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Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - demo 3 release (7 worlds, 95+ exits)
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - demo 3 release (7 worlds, 95+ exits)
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Alyssa's Unlikely Trap v.785a download

AUT Discord (created for speedrunning, but I now post previews/progress on Discord instead)

(Note: This thread always contains the latest public release. If you'd like to link to AUT, please link to the thread or Discord, not the direct download.)

Welcome to Super Mario World! Wait... this is SMW... isn't it? Something's not right here...

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap is a darker, alternate-timeline retake on the original SMW. You can expect it to vaguely retain the original SMW locations and gameplay, but... corrupted, in many ways. (Just who is this mysterious Alyssa the Boo? Tee hee hee...)

While there is a bit more storyline than your average Mario game, this is still primarily a level design hack. Features include:
- 7 worlds with 95+ exits to explore
- A variety of secret exits to find-- about half the levels have secret exits!
- Over 320 Dragon Coins to collect. Save your best Dragon Coin count by bringing them to any exit, then unlock hints and bonus challenges with your total count! If you can find the bonuses somewhere top secret...
- Extensive sprite remapping to allow for rarely-seen combinations of vanilla enemies
- Tweaked bosses to provide a suitable challenge, yet retain the familiar SMW behavior
- Autosaving whenever you regain control on the overworld
- Game overs don't cost you any progress (they just reset your score/coins/bonus stars/etc.)
- Taking a hit as fiery/caped reduces you to super, not small
- Faster overworld movement and death animation
- Reset midpoints by pressing Select+L on the overworld


- Zeldara109/Karisa

P.S. It might seem a bit strange to release a demo with this many exits, but I needed it for the motivation. And the testing. Feedback on the first two demos has been so productive that it's worth releasing more.

Preview videos:


v.777 (2019-7-10)
- demo 3 release!
v.777a (2019-7-11)
- fixed a layer priority error in 2-7 3/3
- fixed dragon coin item memory in 6-A
v.777b (2019-7-13)
- fixed 1-3 having only a single checkmark when you've cleared both exits
v.778 (2019-7-14)
- fixed TSA's midpoint sometimes activating itself even when you don't touch it
- fixed dragon coin item memory in 2-B and 5-C
- fixed a cutoff wall visible by screen-scrolling in 6-1
- fixed an oddity that could cause cape flight to be preserved through doors (beyond the normal glitch, which should still function as usual)
v.778a (2019-7-16)
- removed one Big Boo from 7-4 since spawning 3 Big Boos at once would cause sprite tiles to vanish
- adjusted a moon
v.779 (2019-7-18)
- re-added HELP! text in intro, which had been accidentally removed
- fixed discolored dragon coins in 6-6 3/3, ! blocks in 7-7 3/4
- fixed unexpected damage while riding a mole in 7-1 secret
- fixed non-functional orange ! blocks in 7-3 final room
- adjusted some red ! blocks in 7-5
- enemy adjustment in 7-6, 7-7
v.783c (2019-8-4)
- revamped 7-7 to have a difficulty more appropriate after previous world climaxes
- clarified a message in 2-A
- several tweaks to 3-3 secrets
- increased timer in 6-B and 7-A
- adjusted puzzle in 4-B and 7-C
- removed an unintended red herring from demo 3's bonus
- removed an invisible net tile from TSA
- post-Bowser room's pit no longer can kill you
v.784 (2019-8-11)
- several more adjustments to 7-7 1/4
- fixed a chance of softlock resulting from .783c's post-Bowser pit change
- globally applied the invisible ceiling to all rooms with vertical scrolling, for consistency, since it was missing on a few rooms
v.785 (2019-8-13)
- enemy adjustment in 6-6, including making Larry slightly easier
v.785a (2019-12-23)
- fixed a freeze from pausing the game the moment Peach touches the ground after Bowser (hopefully)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
I actually do remember you, but with you working on your hack on and off for a pretty long period of time, I very much understand you there.
Personally, I like the plot to it, although personally, my idea for a plot would be that Mario somehow travels to an alternate Dinosaur Island, this being the corrupted world, much like as if
a corrupt version of the Glitch Cannon from TSRPR
hit it.
I'll have to check it out sometime, but from the screenshots, it looks pretty good!

