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[Fan Judge] pyros bad review thread of badness (closed, gl everyone!!)
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Updated my level.

100% Orange Juice Playthrough:

VLDC9 Playthrough:


Design and Execution: 22/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 13/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 14/20
Overall: 49/100
mfw you updated the level after I had already reviewed it and had to replay it. This level is okay. I didn't really like V2 all that much at all but this version is fine. The first half is...okay. It doesn't really do anything with 1F0 or anything. It's have keys and you gotta take them around. The idea behind the springboard section disabling your spinjumping on the saws is interesting but you can easily break it by just constantly tossing around the springboard :S. I like the platform ride, but I think the clapping chuck setup is a bit too precise. Also the way to get the powerup w/ the paragoomba is bizarrely difficult but also actually pretty good?

The second half is...more meh. The pipe idea is okay, if simple. Sometimes it serves as a good warning that there's danger coming up (the kicker koopa setup) but other times it just kinda makes you wait more than you already have to (thwomp, falling spikes). It's a cute idea, but it doesn't really do much with it? Though I'm not sure if you could do much with it in general, really. The reversal of the gimmick in the secret exit room is cool and probably the best part of the level but even then it doesn't really do much. I like the spiny setup, sorta. The rest just....exists The section is basically 'you gotta kill these enemies but your tools are hidden behind the pipes oooo spooky'. It, again, just doesn't do much.

That's really this level in general, tbh. It's a 'meh' level. It has some ideas but it doesn't do anything great with them, IMO. It's just sort of an...average level. There's a few good setups and clever moments but otherwise the level just exists. I wish I could give more advice specifically but honestly this level just doesn't really do much beyond very basic things with its okay ideas?? Sorry :(. Also what is it with space levels and 1F0 this year lmao??

Blizzard Buffalo
Design and Execution: 11/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 15/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 16/20
Overall: 42/100
This level just reeks of lack of testing, honestly. There's a lot of charm and good aesthetics going for it, but there's a bunch of really nonsensical enemy placement and some very bad design decisions. The second half especially just feels like a big mess, because there's a lot of instances where you can blindly jump off ledges into spikes and there's a ton of pitching chucks and volcano lotuses everywhere, with an unneccesary super koopa generator thrown in at the end plus flat ground with enemy spam. It's just a clusterfuck really, and I don't really find it fun.

The first half is better than the second though it has its share of issues. There's some ridiculous enemy placement, namely like, a freakin sliding koopa that just slides into a pit and can never hit you, plus ninjis and ESPECIALLY monty moles that just feel like they're there to fill up space. The enemies just feel like they were placed randomly or to fill up space and don't really make for a fun or engaging challenge. Random ideas just come and go, with like a singular use of chucks' abilities to break blocks in the whole room and only a single other use in the second half.

The second half really bothers me. The first part of it just doesn't feel fun because it's just a bunch of pitching chucks and lotuses everywhere. It doesn't help that the pitchin chuck projectiles are changed to shurikens (?) that are pretty hard to actually see. I'd recommend defining them more. Then the level just kind of turns into random geometry with the occasional enemy. There's one section which is just two ninjis and then a spike pit that's in a very deep pit, but you can't actually see the spike pit down there so if you try to look down there for a powerup or something you'll just get skewered. Then the level becomes flat ground with enemy spam and a generator. Uuh...yeah. The goal room looks neat but has like no gameplay.

The ghost house section is...pretty bad. If you don't cheat the turn block by bringing in a shell or cape, you essentially have to go all the way through the room, all the way back, back further and do a "puzzle", and then all the way back through the room again just to get the secret exit. It doesn't help that the room has a ton of waiting around with boo circles and an incredibly annoying eerie generator that can easily corner and kill you. Also random coins that are either fake or solid for some reason. The "puzzle" to get the key isn't really a puzzle at all and more "hey hit this switch and then hit the other switch, waacky".

Honestly this level makes me pretty sad because the aesthetics are great and the ""lore"" is cool but the design just...isn't there. It's weird how a level can have so many enemies and I still end up being bored. I don't know if it was my mood or the level but either way I just felt legit disengaged while playing the level and just played badly. I'd recommend taking a look at the design in general of this level again and remodelling stuff to be more thought through, because as it stands it just doesn't feel tested very well and it isn't very fun.

