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Super Mario Berry World - First Demo by ViralTyphlosion

File Name: Super Mario Berry World - First Demo
Submitted: 11-01-2017 08:03:26 PM by ViralTyphlosion
Authors: ViralTyphlosion
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A vanilla hackrom I was been working on during my free time exploiting the vanilla graphics from the original games to make a sighly diferent tiles/blocks to offer. including the following freatures:

- Custom blocks [Shop blocks, Negative Coins/Moons, Teleport blocks]
- Custom music [from approved SWMCentral forum list]{Many thanks to the compositors!}
- Luigi fixed sprite patch
- Text memes

the overworld it's the same as the original game and the demo last long until iggy koopa castle.

This hack is almost good to go! Sadly, there are a few issues that made me more in favour of a rejection. Here's a list of things that are required in order for your hack to be accepted, ordered from the most significative to less:
- Your hack has still the original SMW's overworld, which is a big minus. Please, make sure to make your own overworld in the next version.
- Sprite tile limits issues here and here. I'm highly suggesting you to apply this patch in your hack.
- Blind fall right here. The terrain under me in there isn't even safe, since there's a porcu puffer fish swimming. Put a coin trail and make sure that the player lands in a safe spot.
- Major slowdown here due to all the shelless koopas you put here. I'd suggest you to remove some of them.
- Two things to point out here: first, this FG's colors are a bit too vivid. I suggest you to make that purple less saturated. Second, the layer 3 writing (MARIO A ... etc) has wrong colors. Fix them via editing the palette of the titlescreen level, or edit the writings themselves via this tool.
- Your message boxes... while there isn't a rule for sweary content in hacks (there's actually none; we accept them as long as there aren't direct offences towards people and/or groups of people), if you plan to keep them, atleast warn in the hack descrition that such thing is in your hack. Some sensible players could be hurt from this, so warning them in advance is obligatory.
- The way you designed water in your hack is a bit weird. I'd probably blame the cutoff. Not really a necessary fix, but I'd suggest you to just stick with the original smw water tides... or find a better arrangement that doesn't look as cutoff-y as this.
- It's not a good idea to place question blocks under decoration tiles. Find a better place for them, remove them or remove the decoration tiles.

That's all I guess. Again, this hack was very close to get accepted; it was lengthy enough and fun to go trough. You just need to fix what has been said in here (especially the first few issues). Once you fixed most of the things, feel free to submit again, and I'll gladly accept it.