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ask nameless

linkies | asm stuff :)

im gay and a lion. I AM VERY POOR PROGRAMMER !!! pixel art no hoper. transcriptions on a hot tin ear.

スヤスヤ・・・ (Art by 1UPdudes)
Although the results aren't posted yet, surely there can't be anything wrong with acknowledging the identity of some of the games used now that it's too late to submit, is there?

Pretty neat contest though, even if I forgot the deadline and didn't submit in time. I did find a few more, namely Pony Island and Woah Dave, but the only ones I recognized immediately were Silent Hill 2 and Road Rash II (wasn't expecting to see a track from that in here by the way).

I will say though before the results are released, based on the people who hosted, I will be amazed if there isn't anything from Sega, Streets of Rage 3 or Zombies Ate My Neighbors that I never bothered checking.

There's like 2000 sega songs lol. a few from me. I didn't do an SOR3 song tho. I try to keep a rotating selection of ergacore (the silent hill 2 pick wasnt me this time cuz i'd have picked a better one tbh).

these were my picks. nameless will have the full answer key with numbers shortly im sure ;)

in commemoration of the first anniversary of this contest's start date, here are the results:
1. Tokiko (17 points)
2. Sinc-X (8.5 points)
3. Super Cascade Advance DX (7.5 points)

5. RanAs (6.5 points)
5. Centipede (6.5 points)
6. SMW Green Man (5.5 points)
8. idol (1 point)
8. imamelia (1 point)

And here are the answers:
1. Dominique Pamplemousse - Prologue (derpy)
	SMW green man, Super Cascade Advanced DX, Sinc-X
2. warioware - wario's intro games opening (erga)
	Tokiko (+.5)
3. Woah Dave! - Powermix (nameless)
4. Decap Attack - Inventory Screen (derpy)
5. Edelweiss - Welcome to Eiden Island! (nameless)
6. Burning Halloween Town - DeathSmiles (lion)
7. space station silicon valley - engine room (erga)
8. Valis 3 - Stage 4 (derpy)
9. teleroboxer - great! (erga)
10. Game World (Remix) - Dance Summit 2001: Bust-A-Move (lion)
11. castlevania bloodlines - stage 2: the sinking old sanctuary (erga)
	Tokiko, Centipede
12. pony island - adventure awry (erga)
13. pokemon snap - tunnel (erga)
	Tokiko (+.5)
14. Dino Run - Dino Theme (derpy)
15. Yakuza 3 - Fly (nameless)
16. Strike Enemy - Medabots: Metabee & Rokusho  (lion)
17. Wizards & Warriors - Level 6 (Outside the Castle) (nameless)
18. Nice Body Feels Exit (Bunny Mei's theme) - FIST (lion
19. spy fox in dry cereal - happy fun sub (erga)
	SMW green man, Super Cascade Advance DX
20. Rulue Puzzle BGM #1 - Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue's Roux (lion)
21. Devil Crash - Bonus Stage 1, 4 (derpy)
	Super Cascade Advance DX (+.5)
22. bomberman hero - fatidic (erga)
23. Soul Calibur II - Brave Sword, Braver Soul (nameless)
24. Long Live The Queen - Talking (Fragile, Calm) (nameless)
25. Meets the Gates - Samidare (lion)
26. World 4-1 ~ Slippery Ice Land - Jumping Flash! (lion)
27. The Justice Ray Part 3 - SEGAGAGA (lion)
28. wu-tang clan shaolin style - shaolin temple (erga)
	SMW green man (+.5)
29. Ice Sanctuary - Digimon World (lion)
30. Persona 2 Innocent Sin - Abandoned Factory (nameless)
31. NHL '94 - Main Menu (nameless)
32. Sonic CD (US) - Tidal Tempest Bad Future (nameless)
	RanAs (+.5)
33. art style light trax - superplay (erga)
34. Super Mario Maker - Create: Super Mario World - Underground Theme (derpy)
35. Shuma-Gorath's Theme - Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (lion)
36. Space Harrier - BATTLE FIELD (derpy)
	Super Cascade Advance DX (+.5)
37. Ride the Tiger (Akira Yuki's theme) - Virtua Fighter 2 (lion)
38. Sonic Eraser - Puzzle Game (nameless)
39. Pin*Bot - Normal Mode (nameless)
40. thumper - triangle (erga)
41. gingiva - party hardy (erga)
42. rhythm tengoku - toss boys (erga)
	Tokiko (+.5)
43. Theme of Laura - Silent Hill II (lion)
	Sinc-X (+.5)
44. earthbound - hospital (erga)
	Super Cascade Advance DX, Sinc-X
45. Catherine - L'Arlésienne Second Suite Farandole (The Empireo) (nameless)
	Tokiko (+.5)
46. live-a-live - captain square (erga)
	Sinc-X (+.5)
47. Kitsch (Beach stage) - Tekken 4 (lion)
48. Trauma Center New Blood - Stigma (nameless)
49. ecco the dolphin: defender of the future - hanging waters (erga)
51. Lovely Planet - World 1 (Lovely City) (derpy)
52. Road Rash II - Vermont (derpy)
53. Batman: Return of the Joker - Stages 1 & 6 (derpy)
54. Shantae and the Pirate's curse - Scorching Dunes (Sunburn Island) (nameless)
55. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Forest Temple
	Tokiko (+.5)
56. Double Dragon Neon - Mixtape: Stunner (derpy)
57. Saints Row The Third - Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax EXIT (nameless)
58. Stick it to the Man! - Get me a Shrink! (derpy)
59. The Prince's Adventure - For the Frog the Bell Tolls (lion)
	SMW green man, Centipede
60. R-Type III: The Third Lightning - Level 3 (derpy)
	Centipede (+.5)
61. rhythm n face - fat tiger blues (erga)
62. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Lake (derpy)
	SMW green man, RanAs, Centipede, idol, Sinc-X
63. Bronze District - Ys IV: Dawn of Ys (lion)
64. final fantasy ix - treno (erga)
	Tokiko (+.5)
65. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Genesis 13:37 (Retro Beats) (derpy)
	Tokiko (+.5)
66. Club Paris - Metropolis Street Racer (lion)
67. In-Game BGM #2 - Rollin: Episode 1 (lion)
68. Wario World - Horror Manor: Outside (derpy)
69. Pocket Mortys - Do You Feel It?
70. Infinity... - Cho-Ren-Sha 68k (lion)
71. game & watch gallery 3 - mode select (erga)
	Tokiko (+.5)
72. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonstrike - Battle Theme (nameless)
73. DOOM (2016) - Flesh & Metal (nameless)
74. The Goonies II - Stage Theme 1 (derpy)
	Super Cascade Advance DX (+.5)
75. Silver - The Forest of Verdante (nameless)
76. Vectorman 2 - Scene 2 (derpy)
77. Ride to Hell: Retribution - Atomic Swelter (nameless)
78. Gradius: The Interstellar Assault - Break Out (Stage 2 BGM 2) (derpy)
79. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories - Seto Kaiba Theme (nameless)
80. Huniecam Studio - Fingerblast (nameless)
81. glover - atlantis level 2 (erga)
	Sinc-X (+.5)
82. Night Flight - Silhouette Mirage (lion)
83. ollie king - brother goes away (erga)
84. Boss 6 - Night Striker (lion)
85. Parappa the Rapper 2 - Instrumental: BIG (derpy)
86. Ratchet & Clank - Planet Eudora (derpy)
87. Continental Train (Yoko's theme) - Ehrgeiz (lion)
88. bioshock - cohen's masterpiece (erga)
89. wolverine: adamantium rage - tri-fusion (erga)
90. corpse party: blood covered (psp) - chapter 1 main theme (erga)
91. Zombies./Corporate Lifestyle Simulator - Thump (derpy)
92. Dig Dug Arrangement - Area 3: Desert (derpy)
93. mega man v (gb) - wily's stage 02 (erga)
	Centipede, imamelia
94. Fly to the Leaden Sky - Battle Garegga (lion)
	Centipede, Sinc-X
95. Crypt of the NecroDancer - Konga Conga Kappa (King Conga) (derpy)
	Tokiko (+.5)
96. Splatterhouse II - Stages 2-2 & 5-3 (nameless)
97. Misty Blue - Misty Blue (lion)
98. lisa: the painful - all hail the fishmen (erga)
99. Astra Superstars - Fooly Theme (derpy)
100. toejam & earl - mellow groove (erga)
	RanAs (+.5)
101. Bayonetta - Riders of the Light (nameless)
	Tokiko (+.5)
102. Trauma Team - Surgery ~ Twisted Rosalia (nameless)
103. paper mario - golden oldies (erga)
	Tokiko, RanAs