Mr. Pixelator
Design and Execution: 2/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 4/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 7/20
Overall: 13/100
Yeah this is just garbage. Like, I usually don't like to be blunt and I would rather give helpful feedback but this sucks. There's more effort put into the land formations than the enemy placement. There's literally like, land formations that lead into nothingness. There's huge sprawling mounds of ghost house platforms that have no enemies on them at all. The first room has like literally 4 enemies total, all on flat ground and are completely nonthreatening whatsoever. The level in the end just resorts to annoying muncher jumps. There's a terrible secret exit. And the red switch blocks just feel like they're insulting me by being there because you have setups like [url=]this[/url] where there's just absolutely no threat in the original setup in the first place so why put switch blocks there??

I already mentioned the issues with the first room. There are 7 enemies total (I counted) and they are all absolutely nonthreatening and will never hit you. There's also a random bunch of question marks in the dirt that are really hard to see due to the palette. I realized later that it's a hint for the dragon coin that's down there, which is...really not an obvious hint. The cave room at least has more than three enemies but it immediately starts with a nonthreatening podoboo and two swoopers that swoop under you. And at this point the level throws munchers into the mix and as a result just pastes them down everywhere for the rest of the level. The skull raft rides are incredibly boring and the only obstacles are Blaargs that are easy to dodge and podoboos that pop up and pop back down before the skull raft can even get to them. Then at the end there's a dumb section where you have to wait for like 1000 years so you don't despawn the skull raft, and the only thing you're actually doing while waiting for the raft to pass by is do dumb muncher jumps, some of which are completely blind due to how the area is set up (the last fire before the reset pipe is a big offender).

The second half is still just boring. The enemy placement is bad and tehre's instances where digging chucks are just in a ditch and dig rocks against the wall and will not hit you (the one after the midpoint). Screens 06-08 are literally just a bunch of ghost house platforms with like 10 muncher jumps. Muncher jumps aren't fun. It's not fun or gratifying to just thoughtlessly jump over static hurt blocks. Then after that you're likely to get killed because there's a steep slope that will drop you into a pit if you jump on it not knowing what's up ahead and you don't have the red switch on. The rest of the level is just more weird enemy placement and more annoying muncher jumps.

The secret exit is completely awful. The "hint" towards the note block being there is almost literally invisible due to it being dark grey against pitch black, and then after that it's just dragging a p switch across half the room. Also really it's just bad in general because a new player will not know that there's a vine in the center block and will easily screw themselves out of the secret exit unless for some reason they decided to hit the p switch just then for no reason at all. The actual secret exit room itself is horrible. There's rocks that fall from the sky and immediately hit a slope that makes them go AWAY from you, and immediately dump themselves into a pit before they can even hit you. There's also boring waiting with boo circles and more completely empty screens with like one enemy on them that's easily dodged. THEN a reappearing boo generator gets thrown in and the level becomes horrible. Reappearing boo generators are freaking annoying. They just constantly make you wait for them to disappear and have a constant danger of causing unfair hits by telefragging you. It doesn't help that the level just continues on with its "design" like the boo generator isn't even there, and uses a regular amount of enemies in combination with the boo cloud (INCLUDING other boos that blend in with the cloud...) which makes for an unfun as heck last few screens. The worst part is that for the final screen you have to run around with a stupid p switch and springboard to grab the key and it's incredibly annoying and cramped.

Also normally I don't complain about aesthetics in a level because I suck at them myself but I really don't like them here?? All of the palettes look really washed out and unpleasent to look at and make your "hints" very hard to even see. The tileset also looks just bad too because it's tileset mixing hell. Grass, cave and ghost house tilesets are all here and randomly just segway into each other and it just doesn't look good imo. The background in the final section is good, though.

So uuh, yeah. This level is just...bad. Nonsensical and completely nonthreatening design, annoying muncher jumps, terrible secret exit. It needs a lot of work, IMO. I feel really bad for being so harsh on this but it's just terrible and I did not have fun playing this at all.

Design and Execution: 37/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 12/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 15/20
Overall: 64/100
Pretty nice athletic-y level! It's short and sweet, and it's also really fun because it just feels like constant action. It's nothing mindblowing or anything, but it's still pure fun. I think my only issues with the design, really, are the parts where I think the fast pacing gets broken. I don't like how you used the diagonal carrot top platforms in the first half, because they're really slow and the second one especially you basically just hang around on until it carries you high enough so that you can get to the next math platform and it just kiiills the pacing imo. Also, I'm not really the biggest fan of the huge stretch of falling platforms plus the only mega mole in the level towards the end. It doesn't feel as well designed as the rest of the level and it just feels thrown together. I really like the rest of the level, though, as I said before it's just nice, pure platforming. I really like the platfor rides in the second half, they feel well-timed and fun to do. Really, I don't have that many issues with this level. I could make the generic 'it could be more creative' comment but w/e it's fun as is and I like it ;p. Also pink background <3 the instruments in the armored armadillo port are kinda bad tho lol.

