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24hosmw #10: Rules and Submissions

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Welcome to the 10th 24 Hours of SMW Level Design Challenge! In case you're not familiar with this contest: it's basically what its name implies, that is, I'll give you a level design challenge and you must complete it and submit your entry in this very thread under 24 hours.


We all know that the original SMW didn't have Fortress levels for Donut Plains (World 2) and the Twin Bridges (World 4). Your challenge this time is: think of what Donut Fortress or Cookie Fortress could've been like and design one of them!


- Keep your level as vanilla as possible. Don't forget that you're designing a level that could fit the original game.
- The other fortresses in the game focus only on certain elements, so try to follow that.
- Use underused/unused SMW content.

You may work with one partner.


Judging will be done with the following criteria:

Gameplay (20): Does the level play fine? Is it fun?
Authenticity (10): Does your entry feel like an SMW level? Does the difficulty match the area your entry was meant to be for?
Creativity (10): How far did you go with ideas involving the resources used?

Total Score: 40

Judges: Gloomier, lolyoshi, Deputy BS.


You must submit your entry as a BPS file in this thread no later than tomorrow at 11:59 AM (UTC). Specify in your submission post if your entry is a Donut Fortress or a Cookie Fortress. Should you have any questions or concerns, please DO NOT post them here, but rather, post them in the OTHER stickied thread (for discussions).

Have fun and good luck!
Dount fortress Is Done.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

Dunkin Donuts

Made By: Choconilla Rise's Creator Underway/Undy

[email protected]

God have mercy in my soul.

Cookie mou... err, I mean
Cookie fortress

cookie mountain is so misleading like it's just a bridge world what does that have to with cookies

anyways heres cookie fortress

everything is brown because it's made of wood get it??
Here goes nothing...
Mountains are high and so is this fortress. (It's cookie Fortress)
Maybe a bit too special and fancy for some people. I think it is still okay because original SMW also has a few outstanding levels like the sunken ghost ship for example.

btw I edited the overworld a small bit to make both Donut and Cookie Fortress fit in. Though that won't be judged it would be nice to look at it I think.
// Layout by Maxo
Homer Simpson's Donut Fortress
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Butter Fortress

(consider this to be Cookie Fortress, but I don't like that name myself)

(also, in event somebody did download this entry, it was updated (a few times even), updating the post just to make sure, the changes aren't big, but I would prefer judges to play up-to-date version)
Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Donut Fortress

It will be my first participation in a contest here on the site. #tb{^V^}

Edit: Same rom with the replaced music. I had forgotten to put castle music in the secondary entrances.
Cookie Fortress

probably almost certainly not rompy enough but w/e it was fun to make
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