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Tip: Switch palace switches normally disappear if you replay the level. However, if you insert them as direct Map16 and use the hex-edit at $00EEB2 in the ROM map, you can replay the level without a problem.Not logged in.
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As much as I loved my sublevels and getting to explore the different ways to exploit this glitch, I think that by themselves, they weren't worth it. In a perfect world they could justify their own purpose by just being cool side challenges, but without a real incentive to find them and complete them, there was no point. I could've kept the two I already had, but that just felt weird.
I also really really didn't like having yoshi in my level lol. He was so clearly tacked on and only made things worse. So I'm glad he's gone.

Only thing I'm a little worried about is that my level clearly wasn't designed to have all 5 yoshi coins be in the same level, so they're spaced out kind of weird. But I don't think it matters too much. I'm also curious how well the claustrophobic theme works, considering there isn't a floor in a lot of places lol.

Note it is not formally "finished" yet

full post of changes

on the to do list:
- expand third sublevel (the idea is to make it twice as long and incorporate both the swimming and item grabbing mechanics into one longer challenge. To justify how well hidden it is).
- completely redesign moon room
- minor adjustments to difficulty, as needed.
- sublevel palettes

I might go back to Crowded Airspace, because the levels certainly a lot busier in this iteration. But still open to suggestions (don't want it to allude to the Fuzzies though, focusing more on the actual platforming/grassland motif)

1, 2, 3, 14, 15, 92, 653, 5897, 9323, 84626, 433832, 795028, 841971!

you need to keep yoshi for the remainder of the level to grab the moon.
How do you get him out of there, though? #wario{-_-?}
Working on stuff again 👀
in vanilla smw if a line guide goes off the rails it will go through everything it touches as it makes it diagonal descent off screen. However, a patch added to the base rom causes this to happen

which would be unfortunate and strip me of a lot of set-ups if I weren't a genius

it's solid to Mario.

e: oh, and if line guides land on munchers they go back and forth between 2

e: what is he behind? youll have to play and find out
best dialog ever

this was supposed to show off the animation but i recorded it at 30 frames so you dont see it anyways
Nicely done there Hobz
The fuzzy accurately represents me during class
level update

i finished the main section, but hate everything i designed post-midpoint so its getting trashed.

no animation this time around. probably the last sprite-related thing i can show off. the rest needs to be a surprise
What are you even doing at this rate?

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - Blog - SnesLab Discord
good news to all of you waiting for some sort of actual clue into what my level actually is:

The main level has officially been completed! There's still a lot of tweaking to be done in terms of difficulty and progression, but the design and general ideas are officially there! I've got another 5 sublevels to make before the level can formally go into closed beta and I can start working on the aesthetics. I'm hoping to make a custom layer 3 bg and then i just gotta add bushes and all that other dumb stuff. Replace an info box. etc.
I can't get into much detail on the level itself aside from the brief glimpses of insanity I've already offered, but just keep your eyes peeled. I really don't want to spoil too much, I want your first impressions to be experiencing the level for the first time! e: I will say for general aesthetics my level combines the grassland tileset with the mushroom tileset, and makes use of those weird pillars as both aesthetics and landmarks.

The level's divided into two sections, the level itself and sublevels that act as short puzzles that explore more obtuse ways to exploit the central gimmick. The main level's central focus is, as you can clearly see, Fuzzies. That's all I'll say for now.
Instead of a secret exit, the level holds a secret
boss fight of sorts
that beating will reward you with a moon.

For music, I'm keeping the original Super Mario World Athletic Theme. My sublevels are being made with the intention of using the underground song from the SMAS version of SMB 1. I really like the vldc7 athletic remix, so I'll hopefully be able to do it justice in my
boss fight of sorts.

The level is not called vertigo. It will likely be called "Hostile Airspace", though the name is still in works.
Played the beta; not gonna spoil everything but this is super cool and plays really well! #tb{^V^}
not to spoil anything, but this transcends level of the year. this is level of the beers, bro! this mondo board is gonna rock the vote at the 2020 gay republican convention. you down to clown with some bad guys, brotendo? yo, i just got back from the legalize hobz convention bro im gonna hit some fortune 500 upstart companies and show them my kickflips so i can get a sponsorship just so i can push this level at the board meetings, bro. you better get ready for the
segment it's gonna fuck you up. *shotguns a beer* how did you legally get half the shit you did in the game? i thought this level broke like 6 rules man it was an outlaw but nope. its all legit. fuck you derpy if you vote this level down! *shotguns a beer* so i was thinking about ways we could improve smwcentral, right? i think we should show all the other hacking communities this level so they all give up and make shit like this level, bro. then we can take down nintendo themselves. stupid fuckin bitches. *smokes a blunt* i dare you to give this level a cease and desist in good conscience. nah, you're gonna make nintendo of canada just to hire this motherfucker that made the level (hobz)
I finally made something I can show off without spoiling the main gimmick of my level

it's a race against time to save your yoshi from falling into the abyss! These are the general aesthetics i have planned for these sublevels. Modest, but they get the job done. I've since removed the munchers because i'm not a big fan of the possibility of dying in a bonus room. I have a few ideas for decorations to keep things from looking too flat but im not worried about it right now. Each sublevel will be about 4 screens total, except for one that's one 2.
...I'm assuming that all the pokeyposting made people stop checking this thread altogther. But that's fine! I'm still going to keep at it. I'll have a finished level in no time!!

Today I discovered another interesting exploit to put a spin on the main gimmick, completely by chance. I wish I could show it off, but I don't want to spoil too much.
(tho I do have to learn triggered ExAnimations now... Hopefully it isn't too hard! e: it wasnt!)

Sorry again for all the secrecy! I'm doing something a little unconventional, and you really have to play it firsthand to really get what it's all about.

Sneak peak at the secret grand finale
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