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VLDCX News [LATEST: bug fixes and compiled entries]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - VLDCX News [LATEST: bug fixes and compiled entries]
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Latest VLDCX News:

1. The crash caused by the hurt mario routine has been fixed.
2. Added new patch: on/off Layer 2 generator fix
3. A small amount of ripped SMW layer 3 tiles are made available to participants here.
4. A small fix to map16 page 2 that makes a few pipe tiles use the correct palette.
5. Added a version of GFX27 that is viewable in Lunar Magic and YY-CHR, as well as a tool that makes editing the Mario/Luigi palette easier, to the allowed resources thread. Check them out here.

Link to the base ROM is same as previous one in the Rules Thread. Click here for direct download.

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Latest VLDCX News: Apparently the base ROM wasn't properly updated. For who is still with crashing issues, it should be fixed for real.

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Latest VLDCX News: People are now allowed to use already ripped layer 3 graphics in the graphics section. See this thread for details and links.
Latest VLDCX News: The base ROM has been updated with the fixed pipe palette 7 in the shared map16.

The area with the wrong palette. That has been fixed!

As well with that, the rules are been updated to clarify a few points:

1. You can use ExAnimation.
2. While you cannot color remap (recolor) to reduce the amount of colors in a 4BPP tile, you can reduce the amount of colors when converting from 4BPP to 2BPP (layer 3).
Latest VLDCX News: Updated rules again, now to clarify that you can use up to four different songs per entry and the deadline is actually 18:00 UTC, not 17:00 UTC.

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So hey, are you liking VLDCX so far! I hope yes. It's been almost three days running and I'm glad, so many levels being made so far. That increases my expectations on this becoming one of the most VLDC events ever! Yeah.

And what about the VLDCX scheme and banner? Awesome, aren't they? Okay, I heard some people aren't liking very the scheme due of it being distracting to read, but heh, it's pretty much a common thing between the schemes here.

But I wanted to ask you a question. Yes, you! Would you like to the VLDCX have even more coool schemes? If yes, let me know by posting your interest in the Discussion and Questions thread and I might make a Vanilla Scheme Design Contest during this week! Whoa! Liked the idea? Disliked? Then hurry and post your opinion in the discussion thread!
Latest VLDCX News: A version of GFX27 that is viewable in Lunar Magic and YY-CHR, as well as a tool that makes editing the Mario/Luigi palette easier, have been added to the allowed resources thread. Check them out here.
Now you can vote on what kind of new songs you'd like to be made for VLDCX. See this thread for more details!

And well, VLDCX has been running for around 11 days and I'm glad that so many levels are being made so far! For those who haven't gotten any feedback yet, don't worry because I will make a special effort to comment on all threads at least once. Commenting on levels is very important because what makes VLDCs actually happen are the levels. Without your entries, VLDCX wouldn't be happening today, after all.

After staying up for a week and some change, the VLDCX scheme is no longer forced for everyone, but you still can change back to it by editing your profile and changing your preferred site scheme.

And don't forget that you still have a lot of time until March 27th to finish your entry, so don't worry if your level is not quite there yet, there is plenty of time left.

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Latest VLDCX news: After realizing the fiasco the new music thread was and based on the people's request, I decided to restore the previous one. Look this post for more information. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Additionally, I decided to create this thread where people will have opportunity to ask personal questions about VLDCX for me. It's an interesting thing so you guys can know more about my plans and thoughts for the contest.

Last, but still important, seeing the recent grow of the Fan Judge threads, I wanted to state that while that's a pretty cool thing, to avoid possible abuse, for example creating a thread but never updating it, only threads frequently updated will stay sticked and maintained in this forum. Additionally, some quality control will be performed in these threads to warrant that the reviews are good enough to the level designs benefit from it. Nothing too strict, don't worry. As long you're contributing positively, you're welcome to make your fan judging.

That's all for now. In case of any questions, feel free to ask me.
Latest VLDCX news: RAR files are now accepted as submissions. Some entries have already been submitted as RAR files, and since 7-Zip can open these files, there is no reason to accept 7Z but not RAR.

