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Is the MML file I get from TinyMML suppost to be like this?

So I got into making custom music for Super Mario World, and when I got to editing the .TXT file, it didn't seem to look like what was in the tutorial I used. This is the .MIDI that I tried to transfer. This is the .MML file I got back.

Usually when I make custom music, I get something like this:

#0 @6 q7f v255 y10 w220 l16 p4,32

[o3a+2^4a+>frd+rc+8^d+8c+<a+4^g+g+ra+4^r8>crc+8^<a+4^@[email protected]]2

But I didn't. Does that mean there is something wrong? By the way, I am SUPER new to SMW hacking, so parden if this is a stupid question. Thanks!
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Firstly I'd like to state that I am not too familiar with the tools people use to convert midi to mml, so what I am saying is speculative.
Upon looking at the midi file, I notice that while there are 8 tracks corresponding to the snes's 8, all of these tracks in the midi file are on midi channel 1. This leads to some conflicts... Not sure how TinyMM will handle that. But it does seem to be putting each track to its own section of the mml, so at least they're not getting jumbled like I initially feared they might. As I hope is clearly stated by the tutorial you read, the MML you get from conversion isn't immediately going to work for SMW. You'll need to modify it a bit. Looking quickly at the MML, everything seems fairly well in order. The MML doesn't look hidiously disproportionate to me, But as I say I only glanced at it so no guarantees.
I've also heard that PetiteMM is a better tool than TinyMM for midi to MML conversion. I'm not sure how familiar with MML you are or what specifically doesn't look right to you, so I won't really ramble too much right now. I'm just not exactly sure where you're stuck.
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I believe PetiteMM is supposed to be a better alternative to TinyMM? It has also been updated more recently.

musicalman pretty much nailed it. All your channels are in CH1 for the Midi, which corresponds to #0 in the MML file. You may want to fix stuff like that using a Midi Editor. PetiteMM doesn't seem to care about this however it is good practice.
So would using PetiteMM fix the issue with everything being in Channel 1, or would I have to fix that on my own? If no, then how would I fix it?
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Yeah, PetiteMM is far better than TinyMM, so that should fix your problem. TinyMM is also grossly outdated so I would suggest not using it.
Not sure how PetiteMM would handle midi files having all tracks on channel 1. You could try it. I think it would see the separate tracks but it might take more optimizing of the mml on your part. You could also try going into a midi sequencer and assigning each track to its own channel. I doubt this will be a difficult process, but you'll have to know how your sequencer handles tracks and channels. I imagine basic sequencers might try to put some of that stuff under the hood in an attempt to keep it simple for casual users, but most decent ones probably won't.
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As far as I can remember, if everything is on the same MIDI channel then PetiteMM will export everything separately but all in a single channel, in other words, you'll get each track one after another in channel #0 (for example). It's pretty easy to separate in that case, though you must be able to tell from the MML where each track ends/starts and copy that to another channel.
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Huh. I do remember putting each channel as it's own when making the midi... I dunno, maybe I should check.
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YOu did put everything on its own track, but they are all on midi channel 1. There is a large difference. In midi you can have many tracks on one channel if you want. Not so in most other formats.
Out of curiosity what do you plan to use to convert the mml generated by PetiteMM or whatever you're using to SMW mml? I"ve not tried doing that so I'm curious.
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