Design and Execution: 8/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 4/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 17/20
Overall: 29/100
okay usually I don't like to complain about length in levels because I have a terrible habit of making levels way too long but why is this level so long??????????? The midpoint is absurdly lopsided (at the end of the first section - two long, much more badly designed sections are past it). The level is clogged with incessant enemy spam and throws like literally half the sprites in the entirety of SMW at you and does absolutely nothing with them. It's incredibly uninteresting and not fun to play at all. It's veerry poorly designed in general, really.

The first section with the tides is probably the best part, but that's really not saying much. The design issues in this level already become apparent here. There's no thought or intelligent design in any of it, like, at all. There's numerous sections where it's just nothing but flat ground and like 9 or 10 enemies pasted down on top of it. Enemies are placed where you can run past them before attacks actually get off (punting chucks), can easily be killed with the fire flowers or Yoshi that the level provides you (like all goombas and koopas) or can just literally be walked over because they're placed under useless ? blocks for whatever reason. It's really only the 'best' part of the level because it's the least spammy and that's saying a lot considering it by itself is still pretty spammy :S. Also, there's a part like right at the beginning where you can get screwed if you're small because there's a random turn block barrier? Like why??

The mountain fog room is where things start to fall apart. While looking through the level in LM just now I saw there's the DC I never found reachable with a random invisible noteblock above the pipe. Really? :P. This section at least mixes it up with some chainsaws and dynamic platforms, but there's still large stretches of land where it's just random land formations and also some chucks and koopas. It's not intelligent design and it's not fun. Then you have a platform ride with chainsaws, except the majority of the chainsaws actually just go over you instead of actually trying to hit you so the whole ride is just "jump occasionally". Then there's a p switch. The digging chuck placed under the p switch block is really annoying because it's in such a tight space and if you want to keep yoshi you're basically required to drop him off, deal with the chuck, and get him back :|. Then you have a P Switch run (if you don't carry it) which is a long corridor with a few chucks and coins spelling I HOPE I WIN, which you can just run past with no difficulty. Then there's more pointless land formations and enemies and then you have a completely horrible platform ride which is insane saw spam. I don't even know how you do this without getting hit honestly? Like 10 seconds in there's like 5 chainsaws coming at you from all sides that corner and hit you, with no prior warning??? And then after that you just get a cluttered rest of the ride with random fuzzies dancing in line guide circles everywhere and it's bleeh.

Then there's ANOTHER section after this. You think there would be a goal point? Lol no. It starts with a lakitu guy thing popping up and a section where the lakitu is supposed to be a threat but you can just rush through it and the lakitu disappears after like 3 screens. Then there's more dumb formations and enemy placement (there's literally a spiny that walks into a ditch and will never hit you...) and a long corridor with nothing but easy-to-dodge fish. The first time I got here I actually breezed through it cuz I had the key, which I'll talk about later :/. The design is bizarre and there's fish that literally drop offscreen and random spike ceilings you have to go out of the way to get hit by. And THEN the final stretch. Why?? Like, seriously why?? It's literally enemy spam from hell. There's breakable block enemies spammed everywhere and you basically have to tank it because the AFHBs are gonna make you rush but then the breakable enemies just break on top of you and it's frickin annoying and frustrating. Then after ALL of that, disco shell, and the end.

