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Originally posted by Prizm
When editing mario/luigi's pallete, I need to edit the global pallete, which'll be made level specific later?

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So, I Saw SNN's review and I decided to use EXGFX to help me with graphics. I decided against it thugh, and now when I play the leel the sprites are weird.

How do I fix this?
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Click #lm{sprhead} and change the sprite memory to 10.

Also don't post such massive screenshots.
Well I dont know how to not postn massive screenshots

also its not working. It was at ten already too
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Are you using the base ROM?

If not, you can find it here.
I am using it
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Can you check in Lunar Magic, in the menu under options, if "Use SA-1 RAM Remap for this ROM" is checked?
It's grayed out. So i cant select it.
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yeah but is there a checkmark next to the option
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Then you're likely not using the base ROM since it already has SA-1 enabled and would have that option checked.
You're not using the base ROM. The base ROM has SA-1 enabled, so if you were using it that option would be checked.

Please patch the base ROM patch to a clean SMW ROM and port your level to it. Then it should work properly.
It works now, thanks
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I'd like to report that some of the submissions has rom files in them, Guiga for example. I remember that there was another one, but I forgot which one(I removed all files but the patches so I cant double check),
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Good catch.
Okay, I really need some feedback of my level since I just finished yesterday and I want people to test it and I tried my best to make sure the enemies aren't too hard to get through.
100% Orange Juice Playthrough:

VLDC9 Playthrough:

Let's say I want to do fan judging because I'm bored. are there requirements? or can I just do unofficial fan judging?
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Fan judging is by definition unofficial. #tb{;)} In my humble opinion, go ahead!

Instead of making another fan judge thread, if you want to give people advice, browse the threads and post your thoughts in people's threads. We don't need any more "fan judging" threads in my opinion. The purpose of the fan judged threads is to give feedback so that designers can see that feedback and improve their entries. Some levels have already been played a ton of times however, while others have barely been played. I would check the fan judging chart and give advice to designers who's levels have barely been played in their respective threads (unless they don't have any). If you're just bored you can play all the entries you'd like, but make sure if you're judging a level, it's to give constructive criticism or advice on ways you believe the level could be improved for everyone (not just for yourself, although it should reflect your own experiences).
You can make a fan judge thread, how many others there are kinda doesn't matter.
However, only make a fan judging thread if you actually plan to play ALL the entries, or at least as many as you want. If you just want to play 2 or 3 cause you're bored today, just post your feedback in their respective threads.
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