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Hello. Welcome to my thread and it's...

A joke thread.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Super Mario Advance 2 font + additional enhancements
Actually, this is a font rip of Super Mario Advance 2 (GBA port of SMW) which includes the exact rip of the font as well some additional letters like accents and the ampersand.

It also replaces some letters in the file select and continue dialogs, too. It also replaces the font in the ending message. (see below)

Click here to download.

4 Minutes

This was once as a CLDC level, but I got lied so decided to put it in the Full Hack Releases thread last month. But this time it's now in BPS format (SMWC's current file format for SMW hack patches). In this level, you have 4 MINUTES (equivalent to 240 seconds in SMW's original timer, I got lazy to code a custom timer) to finish it. Can you keep up?
And now for the most beautiful thing in this hack...

Click here to download.

Have fun!
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That's an odd choice for a font to rip considering the game already has most of it, but all those extra symbols might actually really come in handy for hacks in different languages especially.
What tiles did you sacrifice for all those accents and umlauts though? Like, I didn't think the Layer 3 files had that much empty space to work with without getting rid of something the game actually used?
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