And then the secret exit. The first issue with getting to it is that if you're like me and assume that the normal path is the one you don't have to use the p switch on you're gonna charge ahead into the secret exit path and immediately hit a dead end. My first instinct was to jump into the pit to see if there was ground down there. Uuh, yeah. Turns out you have to lug the p switch all the way there. The secret exit room itself is pretty bad, with randomly placed monty moles and parakoopas, more random land formations with random enemies, random bad design. Then for some reason the level decides it's going to make you lug around p switches to get to the key? The first issue here is that your combination lock is easily breakable by just amassing p switches from the reset pipe and/or just...rushing. You can press silver and blue switches at the same time, y'know :V. Once you get the key you have to be big and break a barrier and then hit ANOTHER p switch and then you finally can put the stupid key in the keyhole. Also there's a super koopa whistling chuck because that's fun. And for some reason there's a pipe leading back to the main path because ?????????????????. I went in it and was pretty frustrated in the end. :|

So uh, yeah. This level is a mess. The aesthetics are at least good (though the fog being cut off by the status bar in the mountain section is annoying), but the design is just...ugh. There's no thought put into it and it's just random enemies placed down everywhere to fill up space. There's no coherent design theme or gimmick or anything. It's just...enemies. It's essentially a romp, but much worse because instead of having barely any design it's just poorly designed. And then add in item babysitting and it being 5 billion years long for no reason w/ a lopsided midpoint and the whole level becomes just ugh. I'm sorry, but I really didn't have fun playing this.

Design levels deliberately guys!!!!!!!!
Fixed my link lmao
Take a zip :)
Originally posted by snoruntpyro
Stuff about level

k I don't need to change anything thanks

In the cave section, that last fire before the reset pipe was originally ONE TILE HIGHER. And the pipe wasn't there to stop you from jumping straight into lava. I thought I made that easier.

In the first area, more than 7 enemies in my opinion would just lead to people accusing me of enemy spam.

Oh, and in the second half, apparently three screens is half the room now. I don't even know.

Well, I tried to fix some stuff. I'll probably be given a lower score than before.

This is only my first entry, BTW.

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
Thanks for the review, and sorry for making you have to re-do your review because of the new version. #w{:s}

Originally posted by snoruntpyro
The idea behind the springboard section disabling your spinjumping on the saws is interesting but you can easily break it by just constantly tossing around the springboard :S.

This part was not quite to be an anti-spin jump session, it was just to be a session for you to dodge the saws, even.

Originally posted by snoruntpyro
I like the platform ride, but I think the clapping chuck setup is a bit too precise.

You don't need to be very precise in this part, it's pretty simple until, you just need to get past it when the Clapping Chuck is falling.

Originally posted by snoruntpyro
The pipe idea is okay, if simple. Sometimes it serves as a good warning that there's danger coming up (the kicker koopa setup) but other times it just kinda makes you wait more than you already have to (thwomp, falling spikes)

On the Thwomps, I'll modify it and make it faster in the next version, about the spikes, I don't think it's a problem they take a little while, since you need them to progress.

This was my first attempt to make a level for some Vanilla Level Design Constest, I tried to demonstrate a little bit of my ideas and bring fun to the player in this level. I'm just in doubt what would be the rank of the old version you had made.

Complete Hacks:
W.I.P. Hacks:
Download Waluigi's Wadventure - Demo 2.1 Here
I made some changes in my level before the deadline and would like feedback if not a nuisance.
Anyway, I am very grateful to the other fan judges who have judged my level.
It Time.

moo_we_all_do (again)
Design and Execution: 15/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 7/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 10/20
Overall: 32/100
Man. I liked where this level was going, and it looked like it was going to be a fun and simple romp, but then it just ended really quickly. The level is really short and as a result doesn't get to really do much. I feel like I just played the first third of a bigger level. Layer 2 and spike tops have potential to be used in interesting ways, especially with SA-1, but unfortunately this level just sticks to the basics mostly and doesn't really do much. The layer 2 is mostly used to make you wait around, the spinjumping on spike tops isn't used enough imo, and there's swoopers that swoop under you (SMH PET PEEVE.....). It's a solid foundation for a good level, but it ends before it accomplishes anything. Also please do not put dragon coins offscreen ty. Also random nitpick but the palette in the layer 3 could probably be brighter, I had to lean in to see it.

Design and Execution: 22/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 10/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 11/20
Overall: 43/100
It's a pretty good level overall, though I wish it had done more. Disco shells are surprisingly uncommon in VLDC and it's nice to see a whole level built around them. I like what's actually here in terms of design, and I really like how pitching chucks are used, but the level feels like it just drops off after the midpoint. The second half feels waaay shorter than the first and just less interesting in general. It feels like the level gave up. The rest of what's here is pretty good though, I like the obstacles in the first half in general, especially with the layer 2 + disco shells (though I feel like the layer 2 causes a bit too much waiting around sometimes? idk) but it's just...first half stuff. The second half doesn't really happen. I feel like if it had continued and had a full second half with more difficult obstacles then it would be a pretty great level, but as it stands it just kinda drops off. It's kinda sad cuz I like what's here :(. Also that 5th DC is evil. Also mfw gameshow.mid.

