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[Patch] Yoshi's Island graphics enhanced
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Hello smwcentral YI hacking community, today I want to present you a little(...well, not so little)patch
What does this patch do? this patch that improves graphical aspects of Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island where possible(plus other very minor fixes), like giving each Yoshi different boot colors, fix background glitches and oversights, several objects and sprite fixes, fix a few palette issues and more!!
The best part? it can be used for your own hack! yes, this patch was designed to anyone to use, feel free to make ANY modifications you want.

errr... yeah, there is nothing else to say about this(unless I think on a better description somehow), so here is the download link, the list of changes, screenshots and have fun!

Download link
Version 2.0

And now, below is the very detailed list of all the changes done.
Note that not all the edits were made by me, a few of them were collected from the offsets and helpful info and F.A.Q. threads, I credited the people who shared the edits in the list below.
- Wall ledges in cave tileset (Object x7D, Tileset x00) now uses palette row 05
- Small fix regadring the metatiles (map-16) sand block attached to ground for every tileset (if available)
- Incorrectly colored seesaw holder tile fixed [Mattrizzle]
- Castella and seesaw holder included in rocky castle tileset
- Right legde of ground connected to goal platform fixed for all available tilesets
- Right ledge connected to goal platform palette fixed for snow tileset (Tileset x04)
- Ground without grass (Objects x87 & x88) available in tilesets x00, x01, x04, x07, x08, x09 & x0F. Note that decorations objects (extended obj. x4D, x4E, x4F) can be still used only in tileset x01
- Tileset x07 cross section borders fixed
- Corrected bottom part of "spore tree" (object x91 & x92)
- Corrected bottom-left tile of jungle stone connected to ground
- Fixed extended object x32 to work with tileset x01 (it does work with tileset x07 but cross-section platforms uses different palettes)
- Added graphic for grassless ledges when they connect with regular ledges for tilesets X04, X09 and X0F [idea: XenonZed]
- Alternate grassless ledges (x87) available in tilesets x04, x09 and x0F

Layer 2:
- Fixed bottom cutoff in background x02, now the underwater rocks have been extended to the bottom
- Fixed bottom cutoff in unused jungle background x0C
- Fixed garbage that appears when animated tiles are used in starry background x0D
Layer 3:
- Fixed garbage tiles in background x0E
- Butterflies in background x1B now uses Layer 3 palette
- Removed clouds that overlap with parallax scrolling in background x20
- Removed upsidedown clouds in background x1E and x2A
- Fixed small garbage tile in background x2F

- Green & Red switch sprites (x15C & x15D) and unused switch with 2 platforms sprite (x162) now are global
- Mouse sprite (x2F) now only requires sprite gfx file 28 alone without using sprite gfx file 60 (sprite set related)
- Grunt sprite (x159, x15A) is not forced to the 6th slot in sprite sets, now can be used in any "place" you want (sprite set related)
- Fixed a very minor oversight with one of the Flying Goonie frames [Yoshis Fan]
- Fixed a wrong colored tile for Blinfolded Boo
- Fixed glitched tile for Shy-Guy riding platform [Yoshi's Fan]

- BG2 x10 & x16 palettes now are separated palettes instead of being duplicates of x09 (Duplicate of x10) and x17 (Duplicate of x16), palette x10 is located at offset x1FE002 and x16 is located at x1FE03E
- Red coins in pond areas now uses the correct colors instead of pink [Mattrizzle]
- In-game baby Mario's cap color now is the same for each Yoshi to keep consistency
- In-game brown Yoshi corrected to match the darker brown Yoshi used in the intro of the game
- Yoshi colors order in map corrected [Mattrizzle]
- Active map red Yoshi color corrected to keep consistency with the inactive map red Yoshi
- Baby Mario's cap in map corrected [Mattrizzle(?)]

- Train rails can be used along with backgrounds 0A, 0B, 14, 1C, 1E (those are not tileset specific but background specific)
- Message box now works with layer 3 backgrounds x17 & x2F
- Cave mushrooms Z-order fixed [Romi]
- Small Naval Piranha form is not affected by eggs anymore [Tehaxor69]
- Message Box (sprite xAD) is not affected by eggs anymore
- Unused bonus games tilemaps and graphics completely removed

A few screenshots:
Note: some of these screens are not part of the patch, they were taken just to showcase some of changes done here

Fixed pink Yoshi palette and brown Yoshi from the intro sequence.

