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eXcavator's Birthday

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Happy Birthday eX! even though I'm not old enough to drink, I'll raise a glass of water!

also i vote sticky or important area
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Have a holly jolly b-day, eX!

also i'd go for some fruit punch
what is a lunar magic and can i eat it

tbh i always took it as a given that someday i'd meet up with exca in person somewhere and likely have a few drinks with him, this has me going over the missed opportunities to do so in my head. but i guess a toast is the next best thing.


Happy birthday eXcavator, I didn't really get to know you besides just your name here, but as a non-alcoholic I think I'll raise a glass of root beer instead. Hope you were able to find peace in your final days (and still have it in the afterlife).
I will admit, I didn't know eXcavator all that well, but if there's one thing I know how to do do, it's raise a glass. Cheers, friend.
Sorry, I`m underage. A glass of capuccino works, though, right?

Anyway, eXca, I didnt know you very well, but I hope that our gestures here can go through you even in the afterlife. Cheers, man. #smw{:peace:}
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I dont own a beer glass but cheers

It has chocolate milk in it for the kiddies
ask me if i give a f*ck...
I raise my glass to you, eX.
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Have a happy birthday, brother. I hope you fare well where ever you may be. Rest in peace, dear friend.
happy birthday man, never knew you too well but i always thought you were cool.
i don't drink beer but cheers.
It's over half and hour late and unfortunately I've no alcohol on hand right now, but still wishing you a happy birthday, man. I'll be double sure to remember to get that drink on tomorrow to make up for missing today.
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I'm probably retired tbh

It's a sad day when one of the members of our community passes away. I may not have known him much at all (aside from maybe talking to him once or twice), but I'm sure he'll live on in the hearts of everyone who knew him well. Happy birthday, man.

Of course, like many others here, I can't drink alcohol, but I'll gladly think of you next time I drink a soda.
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Sorry for being a day late, I was busy yesterday. Anyway, happy (late) birthday, eXcavator! It's such a shame that your life had to be taken away so early, but nevertheless, I really hope you're having a great time up there. Now, as you know, I'm too young to drink, so I got a bottle of water instead. Cheers!
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Got myself a drink just for you. I'm sorry that we couldn't send off your special day together. Happy late birthday, man. I hope that you're happy and safe, wherever you are.

This is sad, just to think he was so young.
Anyway, I'm drinking today for eXcavator, I didn't get to know him.
But I bet he was a great person.

Happy birthday, I hope you're in a better place.
I am not able to legally drink as of now, and I'm at work so I can't drink as of now. I'll make sure to pick up some ginger ale and put it in a glass, it's the closest I can get.

Happy birthday eXcavator.

This is pretty crazy. I guess I thought that my old Internet friends would be around for a while, but I was wrong. Nothing lasts forever.

I'll be drinking in your honor. May you rest in peace.
Damn, I wouldn't have realized something like this would have happened. Especially not really knowing eXcavator really that well it is a shame.

May your spirit be one with us again, eXcavator.
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