I have a DeviantArt, if you do want to see my art on there. I don't really visit it much now, though.
(partly as the creator of Chaos CompleXX and The Second Reality Project Reloaded as well as some other stuff)

Zeldara didn't create those, it was fpi. She created Glitch City and a YI hack I think.

Lookin good, by the way.
Originally posted by Erik557
Zeldara didn't create those, it was fpi. She created Glitch City and a YI hack I think.

Apologies, my memory served me wrong. I think it was because she played through them was how I confused it as I subscribed to her on Youtube, but yeah, she did make it and was a YI moderator.

I have a DeviantArt, if you do want to see my art on there. I don't really visit it much now, though.
I thought Chaos CompleXX (the hack, not the TSRPR level) was supposed to be the result when
the Roboxx fired their Glitch Cannon at Thirdspace
? Play ZGC if you're looking for glitchiness, anyway. AUT's corrupted Dinosaur Land is a rather different sort of corruption. Flooded Donut Sea, frozen Forest of Illusion, erupting Vanilla Volcano, and so on... Yoshi's Island is mysteriously devoid of Yoshis... Just what has happened to the worlds we're all familiar with?

Any thoughts on the demo levels? As much as I enjoy FPI's hacks, this isn't really the place to discuss them. Though AUT does take some inspiration from them, such with the approximate difficulty I'm aiming for, the TSRPR-type Map16-based cutscene style (now skippable with Start!), and the choice of a Big Boo antagonist since it has the most potential for creative edits among the ten SMW bosses.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
It's been awhile since I've seen your work. It's looking good.
Like many hacks these day it takes the original SMW style and makes it look better. The colour schemes found in your screenshots are really nice on the eyes.

I'm also liking all of the collectibles and features your adding into the game. That should be a fun objective to go after. Nice work. ^.^
Alright, I'm not done with the demo (stuck at Blocks of Confusion's secret exit, and I still need to get all Yoshi Coins on some other levels) but I'm really enjoying this so far. The levels are fantastic overall, some really great design and I really like the rather huge amount of well-hidden secrets around. In particular, secret exits are done really well here.

There's a lot to explore on the overworld already, being about as expansive as the original SMW's (something I wish more hacks did) and everything is super consistent, from the design to the aesthetics, which makes this feel like an actual Mario game, even if with a slightly darker atmosphere.

I couldn't really find anything wrong, other than the occasional disappearing sprites on levels that used a lot of sprites (such as Koopa Chasm and sections of Cave-in Climb, in particular near the Yoshi Coin sprite(?) behind the net early on) and a few other World 2 levels that used sprite buoyancy.

Great work overall! Really looking forward to playing the full version at some point #ab{:D}
Glad you like it. Any secrets you found particularly memorable?

The expansive overworld is partly a consequence of having an overworld vaguely based on the original SMW locations, especially since I was trying to make sure each world is more complex than its SMW counterpart. It probably helps that I enjoy placing secret exits-- the full overworld so far has 35, and I haven't even built world 9 yet (for comparison the original SMW has 24). The downside is that the large number of levels per world slows down the hack's progress, due to the time it takes to develop distinct concepts within each world's theme...

Originally posted by Aeon
stuck at Blocks of Confusion's secret exit
Would you like a hint?
That second, more difficult-to-reach pipe to bring the P-switch back to the main area exists for a reason...

As for Cave-in Climb, I assume you mean this coin?
Originally posted by Zeldara109
That one fence gate has caused me so many problems-- after they're flipped, fence gates tend to cause sprite memory glitches with any nearby sprites that aren't fence Koopas, regardless of No Sprite Tile Limits. I've already removed almost all the nearby sprites (there used to be a Dry Bones, and another Podoboo or two) and added some padding to extend the area, but I guess it still isn't 100% functional.

I might just have to move that first dragon coin to another part of the room... there are two more behind-the-fence coins later in the level after all, so it wouldn't be much loss. Unless perhaps there's a custom dragon-coin-behind-fence block instead? I suppose I could try modifying this.