In addition, we strongly recommend that participants store their entries in SMWC's file bin. Not only are we guaranteed to have access to it as long as this site is up, it makes it easier for judges to check submission dates.


Attention Dropbox users: Public folder functionality will be removed in mid-March, before the end of the submission period. For this reason, please don't use Dropbox to store your entries, as we might not be able to access them.
I noticed some people are submitting their entries without updating their intro message (SECRET EXIT: YES/NO, YOSHI COINS: YES/NO, 3-UP MOON: YES/NO). Please don't do that. The point of the intro message is to the judges don't have to look in the entries files, possibly getting author spoilers. If you don't correct your intro message (e.g. including a non-existent secret exit), you may be giving the judges a bad time (which might affect your score!).

Just saying.

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Hey ya'll.

The stickies were clogging up, so it was cleaned up a bit. This meant destickying the fan judge threads. We encourage that those authors to continue doing their work and for level makers to keep checking them out. It's a really useful resource, and as the person who started the type of thread, it's a really fun thing to do. But, for the sake organization and judges like me who don't want to keep avoiding stickies that contain spoilers, they will be reverted back to the normal threads.

Also listen to the above post. If you haven't added your info in the intro message I will send down the wrath of gods onto your soul.

(i am not allowed to dock points for that but i am allowed to hate you 😉👌)
Latest News

A reminder that you have less than seven days to finish and submit your entry in this thread, as you might have noted in our countdown timer. Use it as the main time reference. Once the countdown gets to 0, the submission thread will be closed automatically (by humans) and you won't be able to submit your entry, with rare exceptions.

It's recommended to submit your entry though the SMW Central File Bin. It warrants you direct download link of your submission and since it's hosted here, you will not have issues with dead links or similar.

If you want to update your entry, don't make a new post in the submissions. Edit your post instead. Duplicate posts will be deleted. The entries are only downloaded once the deadline hits, so there won't be any issue of we accidentally downloading old versions of your patch, useless if you forget to update your post.

Be sure to check if your patch works. I recommend you using FLIPS, since it works for both headered and headerless SMW ROMs. Using other tools can cause issues when patching to a ROM. Ask a friend to check if your patch works as intended. If you don't have any, then I'm your friend.

Again, don't forget to send your entry by replying THIS thread. This thread is the only place that confirms if you are participating or not in the contest.

That is all for now. In case of questions, feel free to ask me.

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Latest news:

As you might have noticed, you have only one day and 14 hours around to submit your submission here.

However, if you miss the deadline, you're still able to submit your submission under daily points discount, much like how it was with VLDC9.

I'm posting that beforehand so you already know the consequence before the deadline runs out, so you can settle strategies to have your entry done and submitted to VLDCX according your expectations. Below rules will only get into effect after the deadline runs out.

First of all, the submissions thread will be closed, so instead you will have PM me instead with your .zip file. I will download it and send it to the judges.

After the deadline, you will get a 10 points discount per day for submitting an entry late. The discount is per 24 hours, so you will get the same discount if you send your entry one hour or 22 hours late. However, as the days passes, your discount will get higher. For two days, your discount will be of 20 points. For three days, your discount will be of 30 points. That goes on. That means after 10 days, the total discount will be of 100 points and you will be automatically disqualified and excluded from the contest if you don't submit it within the 10 days extension.

Of course, remembering that if you delay it for one day, you will already lose 10% of your score, which is enough to you don't get to the best world at all. So if you have high expectations for your entry, then please submit it before the deadline!

I hope it's clear for everyone. In case of doubts, feel free to PM me. Happy hacking!

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- Latest news -

If you found a bug in your submission and you wanted to fix it, feel free to PM me with your updated entry. You won't get penalized for it. Note that it's restricted to bug fixes only and it's for limited time.

Also I was supposed to get a list of compiled entries within next 24 hours, for both people here and for the judges. Unfortunately I got an extremely urgent issue to solve regarding my university course and due of that I'm likely get inactive for the next two days until I solve it. Expect to the compiled entries come until friday. Sorry in advance.

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - SnesLab Discord
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - VLDCX News [LATEST: bug fixes and compiled entries]

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