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Rules and Submissions

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Sweet Tooth

Took long enough.

e: updated (again)
Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Cleft of Luxetumbra (or Light and Shadow if you prefer)

EDIT: Updated as of March 27, 6:43AM (GMT-8). This will be my final update.
To Heck With Marios

This will be my first contest submission, as well as my return to SMW hacking after a five-year hiatus.

Edit - Final revisions.
Temple of Atlantis

This is my first entry of this contest. I hope to enjoy for my level.

Our Korean SMW hacking community

That's my very first level. It has: 1exit and 5 YOSHI coins.
Secrets of Yoshi

My first entry, and first hack that wasn't me messing around on Lunar Magic. The Secret Exit is a pair of Yoshi Wings only accessable after the Yellow Switch Palace. I didn't know how to change graphics, or how to create a secondary exit.

Replaces Level 105
"You know what they say: All Toasters Toast Toast!"

-Mario, 1994
Down Monty Mountain


First VLDCX with Renhoek go easy on us

(Also, I'm sort of expecting "Fire hurts" to become one of this year's memes.)

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
EDIT: Vastly improved the level I guess.

edit2: tiny change i couldn't sleep over i guess

edit3: i just fixed a huge issue where a dragon coin was unobtainable RIP.
forest level

EDIT: updated 2 hours after submission ("minor" slope fixes)
EDIT2: updated again (more minor fixes)
= Magical Commute =

Mario took the wrong route home... Can he make it in time to see his favorite TV show?
Good luck to everyone submitting for VLDCX!
hoh boy i am finally fucking done and now i can do other things
level 2 procrastination

EDIT: Updated a little bit

i hope nothing is messed up.

Anyway, here (Finally!) my + Pixel-Gon Gamer Entry.


Edit: I forgot, it's called "Sky Mines". Updated (Hopefully)

Edit2: Required (?) files are in!

Edit3: ...Forgot to include music >_> Also did a few level design changes (Made it a little bit easier)

Tidal Temple

Secret Exit: Yes
Yoshi Coins: Yes
Moon: Yes

And if you don't feel like playing, you can watch a 100% playthrough of the level here
My Youtube channel

Currently working on:
Project C

Finished project:
Link Thread Closed