Where was the issue in Koopa Chasm? Aside from 3-6, I haven't encountered any sprite memory errors I've had to work around, but I'm sure I could remove a Koopa or two if needed.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
I've released a minor update (v0.327) to account for some feedback-- see the first post for changes. 3-6's first Dragon Coin remains unchanged as of now.

Not necessarily worth redownloading, unless you really like sprites to remain perma-stunned through pipes, but I thought I'd post anyway.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
If anyone here happens to be interested, world 4's been progressing nicely over this past month.

Aw, Alyssa locked up these poor dolphins! Luckily, they're here to help Mario... or are they?
[Disregard the timer; it hasn't been set yet.]

This looks pretty dangerous. Just how are you supposed to avoid taking damage? It might be simpler than you think...

Not all levels in world 4 are icy. Whatever this building was, though, it looks like it's seen better days...

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
This is cool. Nice use of vanilla going in here :)

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

One of my favourite themes in hacks/video games are ruins of any type. I really like the minty-cold palette you've got going on in that level.
Time for another preview!

This is a screenshot of... world 1? Looks like world 3 though... in graphics and precision...

Thanks to feedback from some players who think my hack has speedrunning potential, I've decided to implement an idea I've been considering for a while-- a warp route that skips a few worlds at a time, allowing any% completion of about 30 exits with my current overworld plans.

It should also provide some convenient shortcuts for backtracking, much like the Star World in regular SMW. (What, am I implying AUT won't have a Star World? All 9 of SMW's worlds need to appear in some form, given the hack's concept... but not necessarily in their original roles...)

However, each shortcut will also skip a switch, so beware skipping worlds in casual play... You've probably seen how often I use yellow ! blocks in world 3 in the current demo; I plan for this trend to continue with the other colors. Switches are well worth the detour, don't you think?

Originally posted by Zeldara109
I might just have to move that first dragon coin to another part of the room... there are two more behind-the-fence coins later in the level after all, so it wouldn't be much loss. Unless perhaps there's a custom dragon-coin-behind-fence block instead? I suppose I could try modifying this.

Also, I was successfully able to modify that behind-fence coin custom block to act like a dragon coin (upper and lower tiles), so vanishing dragon coin graphics in 3-6 should no longer be an issue next demo.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)

What's this, now? Irregular fireballs? And that floor doesn't look normal, either...

Also, ghosts.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
A new demo is now available! See the first post.

What's new in demo 2?
- 2 new worlds to explore, bringing the total to 5 worlds
- nearly twice as many exits to find
- a variety of new secrets and bonus rooms, including a few additions to the first 3 worlds
- a total dragon coin counter
- a new palette for the world 2 castle
- bug fixes (in particular, sprites properly vanish when you defeat a boss)
- world 1 is slightly more lenient, as is the world 3 Alyssa battle


Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
Update: By popular demand, I've patched on a midpoint reset code, to help with dragon coin runs.

It's not mentioned in-game yet (it should be better incorporated into the hack by the next major release), but it's usable. To clear a midpoint, press Select+L on the overworld when the midpoint icon is displayed.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)

Layer 2 smashing hadn't appeared at all in the first 5 worlds, so here it is... in a cave? Or is this a cave-like castle? Hmm...

Not that layer 2 smashing appeared before world 6 in the original SMW, though.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
Not sure if anyone's been reading this, considering the lack of response since demo 2, but just in case, here's a new post to mark the first completed world 7 levels.

A video I uploaded a while back: Preview of 6-3: Scorching Sprint

Here's a dark forest. Might be a pretty outrageous one. Or perhaps gnarly?

I've been making a few patches/bugfixes to earlier worlds as well. For example, an icy Koopaling battle that actually looks icy!

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
I have a question for you:

About the Ludwig and Roy battles, did you edited the Mode 7 battlefields and/or programming them or just custom sprites / bosses?
AUT's sprites are all either pure vanilla or edited vanilla. No entirely custom sprites involved (though I have inserted some tweaked sprites and edited disassemblies).

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - demo 3 release (7 worlds, 95+ exits)

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