Sand block connected to ground using the correct graphics in tileset x01 and x09 instead of reusing the tiles from tileset x07

in the original game, the goal platform connected to ground used a blue palette for some reason, this was fixed in my patch

Using animations in starry background x0D! You can't do that in the original, vanilla game without visual glitches

Seesaw holder and castella now included in stone tileset(x0E), they weren't in the original for some reason...

Blindfolded boo's mouth now uses the correct palette

Brand new design for the flat ledges in tilesets that were not available!
...and more changes!

Mini F.A.Q. Read this before asking questions
Q: Which version should I apply this patch
A: The Yoshi's Island v1.0 (U) ROM, Do not ask for the rom here, use a search engine.

Q: I really want to apply your patch directly into my hack
A: You won't be able to apply this to your hack and you will get an error message if you do so, but if you somehow bypass the error message, its most likely all your changes will get overwritten, especially graphical edits. If you want to use this, but you are already making a hack, I'm afraid you will need to export your changes manually...

Q: Why is this a .BPS patch instead of an .ASM patch? that would be MUCH better!
A: Long story short: I didn't kept track of every hex edit I made to this patch, I got lazy after the map-16 & sprite tilemap edits(Notice how I said "didn't kept track of every hex edit". Means there is a little chance that I could have saved a specific hex edit, just in case...)

Q: Can I use the ALLGFX.bin separately from the patch(assuming you can)
A: No, some of the graphic changes are "patch-specific"

Q: I found a bug in the patch!
A: Post here and tell me what is happening so I can fix it.

Q: I think X thing looks odd, I preferred how it looked in the original.
A: I will see what I can do.

Q. I'm using the freespace at the end of the ROM for levels and/or ASM but every time I add new graphics my levels suddenly get corrupted/deleted!
A: Each time you add new graphics, the freespace at the end of the ROM will decrease and overwrites whatever you used this area for. Use this space with caution!

Q: Can you make X sprite compatible with other/all sprite tilesets?
A: Yes, but don't ask me about it.

Q: Can you make X object available in Z tileset?

Thank you for using my patch, I hope you find it useful!
Wow, great work! I will check this out later.
It worked, but when I used Ycompress on it, all your fixes were gone. What do I do?

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

I will probably make use of this for SMWCI.
Well, I can't insert my modified AllGFX.bin on your patch without getting rid of all your fixes. I typed the PC address as 120200 before inserting it. Any solution?

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Holy shit, why haven't I seen this before? This is VERY useful. You even fix the cutoff in the layer 3 BG 0x2F!
Thank you eternally #smrpg{<3}
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Noticed that the new grassless ledges don't have graphics for where they meet up with regular ledges. Would be something to look into for a V2 of this patch.
Thank you for reporting that, I am currently working on adding connected ledges without grass in other tilesets, for now only works on X04, X09 and X0F, not sure if it will work on tileset X07 because overwriting cross section tiles may cause incompatibilities (especially with tileset changers sprites)
It was not possible to add on both cave tilesets because there are no free tiles to use

This one look strange (still a WIP)

Also, during this process, I noticed that the ledge connected to goal platform (tilesets X07 & X0F) looked a little strage, so I decided to make a new one.

What do you guys think?
Nobody? fine, time to update...

Version 2.0

what's new:
- Added graphic for grassless ledges when they connect with regular ledges for tilesets X04, X09 and X0F
- Alternate grassless ledges (x87) available in tilesets x04, x09 and x0F

And that's pretty much for now. Until the next update!
Wow, wasn't expecting an update to this

Thank you!
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
errr, oops...
In my previous post (& main post), I completely forgot to mention that I updated another object: The alternate grassless ledge (object x87, the one that uses more tiles) can be used with tilesets x04, x09 and x0F

You can see this object in action just a few post above (well except in snow tileset screenshot because...)
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