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Patching, Playing and Creating .bps Patches

FundamentalBPS PatchesEmulatorsTool-Specific

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"If your ROM is clean, one final window will open, this will be to save your modified rom file for the hack you want to play. Select your location and save it. You're done, your patched ROM should now be exactly where you put it!"

For me there is no error message and it asks me to save it, but whenever I try to do that, it gives me an error message saying: "Unknown patch format". I have no idea what the right format is, can anyone help me?
Ideally patches should be BPS but older IPS will work too. If you're downloading them off the site you need to make sure to unzip th them first.
I am new to all this and this tutorial explains it all very clearly. Thank you very much.
That is a good tutorial!

koopas are AWESOME,,,
Thank you! Thank you!
FYI the video at the end doesn't seem to work any more.
Thank you for brining this too attention we will find or create a replacement for the video soon.
I am trying to create a post for a demo for my new rom hack, and I tried converting the file at first to an ips. It didn't work, and I then tried using bps. After putting the file through Flips and setting it to make a bps instead of ips, it still came out as an ips instead of a bps.
Considering how i just joined the site I now understand how to apply rom hacks to the core game.
-local noob
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FundamentalBPS PatchesEmulatorsTool-Specific