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SPOOKY STRONGHOLD [it's *even more* fun now]
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The layer 2 megaspikes kinda look like background. Maybe give them the same red palette as the wooden top parts of the blocks? Or could the layer 3 background scroll at a slow rate?

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Along with the issue Ivy mentioned, I feel like the player is gonna assume those brown blocks attached to the mace are solid.
Originally posted by Erik557
No matter how hard I try I can't make this part easy.
Drop the arcing saw on the line guide.
most okayest

scale platforms are a thing I guess

e: like this?

Baby please, would you end your night with me?
It's done! (version 1)
I would appreciate some feedback. Plan to submit it in 3 days so yeah it would be valuable to hear opinions and change some stuff before submitting. Thanks in advance!

e: also suggest some music :)

Baby please, would you end your night with me?
Arbitrary numbering
- Added music
- Changed line guides color
- Toned down some sections
- Made the last Yoshi Coin possible to get

For now I used Mansion by RedNGreen, but I might change it to this.

Baby please, would you end your night with me?
I like the concept, but at this point I'm fed up with line-guide based levels already, so my feedback may be a little off, negatively.

Very difficulty level, from an average player's perspective. As you can see from the screenshots that I took, I barely had any lives left! Good looking level, however. The pallete is on point, I really liked the "torch" you created using the ghost house tile together with the flame animation, but it looks bad in the candle background. Not to mention that it cuts off very drastically. If somehow you can't use the original candle flame animation, you might as well leave it as it is.

Also, all of your ladders that doesn't connect to a object (as seen below) have this weird cutoff at the end of it.

There is a ladder tile you can use to connect those.

Some minor cutoffs on the ledges here.

The level is pretty much based around perfect-timing jumps that leave no room for error.

Like this one. Even though I'm fire mario and have a backup mushroom, those are all useless because most of the obstacles revolves around falling into death. Also, in this specific screen you barely have any vision of the route you have to do unless you press R to it's limit, and yet you're open to get a hit of the Saw. When you go down the platform, you're pretty much done. I think there should be AT LEAST one block on that wall before the falling platforms, so if you miss your timing (which is really really tight due to your choice of smasher preset) you can reset it.

This one's annoying too. The issue here is you mixed the very low layer 2 spikes (it goes up relatively low i mean) with the Ball n Chain, up in a platform that makes you have to jump constantly. Also, when you finally reach the other side after cycles and cycles of rotating Ballnchain and Smashing Spikes, the falling platform in which you have to go requires maximum height regular jump to get to it, which resulted in me dying and having to do it all again. I would say get rid of the Ball n Chain, or make the Spike go higher, at least. It made me uncomfortable :$

Now, this one is fucked up (or maybe im just bad enough). The timing is really small, the triple falling platform doesn't make it easier because when you touch one, you'll most certainly touch the next one right after, unless you instant jump, which can't be done very often due to the Saw. About the platforms, the third one is pretty much useless since you can't make the jump if you're down there (I could be wrong though). The second plat is possible to jump off but it's really tight. I feel like its only purpose is to slowdown your falling speed from the first platform for a few frames so you can make a better jump. But yea, overall it's yet another section with no room for error, and even if you make out to the other side you can still get smashed to instant death. Since all I did was criticize this section, I'll say you can place the Upwards Spike a few blocks lower. Or maybe just move it 1 block down and the Downwards 1 block up. That should make it easier.

Final thoughts: the ghost-faced koopas look bad imo. Specially when you kick them out of their shell and they reappear with normal koopa faces like "wtf". The special world mario face that you put on the saw gfx is just like... why? It could just be the original saw, idk. It doesn't match anything in your level. Those two and the candle flames I mentioned above are the only things that I dislike about your level aesthetics. Aside from that, it looks amazing.
Btw I saw that you posted a gif of an auto-scroll section a few days ago, but I didn't see it in the game. Did you remove it or I just missed it? I was kinda upset because I really like auto-scroll levels, and your vertical auto-scroll section was very short.

I hope I didn't sound rude, also don't take my feedback too seriously, for the reason said above. I hope this will help you!

While I'm at it, I'll give you a music suggestion. Nuts n Bolts from DKC3. I think it fits really well. I know people on this site don't welcome dkc ports, but yea w/e. Also, I don't like this specific port that much, but it's kinda ok for an unsampled port of dkc3. But yea probably not good enough quality-wise.

