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Pit of Ignjatovic by Super Stiviboy

File Name: Pit of Ignjatovic
Submitted: 2017-01-24 03:47:45 PM by Super Stiviboy
Authors: Super Stiviboy
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Pit
Description: This is my first and last serious Pit Hack that i will ever make, it was fun and painful to create all the Rooms, even taking some screenshots was painful.

This Pit Hack contains 8 Rooms.

The Wall Jump Glitch was only used Twice, i don't like glitch abuse.

'Ignjatovic' is my last Name, it's in Serbian.

Have fun!

Removal Log
This hack has many issues. I talked to the author, and unfortunately he didn't seem very motivated to fix them:
1) This hack is extremely easy for a pit hack. It is in fact easier than many Kaizo: hard hacks. A pit hack must be challenging to beat with full tool access, and this one doesn't even require frame advance.
2) There is a huge slowdown in some rooms, which makes it even easier, and is overall just another negative aspect.
3) The main problem is that this hack contains a lot of breaks.
It is ok for a Kaizo hack to contain breaks, if they are too difficult to perform despite saving time. It is not okay, though, in the case of pit hacks. And in this pit specifically, the breaks are easier to perform than the intended way. They are also very easy to be found: most people know pressing left + right in a P-Balloon allows Mario to move through walls, and making Yoshi to grow inside a wall is very likely to even happen unintentionally there.
There is also a break that involves simply walljumping instead of waiting for a goomba. This alone would be a very bad thing in a pit hack, as frame perfect tricks are expected. However, even if we assume this hack doesn't want Mario to walljump, we get to a contradiction: some rooms later, an walljump is required!
About this specific break, the author was notified days ago, but he said he doesn't want to change it.