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The base patch

Updated the base patch.

-Added sprites on platforms patch
-Replaced the light switch sprites with blocks solid only to Mario. (they look the same aesthetically)
-Made the preparations for level 106 (the sky line guide level)

I don't have the patches previous to this forum anymore, so the first patch in the log will be the previous patch.

I'll start the thread for level 106 soon.
Base patch updated with the full level 09, some screens in level 106 and one screen in 108.
Updated again. Mostly because I included the non portable springboard as sprite 00 in case anyone wants to use it. This one doesn't interact with other sprites though, so take that in mind.

Also, some new screens in level 106 and the edited levels 105 and 09.
Updated the base Patch.

-Added a few screens in levels 106 and 108, also updated the first screen in 107.
-The base ROM now uses PIXI instead of STSD
-Added the Bro sprites and the settings for level 109

Remember if your screen in this list you have until this Sunday to finish it.
New update: level 108 is comeplete and has a few screens in other levels, especially 109.

Also, for those who haven't joined yet, we have a discord server, there's stuff going on there too.
New base patch. Contains everything to start level 10A plus some new screens in levels 107 and 109. Also, the complete level 106 is now in, but I made a few changes based on the post I did yesterday.

Also, the default bullet bill doesn't work for some reason, so use sprite C0 (normal shooter) instead. The changes in ROM list was also updated.
New base patch

-Added level 10B, the Ghost House
-More screens in level 107, 109 and 10A
-Fixed the OFF thwomp issue appearing as ON Thwomp in level 0A
Updated again:

-New screens in levels 107, 109, 10A and 10B.

-Changes in level 10B:
*Fake floors now have a slightly different palette.
*Added fake wooden blocks, also with slightly different palette.
*Walls now have layer priority (fake or not)
*Fake doors were replaced with NSMB boo doors. You can find them in last page of the sprite list.
New base.

-Level 107 (The Castle) is complete and revised.
-New screens for levels 109, 10A and 10B.
-Lasers in level 10A now act as spikes instead of munchers.
-Megaman stuff is inserted and level 10C is open.
3-minutes-before-midnight update.

-The Base ROM has been updated for LM 2.51, so use that for your screens from now on!
-Level 109 (the Bros) is finished. I haven't tested it yet but I will soon. Feel free to post feedback about the level in its thread.
-New screens for level 10C.

Also, I made put all the ressources folders in one and removed the tools. If I missed anything here let me know.
First base ROM of the year.

-Level 109 has been updated after being tested.
-New screens for levels 10A, 10B and 10C
-Big Boo Boss added in level 2A (for level 10C). I did a few changes to PMH's version and is still subject to change.
-SMB3 level is finally open and a lot of new stuff has been added to the ROM.
Did another update to the base ROM to include a level ASM that prevents used blocks from being turned into coins in the SMB3 level. If you want to place used blocks use tile 62F.

Thanks to MarioFanGamer for the code.

Aslo, added the screens that were made for the SMB3 level.
New Base Patch:

-Updated the sprites on platforms patch to the newest version
-Fixed some map16 behaviours
-More screens for level 10C, level 3 and its sublevels.
New updade:

-New screes for levels 10B, 10C, 3 and its sublevels
-First version of the title screen is visible
-The final Boss graphics are inserted as ExGFXBED.