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24hosmw #10: Rules and Submissions

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World 4, Cookie Fortress. It's in da name.
I tried!
edit: donut
Cookie Fortress
(I haven't made an entire level in like forever so)
world 4

This would be between Soda Lake and the star road, à la Forest Fortress.

lol 1 hour level
Meh, an an entry. I hope you guys at least enjoy it, went strictly for authenticity here.
Your layout has been removed.
BISCOITO FORTRESS (aka cookie fortress)


-1 exit
-5 dragon coins
-fun (hopefully!)
Cookie Fortress.... or should I say BRIDGE FORTRESS?
might have given myself too much freedom, idk
If Donut Plains had a fortress, where should it go?

In place of donut secret house?

But... would it go to star road, or DS2?

it would have to go to star road, the warp should be there.

But then there's no ice level early on... unless...

Well, I hope it's good.
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?

Exactly what the name says ;)
check it out
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Do not Nut in The Donut Dungeon
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

Cookie Fortress. =O

EDIT: The level now is more easier (I Hope) and some palletes was changed.
Hacks and GFXs
My instagram profile, if you are interesting to see my drawings.
MyAnimeList profile.
I was not planning make hacks for a while, so the third episode of the "o ninja negro" series will take a long time to make, and "Mario in neb's land 2" is cancelled.
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
I have taken risks
Please Enjoy

This is Cookie Fortress
I spent 15 hours on this god damn level do you understand how long that is
All these people pumping out levels in an hour and I require 15 to make something like this.

Well, I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.

e:updated link. minor tweaks to difficulty and design. Going to play surrounding W4 levels and see if i should scale difficulty back [I should be fine]
e2: Video of level. Feeling a lot more confident about it now. I am curious about authenticity in the first half, idk that does seem like something Nintendo would do.
SODA FORTRESS, home of star world gate keeper reznor. (w4 fort)

will maybe update in the morning if i find edits to do, posting in case i wake up late.
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