E: Ninja: dude did you just update your level while I was writing this review? you realize you posted it an hour ago right? lmao
Erik, you're not allowed to kamizake people.

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- not a fan of the boo faced koopa's. The head doesn't even line up with the body and disappears when they become small. I'd can it altogether
- the 3 koopa > 3 platform jump at the beginning is too hard. I'd remove one of the saws
- why aren't the blocks the rotating spike balls attach to solid?
- FUCK YOU for this first yoshi coin room. seriously fuck off with that. Munchers coming out of the floor with no indication? losing the chance to enter the door if you dont grab the yoshi coin immediately? fuck off (sorry this actually pissed me off it's so stupid. why would you take away my opportunity to leave this bonus room, even if i do it correctly?) Also what's the point of those three coins at the beginning. It looks like a !, but why is it there? As a coin guide I go to it then promptly die to the spikes.
- wrong vertical alignment for the secondary exit out of that first yoshi coin room (causes the screen to jump up like that)
- why would you put the exit from that room on a platform where you can promptly get hit by a ball n chain
- the second yoshi coin door was incredibly dull. there was little actually going on, especially in the second half
- the yellow tint on mushrooms doesnt look very good
- in that first jump in the second half, you just hit the top of the pipe and die. Why is it even there? If you really want a pipe there move it up 1 or 2 tiles so i can actually make this jump
- The koopas suddenly aren't ghost heads in the second half
- For some reason, collecting the last yoshi coin gave me 2 lives
- also idk what the intended solution was, but i just running jumped up to it

I think you really need to look at your level more critically, and find the thin line between fun/enjoyable difficulty, and annoying difficulty. A lot of these set-ups aren't designed to be approached carefully and then executed perfectly, they're just a crapshoot of hoping you dont get hit but knowing you probably will. I think that in almost every section in the first half you can either cut or move an enemy, and in the second half you really need to chill out with how specific these layer 2 jumps are. That layer 2 effect is already a hassle to get through because of how long it stays down and how slowly it rises, so idk. The aesthetics are great, but that's where my enjoyment of this level ends. Sorry.
most okayest
fuck me in the ass

- Now it should me much more enjoyable to play.
- Made some segments more reasonable.
- Fixed the wonky slopes, they are just solid blocks now.
- Redid the first yoshi coin room.
- Removed the grey blocks from ball and chains.
- Misc. changes to the difficulty.

To be fair I didn't really want to change it too much. I found it fun to play, but challenging (except in some areas). Oh well, this one should be more fun, but I hope I didn't make it too easy...

Baby please, would you end your night with me?
- I'm not really a fan of the yellow hue on the whites of the koopa's and mushrooms
- the first tri-platform is missing its connecting block
- the new first yoshi coin room is pretty easy, but that's not a bad thing since it's optional. Waiting for the yoshi coin to come back up can take a while if you're late to press the on button though. Maybe the yoshi coin should always be there and pushing the on button can give you a 1-up block or something
- post yc room still has wrong vertical positioning. if possible I'd just lower mario's entrance point
- still not a fan of the vine/shell combo. it makes it look like you're introducing a gimmick, but you never use them again. Plus the multiple coin box glitches out. If you need more convincing if you have a fire flower you can get stuck lol
- you could probably afford to cut an entire screen out of that second yc room and condense everythingALSO IF THE SPIKE GOES BEHIND THE DOOR AT THE END OF THE ROOM THEN I CAN HIT IT AND I DIE
- I'd probably remove that saw next to the mushroom/midway spawn point. its weird being able to die as soon as you spawn
- the 4th yoshi coin in the roof should have a blue coin like the first room has so you know its there
- im still not sure what the intended solution for the 5th yoshi coin in because instead of figuring it out i just running jumped up there and grabbed it lol
- What's up with the weird reskinned platform in the final goal room

much better than the first version, its possible and fun.
most okayest
thanks to everyone who gave feedback, either here or fan judges. I decided to make some changes to the level.

Version something
- Modified aesthetics.
- Added new sublevel for the fifth Yoshi coin.
- Revamped some of the original sections, notable the first one.
- Added another midpoint.

Once again thanks!! Without your feedback a lot of people would suffer in the ending product had I left the first incarnation of this. :)

Baby please, would you end your night with me?
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - SPOOKY STRONGHOLD [it's *even more* fun now]

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