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New SMB SNES - you are already dead
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Very good chocolate hack! I like the overworld, the custom powerups, and how each level introduces a bunch of enemies (or a powerup). The overworld has a lot of empty space, but I don't think it's all that boring. Is that a Big Boo Boss in the last screenshot of the temple level?
Originally posted by lukacspatrick
Is that a Big Boo Boss in the last screenshot of the temple level?

Correct, and defeating it leads to the next level I'll show, which is the Green Switch Palace! ...I think you'll be able to tell what to do here.

Now, I'll have to figure out how to change the powerup that the green switch blocks give you, because I don't want the player to have a cape until near the end of the game. Of course, I'll also have to figure out how to fix the cape so that you can actually fly with it when the custom powerups patch is inserted...

Well, anyway, I'll probably get the Spicy Secret and Spicy Sands 5 done after this. Yay.

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
Power-ups dodging idea = Good idea.


TBH, I don't think the lava should be transparent in that temple level.

please click this!
Originally posted by TheJullasicFox
TBH, I don't think the lava should be transparent in that temple level.

Well, my only other option would be to make the lava go behind the FG, which will be more annoying.

Anyway, after a long wait, Spicy Secret and Spicy Sands 5 are finally done!

Wow, there's lots of quicksand in Spicy Secret.

Whoa! That Pile Driver Micro Goomba just popped up out of nowhere!

Next, there's a huge underground sinkhole. You can get this Yoshi Coin if you're willing to swim in some quicksand.

Wait! Don't go any further, Mario!

Well, anyway, next we have Spicy Sands 5. Here's some more screenshots...

Looks like it's a Mojave-style desert that's infested with SML snakes.

It also includes Pokeys and more Jumping Piranha Plants.

Whoa, it sure gets tricky at times...

Oh, and finally, I'll show a new main map that I made, which completely redesigns the sky area.

And that's it for now. By the next update, I'll have the Spicy Pyramid finished up, and hopefully all of world 2 at that. Peace! #smw{:peace:}

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
Nice new overworld! I wish you good luck with this hack.

please click this!
I've had some life issues, but now the Spicy Pyramid is finished at last! ...Not that anyone really cares about my hack.

This pyramid is a lot bigger than the previous one...

And here we have animation issues with the gears even though I've never experienced that before.

Here's some more animation issues, along with a new design for the Mario-only blocks.

Great, we have grinders going behind the foreground yay

Try not to slip and fall here!

And with that, world 2 is complete. I have an unpolished demo ready, but it could be a bit until I actually submit a real one. Anyway, now I'll begin working on world 3, so that will be fun. Until next time...

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
This level looks pretty great, but I think the first screenshot looks empty because there's only a thwimp. Was this part intentionally empty?
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
I finished 3-1
oh wait I finished it a long time ago and never posted it here oh well
3-1 is a generic beach level that introduces another new powerup, and that's basically it. Screenshots:


asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
Nice level! I don't have any issues with it.

That Powerup is the Bubble Flower, right?

Keep it up!
Okay, here's another update.
I haven't been able to start my next level until today because of... sprite issues, but I did manage to get this new title screen done. I think. It probably still looks awful.

yeah I have nothing more to show so bye I guess lol

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
That New Super Mario Bros. logo rip doesn't look very good. It would be better if you didn't make the logo smaller multiple times in Paint. Other than that, it's okay
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
hey look the second demo was submitted


asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
After yet another long wait, here's Lemon Shore 2. It introduces a bunch of different things, and the first half is autoscrolling...

Just a peaceful day at the beach with these Rexes.


yep this is a lot worse now

Oh, and now there are Hammer Bros, too. Luckily, they're idiots and immediately jump into the water.

hey look remember these bridge things

I'll try and cut down on the long waits from here onward. I hope.
Well, that's about it for now, but I will say the next level is more than halfway done, so I might post that and the level after it in the next update. Peace! #smw{:peace:}

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
Wow! It's a pretty great level! I like how you used Boss Bass, but I don't like when I die to him. I got two game overs in Super Mario Bros.: The Early Years due to him.

Never mind, I played your demo and I'm uploading 2 videos for it very soon! I found some issues, but they aren't really significant.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
If you want to fix the animation issues with the gears, check out this snippet from Lunar Magic's help file:
Originally posted by Lunar Magic
The first 8 ExAnimation slots all actually run on different frames. However, the next 8 slots all run in the exact same frames as the first 8 slots. And so on. This means slots 0,8,10,18 animate in the same game frame, as do 1,9,11,19, then 2,A,12,1A, etc. [...] if your concern is for keeping certain animations in sync, you can either place them within the same group of slots that do animate on the same frame, or transfer more tiles in those same slots.

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Hey, I tried redrawing some of the blocks in GFX33 and GFX14, so if they look a bit different, that's why.

Also, I got two more levels done!! Commence screenshotting...

LEMON SHORE 3 - Subterranean Lake

More crystals here than in Spicy Sands 3.

Oh, and also this level introduces Spike Tops. How's it going?

This kinda looks pretty. I hope.

[Mega Man 2 flashbacks]

Oh yeah and some more enemies because why not

LEMON SHORE 4 - Deep Passage

Gee, it's kinda dark down here... Didja bring a light?

And, introducing two new aquatic enemies, Urchins and Torpedo Teds. Hooray...

Lots of moneys here.

oh and this screenshot because once again why not

Yeah, this level can get really tricky at times...

I told you I would work on levels faster.
Well, anyway, I'm pretty sure Lemon Shore 5 and 6 are next. Tune in next time, I guess...

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
I was only able to get one level done, because of Thanksgiving stuff and all. Well, here you go...

Lemon Shore 5 (Flying Seafood Special):

Well, this seems like an ordinairy beach level...

...or not

Yeah, this level has all the aquatic enemies from before. Well, the ones that don't require water.

And, dolphins.

holy crap what are these jumps

...In addition to that level, I also updated the main map a bunch since last time...

(Yes, the lights in the new Lemon Resort flash rainbow colors.)

So, I should be able to get the Sunken Ghost Ship and Lemon Resort done by the next update. I hope. Bye for now...

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
Holy shit, this looks really cool, I'll try to check it out sometime~

Originally posted by Mr. Pixelator


Well, it's been a long time since I last updated this. The good news is, I finished the Sunken Ghost Ship and updated the overworld a lot. However, I don't have time to send screenshots, because I have to get straight to the bad news:

I don't have music for the Lemon Resort! (Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn!)

Also, lots of issues have been springing up that I can not fix because I don't know ASM. I'll show them below...

You can't kill stunned red/green/yellow shell-less koopas by walking into them, and you bounce off of them when you stomp them.

All the custom powerup blocks spew out green shell-less koopas...
...or, they did, until I entered the new Top Secret Area that I'll never show you how to find...
Stepping on these things deploys your reserve item... but only if it's one from vanilla SMW.

The background gradient for each level only loads after the fade-in has finished, which is very noticeable.

There's this background issue that I can't fix without installing a patch that breaks the game since I use the vanilla boss battles.

You cannot fly with the cape, at all.
Well, this is easily fixable... if I had the Sprite Respawner, which I can't find...

Sprites and quicksand don't mix well...
And lastly, the invisible solid block sprite hurts you.

So, yeah. It seems like my only option for some of these is to port to a new ROM, which I definitely don't want to do.

Oh, here are the screenshots that I didn't want to send in case you really wanted them.

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
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