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[11] CHURRASCADA™ (possibly final version)
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e: link to the final version


-An eternity has passed since the last update, so as a result the temperature was increased by 75% (global warming)
-A few changes on some of the setups (in particular the vine ones), suggested by SNN
-Some jumps were (or at least seemed) a lot trickier than they're supposed to be, those either had the ceiling moved up by a tile or so or had the edges changed to slopes. The lava hitbox is a lot more forgiving than it seems so it somewhat works, even if it's just an aesthetic change
-Mario dies

Original post below (level was named Chilly Slopes at the time).

Except it's a lava level with no slopes so far, lots of cutoff and sprite spam. last place confirmed!!!!

Here's an video until the midpoint (quality kinda sucks, sorry for that), and also two screens


-5 yoshi coins
-1 3-up moon (kinda shown in the video)
-quality(tm) secret exit (already done, not shown)

Feedback would be pretty cool
You know, I'm surprised that you decided to do a risky move, and make a level full of cut-off. I like it, but not sure if judges will. Oh well.

That said, the level feels like interesting challenge level. Floating Blarggs make for an interesting obstacle a lot can done with, and this level shows.

I find it interesting that you give a cape near a Midway Point. Cape really changes a challenge, and you should test the level without cape too (because once you die, you won't get cape).

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Thanks! And yes, it'll probably lose a few good points due to the cutoff but it's fun enough to work with that I don't mind. About the cape, I'll keep it in mind when designing the rest of the level. I'll have to add some later on at least, though, because I plan on having a cape flying in the middle of lava section (because it sounds cool as hell)

By the way, I was planning on showing a bit of the secret exit path but I forgot lol. Featuring water, more lava and even more cutoff (enough that it cant be accepted on smwcentral)

Why not flip that lava by 90 degrees to avoid cut off?

For a few reasons, actually:

-It'll still cause cutoff when it connects with the "regular" lava
-The one-tile wide lava will also end up looking weird
-The level has plenty of Blarggs that jump out of lava that cause cutoff either way
-Too many animated tiles on the screen at once might be a bit too distracting, specially in sections where you're almost completely surrounded by lava (e.g. the secret exit area above)

laziness may or may not be involved #ab{>_>} #ab{<_<}
The cutoff bugs me but it looks fun to play #smw{:TUP:}

YouTube | Music
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
>not ice-themed

what a bait, smh

(SeemsGood but a e s t h e t i c is too much cutoff lol)
You can totally fix those GFX if you're not lazy. Use the other lava tiles?
Thanks for the feedback! I kinda liked the cutoff lava at first, but each time I played through the level it looked worse so I went ahead and fixed it. Took less effort than I though it would, actually... I really should stop being lazy #ab{>_>}

The Blargg cutoff is a bit more difficult to fix lol, but if I find some way to do it and make it look decent I probably will.

Here's a video of the secret exit, by the way!
Probably my favorite level so far.
But seriously, what a misleading name. Chili Slopes is far tastier.
Glad to see you finally added slopes to the level after me having to shake your mind in #smwbr.

Execution-wise looks pretty much perfect. I'm not sure what else I would add. Now in terms of appearance, you still can work a bit more with palettes to give it a fresh look. But other than that, it's already excellent and I trust you will bring up something cool in the end.

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - Blog - SnesLab Discord
tbth the previous version looked better. Also I disagree with vitor about the palettes, there's just the right amount of both vanilla and custom.

The level design looks tight too, although I'm kinda worried about the water section because of how wonky the jumping out of water controls are. I trust you to make it fun though.
Sorry Vitor but I have to disagree as well, I really like the palettes that are already at work. Like Lazy said before me, they're like a nice balance between being vanilla and custom. Really compliments each other if you ask me and I sorta get Yoshi's Island vibes for some reason (which is a good thing, I love that game).
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

Palettes are definitely fine already, but I never particularly cared about aesthetics, so I won't tell you much about that.

Just curious, because I forgot to ask previously, what is the music used in this level?

As for cut-off Blarggs, they do provide some of that janky VIP/JUMP feeling. It's definitely alright, at least for me, and they do provide a fun challenge.

(disclaimer: I used cut-off Blarggs in Screens Project, so I may be biased)

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Nice to see you managed to replace the regular lava with the other one as I told you on the IRC :)
I myself don't mind the cutoff the blarggs create that much, but I assume you can find a way around that just in case if it still bugs you badly.
That's perfectly understandable. The palettes are indeed good. The only thing that I didn't like palette-wise was pretty much the water section of the level and some bright & desaturated colors in the level. But it's up to you, really. I'm fine with either setup.

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - Blog - SnesLab Discord
I like the current background palette, but I'm not as fond of the water/foreground palettes, guess I'll work on them a bit more. Thanks for the suggestions!

@GlitchMr: Music is Guardian of Paradise - The Mountains.
Who really cares about the look of the level anyway, the design is really top notch. I agree that the secret exit route can get weird with the water, but I think the whole thing is super well designed. I haven't really seen much design wise out of any of the levels shown off so far, but this is definitely a level that emphasizes creativity and design over all else. Using the brown floating platforms for all the safe places to stand keeps the level fast-paced, and the blaargs are always a good sprite to use as an obstacle, since they are timing based and less precise or finicky than other sprites.
Really good. Keep it up nicely, Aeon!

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!
And it's pretty much done. Here's a video of the level, and here's the patch in case you want to try it out!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - [11] CHURRASCADA™ (possibly final version)

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