note: cuz lion is a special snowflake, his answers are in song title - game format. i would have fixed it but it would have taken me another three weeks.

congratulations to our top three!

>the only one of mine people got were the stupid easy one, battle garegga and frog
at least you got battle garegga and frog

i blame vldc8 and brutal mario + r4mi for those two tbh
except sinc-x he is a good gay

linkies | asm stuff :)

im gay and a lion. I AM VERY POOR PROGRAMMER !!! pixel art no hoper. transcriptions on a hot tin ear.

スヤスヤ・・・ (Art by 1UPdudes)
all the winners died of old age already

e: why didnt anyone get huniecam studio
either we vastly underestimated how difficult our vgm picks were or smwc needs to step its vgm game up
Are the name in parentheses the name of the user who picked the song or the user who got it correct? I knew 31 was a theme from a sports game, but I don't play hockey games so did anyone else get it right? If not, I should get like 1/4 of a point for being the only one to identify it was a sports game. This was really hard, and I thought the last one got changed into like an 8-bit theme or something. How are we supposed to search for the songs if we don't really have any idea where they came from? I've never played most of these games.
The names in parentheses are those who picked the songs. Also, this is a VGM Guessing Contest. The whole point is to guess as many games as possible and hopefully score higher than anyone else. Really, the only way you would be able to identify a song is if you've played/watched that game, so the only way to get better at these contests is to play and watch more games.


1 point isn't so bad when you only guessed 1 song

ugh, not even 1 point!? #w{x(}
Jeez, and people thought my Trails, Ys, and Disney music choices were tough. You know it's bad when even Tokiko only gets 17% of them right. What even is music anymore?

Though playing and watching games isn't necessarily the only way people would know something. I'm pretty sure I've gotten a few in the past just from listening to soundtracks and ports.
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