have been better had Tristan Tzara written the lyrics. Verily, we was hornswoggled.
Originally posted by LIVE THE CODE
it's only a coincidence i swear
most okayest
10/10 would have my eardrums raped again

I hope I'm graduated in meme music next time so I can be featured and become world famous

Live the code. The code of the dragon.
ctrl + f'ed 'amore' and found no hits

you disgust me
that was amore

but not in a gay way
Good songs 10/10

Nice songs 10/10

Needing testers
I'm just a terrible person with almost no good qualities
When people not part of the code of the dragon LONG LIVE THE CODE OF THE DRAGON, that's amore
Yoshiatom's Post
This clearly trying to piggyback off of the success of The Dwellers of Dischord's big re-union, and it's no-where near as good! As soon as I heard that where 2 John Cena jokes in the album (which is 2 more than anything should have.), I decided it's not worth anyone's time.

Also this isn't even a live stream, I'm filling aganist you for false advertising.

somethign something live dragon code something

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<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise

On their sophomore effort, the follow-up to last year's The Bone Age, the elusive music collective Pizza Stream offer up another hot slice of the eclectic and experimental sounds that made their debut so special. However, in some ways this feels more like a continuation of the first album than a new project in its own right, many of the lyrical themes and motifs from the previous album make a return here, and while they are just as relevant as they were previously, I can't shake the lingering feeling that I've heard it all before.

The features are a mixed bag as well. This album include tracks from several new collaborators in addition to the core piza stream group, and while this does bring a lot of diversity to the tracklisting, some of them work better than others. Infamously cute noise musician idol's contribution "I'M NOT" is a standout track. This track has a sharp socoiopolitical edge while still maintaining the irreverance and playfulness that put Pizza Stream on the map. I hope to see her continue to work with Pizza Stream in the future. Sinc-x's "banjo cockzooie" is interesting in that it is more of a skit than a musical track, but it serves as an effective transition between the two halves of the album and does a lot to push the narrative.

On the other hand, the track "when she succ u but u cum too early", featuring Magi, felt like it finished too soon and left me wanting more. And ergazoobi's "Lui finish ur fucking ogg" just felt like a misguided attempt at creating a "banger", and while it may appeal to a festival audience, it is rather obnoxious and in the context of the album, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Overall, while there are some definite highlights, such as "pest control" and the previously mentioned "I'M NOT", I feel like Pizza Stream are struggling to progress their sound beyond what we heard on their debut. Hopefully they will learn from this experience in order to give us a worthy successor to The Bone Age the next time around. Die-hard fans of the first album will find enough to tide them over here, but I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed.

I'm feeling a light to decent 6 on this thing. Tran

i have no idea what the code of the dragon is someone please explain
Originally posted by idol
i have no idea what the code of the dragon is someone please explain

the one, true official smwc illuminati group
hi can i join code of the dragon
If you downloaded the album zip early you probably have the poopy untagged tracks. In the new zip all the tracks have proper tags including track number, title, artist, year, disc number, genre, title and year! Take your time to redownload the album and listen to all the tracks in the correct order!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2017 - Pizza Stream: Code Of The Dragon - By SNN, Medic and Lui37 (feat. Magi, idol, Sincx, ergazoobi)

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