Design and Execution: 35/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 19/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 16/20
Overall: 70/100
For a level called 'Room 1F0' there sure isn't that many uses of 1F0 LOL. This level has some very interesting ideas, but unfortunately it's dragged down by the level being very confusingly built. And by confusingly built I mean, there's a bunch of tricks I noticed w/ how its sublevels are set up to make the level seem much larger than it actually is (there's an entire downwards autoscroller tucked away in the main room after the midpoint. and the actual autoscroll only triggers later). On top of that there's also a couple design decisions that bother me, like the kind of dumb amount of kicker koopas.

The first third seems weirdly short for what comes afterwards IMO. There's a short beginning that introduces dolphins and fuzzies (resprited to be sparkies) and then a short 1F0 platform ride that's...fine. I'm not a fan of the rope part though, mainly for the jump to the second rope. That jump just feels way too finicky to do IMO, especialy with parakoopas right there and instant death water right below the rope. Also lots of kicker koopas. I guess they're okay here but I don't really like them that much as an enemy in general, really :T. But the room is...fine. It feels like the first like, fifth of a level rather than a third tho.

The second third is when the level starts to get constructed weirdly. Right off the bat I got confused where to go because there were like 3 different paths surrounding me :S. I'm not really a fan of the whole "gotta kill the kicker koopas and then wall triangle run" setups. They just feel...finicky and not fun to actually pull off. Then there's a dolphin room which is actually pretty good gameplay wise (except for the last jump on the p switch run back, that one sucks and is way too hard), but the aesthetics really kill it. I'm really not sure why there has to be both a layer 2 background and actual layer 2 w/ spikes - it's incredibly disorienting and makes it hard to see the actual moving, level layer 2 stuff. I got killed a couple times because I didn't notice spikes creeping up on me. It's kinda sad too because a dolphin/layer 2 room like this is NOT something I've seen before and is actually pretty neat.

After that, the level starts to lose its focus IMO. The level goes to a fall w/ dynamic platforms which got me excited because I'm a sucker for the action-packed vertical section kind of thing but then it just drops you off to some random fuzzy obstacles and an easy to dodge kicker koopa. Then comes a vertical section w/ horizontal layer 2...this section suffers the same problem as the other layer 2 section. Confusing aesthetics that make everything hard to see. Again, it's a shame because I think this room plays really well otherwise (with the exception of the triple spike column setup at the end - I don't like how you can get screwed over if you decide to go anywhere but the middle, not knowing you'll get crushed ahead of time). Then FINALLY another midpoint, lol. I don't think it's a huge issue but honestly the content in the second third is so much more than the first third that the midpoint feels kinda unbalanced :S.

The...third third starts off really well. I actually really like the downwards autoscroll section, I think it's super awesome and it's intuitive and fun. Then there's...a random tiny room with a bunch of square line guides and platforms. I'm not really sure why this is here? It doesn't really add much to the level and I feel like some room with the dolphins could be here instead because at this point the level kinda loses focus of them. The room isn't really that fun? Idk. It just feels like pointless filler. Then the final stretch. I, again, don't like the kicker koopa killing setups. It feels tedious and weird. Also, for some reason you can, if you don't realize where you are like me on my first playthrough, jump off the wall while running up it and meet back up with like, the early second half before the second dolphin room. Why is this not blocked off lol? You can get really easily stuck if you just jump off the wall. It's at least a personal instinct for me to jump off walls while running up them as soon as there's free space. After that you climb all the way up the level with a vine and you have some cool setups with math platforms, though I'm not really sure why they're here? It seems weird how the level had so much focus on the dolphins so far and then just kinda forgets about them in the home stretch :S. After the math platforms the end happens. (good sentence me)

So yeah. It's a level with some good ideas and cool setups, but parts of it are bogged down by confusing setups, the midpoint feels somewhat unbalanced, and it kinda loses focus and just does random shit sometimes :S. I wish this was like, fully focused on dolphins because they're underused as heck and it would have been cool to see an entire level based around them, but oh well. It's still a good level overall, though.

