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[11] CHURRASCADA™ (possibly final version)

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Wow, I really like how some of these setups were presented. I feel like a few parts may be a bit unclear, such as that part near the end where you have to drop off a sinking rock in order to jump on the red parakoopa in time.
This looks very difficult (especially with the sinking platforms in the vertical half of the level), but plays very smoothly. Nice stuff ! :)
Very good job, I had so much fun playing the level. The P-switch part was great for me, and the song fit perfectly. The path leading to the secret passageway is good too.
Thanks! @ft: if you mean the one near the end with the Dragon Coin, you can actually do it from the first platform, it's just a bit harder iirc. I edited that part a little anyway

By the way, finally submitted the level (with a few minor edits). Here's the updated version, and a few screens from the second half since I apparently forgot to post some:

Forget what I said about unclear stuff. I gave it a go and really liked it, and everything was doable first try. Well done, sir.
Patch updated! Did some minor aesthetic changes and improved a bit on some of the more annoying setups. As usual, here are two extra screens.

The background took a lot of work. Probably wasn't worth it, but it still looks pretty cool (I hope)!!!
This level was a lot of fun! Hard enough to not be just a romp, but not so hard that it's unfun to play. I really enjoyed the fast-paced platforming in the level, and it's neat to see Blaargs used like this.
Please increase the time limit. It's too low as of right now.
Layout by Erik557
Thank you!
Layout by Erik557
Here's a random minor (and, in fact, mostly aesthetic) update.


-An eternity has passed since the last update, so as a result the temperature was increased by 75% (global warming)
-A few changes on some of the setups (in particular the vine ones), suggested by SNN
-Some jumps were (or at least seemed) a lot trickier than they're supposed to be, those either had the ceiling moved up by a tile or so or had the edges changed to slopes. The lava hitbox is a lot more forgiving than it seems so it somewhat works, even if it's just an aesthetic change
-Mario dies

this level plays the best out of all the levels I have played so far. It has an arcade kinda feel to it, a lot of momentum and every obstacle is inherently satisfying to clear.

im a fan
Thanks a lot. I finally got to a point where I'm really satisfied with it, so hearing other people had fun with it as well is great.

Here's the (likely) actual final version of the level. I didn't really change much, just removed the moon since it wasn't really too well hidden, and the jump back from its location was really risky as well (and right before the midway point, which made it even worse imo). Thanks to Hobz for suggesting it on IRC!

I've also edited the post in the submissions thread with the updated resources so I guess I'm finally done. Designing this level was a lot of fun, and regardless of how high I get I hope I at least get a cool-looking cutoff blargg OW sprite ;)
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