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Marky VLDCX level here!
100% Orange Juice Playthrough:

VLDC9 Playthrough:

Welp, I tried. I'll take 60th place now.
I guess since I've lost motivation to work on my entry, I'll submit what I have of my entry before I forget.

Edit: Updated the submission because I forgot to remove a test door leading to an unused secret exit room.
My Hacks:
Mario's Strange Quest V1.6
Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.3 / V1.3.1 Beta 4.6
Mario & Yoshi's Strange Quests (7/8/2022 Build)

Other stuff:
My SMW/SMAS/SMAS+W disassembly
Yoshifanatic's Discord Server: A place for fans of my stuff and/or Yoshi to chat with others.
I progressed somehow

...still need to polish some details...

Have a frost day~
Puyo Maguro World Creator
Here is an updated version of my entry.
Have fun!

Cave Story Scorching Back by S.N.N.
Fatal Chase by RednGreen
Epic Battle by Moose
(probably going to update this)

VESTIGIA CAECA [updated version]

Music by Lui37

Finally, I've completed my first ever VLDC entry:

Room 1F0

I just remembered I still had to submit this thing.

EDIT: Originally forgot all the other resources.
The Golden Bone Mine
Also, it is my first Submission! (Yay) I hope to get something higher than 1000th place.
 "Great work! Because this message is prerecorded, any observations related to your performance are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments."
Mario's World in Death

EDIT - Improved a few things.

EDIT 2 - Changed more things largely due to SNN's feedback.

EDIT 3 - Changed more things from Pyro's and idol's feedback.

EDIT 4 - Changed more things I missed.

EDIT 5 - Changed more things from amHunter's feedback.

EDIT 6 - Final revisions from more feedback.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.1 (last update - August 7th, 2022, was fixing Mario's lookup poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

Guess I have to put it here. This is V4, BTW.



Please Ignore that it says there's a secret exit. There isn't.

Now it says no secret exit.
*Insert witty footer here*
here is my level
RMG Productions
Aaaaaaaand I made a thing!
Please don't freak out about color 8 in palette 0 being changed; that's the transparent index for one of the layer 3 palettes so it shouldn't affect anything.
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
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