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Level themes/gimmick discussion thread
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Maybe for the pipe that connects the two sublevels, but other than that, I don't think we'd use it much.
Oh look, a thread


I decided to go with 0A screen for each sublevel instead of 0F because the later was too much.

If you want anything added/changed to the level before monday, speak now or forever hold your peace.

However, I might add two things before I open it:

*First is WYE's sprite status bar because the current one goes behind objects because of the layer 3. (edit: nvm, I just used this instead.)
*Second are laser corners, do you want them in? Or can we just use translucent blocks for changing directions?

Shiny's edit: smh giant gif
This project needs some life.

A few days ago, I said I'd open the Ghost House level after the submission period of the OLDC was over. I decided this because we only have three open levels right now, and we already have a super gimmicky level (the ON/OFF Castle) open, so I'd rather not start anything complicated right now.

This is the original idea:

Originally posted by Katerpie
We could also have a ghost house somewhere, and it could work as a level with no particular gimmick. Or if we want to go with a gimmick, let's make a layer 3 water level!

When I see this I think of another 1F Screen long level with the default graphics and no difficulty enforcement. Pretty much like the levels from C3. Although, I think we can keep the C3 settings and add a few things:

-Make it from right to left (rather than left to right)
-Use fake walls (suggested by Lucas)

Any thoughts?
Just making it from right to left is fine to me, would be interesting

Also, I though you said something about fake doors, but fake walls is fine too
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
We talked about fake doors in the server, but it since we don't use real doors that much, it would be too obvious, especially after passing one or two. The other option was to build the level around fake doors, but that would be too restrictive for this project.
I have the perfect idea for a final level: Basically, a void composed of parts and graphics of other levels. What's happening is that reality is being essentially thorn asunder while you're in said level.
I play forum games and draw furries. I'm mostly active on Discord and Twitter.

^We'll need to find out a way to make that work. I think I saw a video of a level with that concept, but I can't remember.

Anyway, with the castle being done, I think we can open a new level. Here's what we got now:

-Castle with layer 2 falls (or any other setting, since we already have two castles.)
-Rising tide level
-Lakitu cloud level
-Autoscroll level
-Layer 2 sing/rise level
-Skull raft level
-Vertical level with megaman-style scrolling
-Bullet Bill level

Personally, I'd rather go with the megaman one or the bullet bill one, but that's up to you.

Also, a quick reminder that the original goal was 1-15 levels, and we already have 5 completed levels and 3 in progress, so we only have 2-7 spots left. (Of course, we can have more if we decide to).
+1 to the Vertical Level Megaman Style

Also, so much cyan on this forum
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I guess it'll be megaman then.

Since the gimmick will be taken from Megaman, I was thinking we could make the whole level based arround it, including graphics, sprites and maybe blocks from that game.

So far the hack has been mostly vanilla aesthetically, so this would be the first (maybe the only?) level with a custom tileset, but I don't think that should stop us. Any thoughts?

I think we should change level 109's name (the bros) to brofist (or bro army) because those name are cool. Am I right?

My hacks:
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Bowser's Castle 2 (finished)
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Update: I inserted the graphics and music from Quick Man's stage for the megaman level, since that was Lucas' main inspiration for this. I also inserted this sprite since it comes from classic Megaman games.

There are the settings I'm using right now:

*Level number: 10C
*Level mode: 0A
*No Vertical Scroll
*Music: MM2 Quick Man
*Time: 0000
*Sprite Memory: 10
*FG/BG GFX settings: 0 (Normal 1) (Bypassed!)
*Sprite GFX settings: 0 (Forest) (Bypassed!)
*BG Scrolling: H: Variable, V: Slow
*Total Screens: (Haven't decided yet)

I'll probably open the level this Monday. In the meanwhile, feel free to drop suggestions for the length and other enemies to use.
I think the vertical section should be 0A screens long, leading to a short horizontal section with 05 screens. Having Quick Man be the boss would be just overkill, to be honest, so the level would just end with a goal sphere or something.
I play forum games and draw furries. I'm mostly active on Discord and Twitter.

That sounds good. 5 screens for the horizontal section seems too short though, I'd say we should make it at least 8 screens long.
All of the levels already go on for too long, so having a shorter one helps. The focus of the level would be on the vertical section, not on the horizontal one.
I play forum games and draw furries. I'm mostly active on Discord and Twitter.

It'd still shorter than all the other levels, but we can make it 6 or 7 screens long if you want.

btw, for other sprites I thought we can use Bob-ombs, grinders and Banzai bills, those are the ones that fit the most in this level imo.
I'd go for at least 6 screens in the horizontal section, even if it's not the main focus of the level.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
The bros level was finished last Friday. I didn't get the time to test it yet, but we can start a new level while I'm at it.

Here are some suggestions that were discussed in the server:

-Bullet bill level.
-SMB3 based level with several sublevels featuring different environments from the game.
-Translucent level. Any evironement would fit for this one, but feel free to suggest anything.
I'll go for the SMB3 Styled Level, I found the idea very poor when I read it the first time, but after thinking more I realized it wasn't that bad and could be very interesting actually. The point is, not all the people likes SMB3's enviroment so it's matter of discussion right now.

The previous themes (Layer 2 falls, Rising tide level, Skull raft level, etc..) are still in consideration though.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I'm in agreement with the SMB3-based level idea, as I love that game's artistic style and environments. But I also know how much the assets are used in so many Mario fan games (ROM hack or otherwise), so I'm fine with one of the other options if the general consensus disagrees with it.
It's gonna be SMB3 then. I say we pick 4 environments from that game and make 4 sublevels with 6-9 screens each.

iirc these are the setting from SMB3:

-"Blocky" (for the lack of a better name, like world 1-1)
-Giant Island
-Pipe Maze

Which ones do you want to see? imo pipe maze and airship/tanks, could have their own stages, but we can also include them here. Blocky will probably be included since it's the most recurring theme.
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