Design and Execution: 25/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 17/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 15/20
Overall: 57/100
FIRE 2 THEME HNGGGGGGGG YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Also uuuh oof. Yeah. This level has some good ideas, but as it stands the level is reeeally frustrating to actually play, mostly in the second half. The first half is pretty good, though. I applaud that you were able to design it around assholes like me who keyjump constantly and I wasn't able to break anything there ;p. I don't really like the coin guide right after the yoshi jump, though. Earlier in the level you had a coin guide waving back and forth and there was no lava in the pit and here it looks like the same thing except not, and if you don't veer to the right you'll die :|. The baby yoshi puzzle is actually pretty neat - I didn't know yoshi could eat hotheads, lol. The skull raft room is also pretty good, though I feel like it could have done a lot more. There's a key and keyhole at the end of the room and I feel like the secret exit would feel a lot more interesting and worthwhile if the skull raft section just had more to it.

The second half, though, is when the level starts to fall apart. I'm not sure how I feel about the level kinda dropping its gimmick in favor of baby yoshi puzzles but w/e :S. I'm also not sure how I feel about having to use the vine grab and spin grab glitches? I personally don't mind it but I'm kinda afraid someone won't know about those glitches and get stuck :s. The first four enemies you have to eat are fine, but then you get to the moving coin obstacle. I really, really don't like the coin guide obstacle. It feels incredibly precise and extremely frustrating to actually eat the coin. There's very little room for error as you only get 3 tiles of leeway. Trying to duck helps, but then you run the risk of not being able to land on yoshi and dropping him into the lava. I'd recommend scrapping this obstacle entirely, tbh. It's just not fun.

You use the yoshi to get a cape and stuff. You can bypass the cape filter if you're precise enough btw, add a tile or two more of munchers. Then you get to a section where the main gimmick returns, and it's fine...? Ish? For some reason on one playthrough when I failed the p switch run the coins didn't reappear, and that was frustrating. I also feel like the springboard jump to the first platform could be made less tight, especially given that there's a lotus there. The final setup could also be made more intuitive - my first instinct was to throw the springboard next to the key, but you actually needed it for the pit afterwards - and since there's no reset door, that forces a death :|.

So uh, yeah. It's a level with a good concept and some clever moments, but it got brought down for me heavily mostly because of the stupid moving coin obstacle. It just needs more leeway before it can be a good level imo. Also there's weird cutoff in the background for the second half, lol. There's like a black void in it near the start.

Design and Execution: 32/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 14/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 18/20
Overall: 64/100
Pretty nice romp! It has a lot of charm going for it with its candy gimmick and there are some setups using chucks that I really like (the double chuck + note block one is really good). The level is just very well designed and fun. However, I feel like in the second half the level kinda drops off. There's a couple extra setups with the main chuck gimmick, but by the end the level just kinda forgets about its gimmick in favor of falling platforms, math platforms, and banzai bills. I feel like so much more could have been done with this - the difficulty feels like it just levels out after the midpoint and you don't really get that many dangerous setups afterwards. I was hoping for stuff like chucks destroying blocks you actually had to stand on, but unfortunately it doesn't do that. Now, don't get me wrong, the non-chuck parts of the level aren't necessarily BAD, but they're just dynamic platform stuff that's been done before while I really can't recall that many levels using this chuck behavior to such an extent (I can only think of Riverbed Canopy from 9). It's a great foundation for a very good level, but the second half just isn't nearly as interesting as the first, IMO.

Design and Execution: 29/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 21/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 20/20
Overall: 70/100
Oh my god, aaaah...This level is really, really good, but it has some very serious cramp issues in the second and third thirds...I really like all of the interactions with the volcano lotuses and pokies and stuff, and a lot of the setups are really great, but just get like, NO space sometimes. I think a lot of this comes from how small the bramble tunnels are and how many bullet bills there are. I seriously feel like the later part of the second third and a good portion of the final stretch could be just given more breathing room and leeway in general, because hnngn. I felt like I only beat it because the level gave sufficent powerups and I just tanked everything.

The first third is completely fine imo. There's plenty of room to work with and there's good introductions to each gimmick, with a fun star run as a bonus room. However, I'm not really sold on the other bonus room near the start of the second room - it just feels like a repeat of stuff later on, and it sort of assumes you already beat the level - it doesn't really introduce things as well as later on. I feel like this bonus room just kinda completely breaks the difficulty curve and I'd recommend replacing it. The rest is fine though.

