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28 worlds.
56 worlds.
Your layout has been removed.
I compiled a spreadsheet of every level and it's theme, and to accommodate everybody we'll need approximately 82 worlds
128 worlds
161 levels would be 26 worlds.
So after 256 worlds does it reset back to 1?
The base ROM has the rollover fix applied so I think it just stalls at 256 worlds. We'll have to put the second set of 256 worlds into a second ROM.
Ahhh true. The perfect solution.

Originally posted by chickaDEE Magazine
161 levels would be 26 worlds.

161/26 = 6.19 levels per world.

So, these spill over levels (5 of them) will have to be removed unfortunately (sorry guys :) )

As for world themes, since we'll have 26, we can't have any repeats. But we need to make sure we cover every level theme, so no one feels left out. It is gonna be tricky having a ketchup world, but we can do it.

Since there are 82 unique world themes, we need to somehow fit 26 worlds into 82 worlds. That means 3.154 worlds will need to be in each world, and 6.19 level in each of the 3.154 worlds, in each world. But that's assuming we don't have 10 levels in the best and worst world. That means 2 of the world themes and 2 of the worlds are already accounted for, so instead, we have 24 worlds with 80 themes.

Since we have two roms, however, we need to double everything. That means 160 total themes, with 48 worlds. However, once we take into consideration all the Swiss levels, that will take up at 1 theme and 1 world, which puts us at 161 total worlds, and 49 worlds in the 161 worlds, enough for 1 level in each world, which is truly fair for everyone if you think about it.

161/49 = 3.285 worlds in each world. That leaves us with .285 levels left over for each world. That .285 will have to be put into additional worlds, so we will need 161*.285 = 45.885 additional worlds, bringing the total to 206.885 worlds. However, there's also the possibility of late entries. Assuming that the average number of worlds is 161/80 = 2.0125 new worlds for every additional entry, if we get 15 late entries, we will need 2.0125*15 = 30.1875 additional worlds with 60.375 world themes, bringing the grand total number of worlds to 237.025.
now all we have to figure out is how many levels will go in each world.
161 levels -20 best and worst = 141 levels
12 world's - 2 best and worst = 10 worlds
Assuming 4x more levels on main ows than sub worlds, it's equal to 16 worlds, 141/16 = 8 or 9 levels each sub world and 24 to 36 levels each main overworld.
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160 levels - worst world
Prizm's level - best world
And World X/postgame world where every level is actually Hostel (even the huge staff collab one)
casually throwing out another request that post-game content doesn't require 100% completion.
^ This. The bad and/or very long levels ruin the fun in that. And now there's probably even more of those.
We can probably do what we did with green doors with bad levels too so we can still have a 100%-only postgame if the VLDCX team still wants to do that.

Not sure what people would feel with their hard levels getting the same treatment as bad levels though.
lmao yeah let's have a green door for hard levels and a shit door for shitty levels like sorry guys your level sucks so the player gets to skip it fuck you

I just want to beat 60 - 80% of the levels and have something for my troubles. I'd be fine with having a super surprise for 100%, but I think World X should unlock before then.
Out of curiosity, can we expect some form of a fade fix for palette animation? It's been nagging me for some time that the animated palettes in my level persist after you pass the goal, and it looks strange when everything but the animated parts of the foreground fade.

I guess an alternative could be to make the rest of the foreground use a "static" animation but it feels so unnecessary if there's a way to patch it...
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