The second third is when stuff starts getting really good, with all the interactions and different setups with just pokies and lotuses. However, the amount of bullet bills and brambles just does not leave the player with much space. I'd recommend just making this easier and less cramped in general, honestly, it'd be a lot more fun and easier to react to stuff. It really shows how much better it could be not cramped when there's a long stretch of land with lots of lotuses and pokies, but there's actual room to work with so it's pretty fun. After the parakoopa jumps there's the huge winding corridors that imo are the biggest offenders of the cramp issues. Right off the bat there's a part where you can try to break turn blocks to get a DC, but there's one turn block you only have 2 tiles to spinjump and break for. I'm pretty sure this is a literal frame perfect input, lmao. Pls give more space ;-;. But yeah. The corridors' ideas are fun, but they could seriously benefit from less bullet bills and less spikes. I'm also not really a fan of the invisible coin blocks since they can catch you quite a lot. I'd recommend marking them w/ switch block outlines or something.

The final third isn't as bad as the second third in terms of cramp issues but it's still pretty bad. Again, less spikes and bullet bills would help a looot. There's a couple tunnels too that could really use more space, namely the one right next to the final DC. It's just like...give the player some space!! Like geez!! I really like the final third besides this, though - I love how you used the falling lotuses, and honestly it kinda surprises me just how much mileage you got just solely out of pokies and volcano lotuses.

This level is close to being amazing, but it just needs some polishing up and more breathing room. Right now the level just feels too claustrophobic. I still think this level is great, though, because you seriously just did a looot with pokies and lotuses. The level just needs some tweaking and it'll be great!! <3

Design and Execution: 48/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 28/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 20/20
Overall: 96/100
WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS AMAZING??????????? Holy SHIT I love this level so much!!!!!!! This level uses urchins in so many unorthodox and crazy ways and it's really a spectacle. Like, there really is very little not to love here imo. The only thing I would have to say is that I don't really like how sometimes the pipe lakitus can catch you sometimes if you rush in the autoscroller. Otherwise this is freaking amazing. Diagonal urchins aren't anything mind-blowingly new (morsel used them first) but they're used incredibly well here for very clever and fast-paced obstacles. I really love the autoscroller, because unlike 99% of special autoscroll levels that just use butter bridge autoscroll this one uses one I don't think I recognize? And it's a really well designed autoscroller - everything is intuitive and the only place where you can really get caught imo is the part I mentioned above. Like legit I could just go on for forever how amazing this is. I love the DC rooms that are just mini themed challenges, I love how everything in the autoscroller is timed with urchins creeping up on you, that freakin thwimp obstacle at the end is amazing, the tnt room is adorable, like aaaah. Also this level looks amazing and has tons of charm with its aesthetics too so like that's even better?? Like. OMG. I love this level. It's almost completely perfect IMO, it's just that good. It's super fun and creative and I love playing it.

Design and Execution: 34/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 19/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 19/20
Overall: 72/100
Pretty nice level, though there are some questionable moments. Near the second boo door or whatever it's called there's a really weird castle tile formation for some reason?? It makes it really easy to fall off because there's a 1-tile hole where you'll probably want to land. Also the jump to the second door is weirdly hard. I got it the first time but I completely forgot how I did it immediately afterwards and just cheated it with a shelljump on my DC run. I also feel like the DC being there at the end of the first megaspike room could be made a bit more obvious? I missed it a couple times before I thought about the level after beating it, thinking that there was going to be some dumb item memory thing with the coin there lmao.

The second half is the best part of the level IMO. The first jump to the scale platforms is a bit too tricky but other than that I really like how you used the scale platforms in tandem with megaspikes. There's some clever setups with lifting them up and I'm glad you didn't just use the mushroom scales for cutting line guides or something cuz imo that's getting kinda overused and tedious, lol. The setups w/ the superfast layer 2 at the end are cool and fun too. At the same time though, I feel like more could have been done, but honestly I say that to every level :S.

I'm not sure what the shell (?) puzzle (?) at the end was about? I tried tossing shells up to the kicker koopa but I could never get it to work, and the setup is easy to cheese by just getting pspeed and jumping up there. But yeah. Overall a pretty good level. I have to compliment all the aesthetic touches you made - the beach koopa saws are hilarious, and I love how you made the grinder line guide paths shaped like bats, horns, etc. Plus the fully indoors sections look incredibly nice. But yeah, overall a pretty good level. What's here is fun and creative, though I kinda wish more was done because it feels like there's still potential here.

Design and Execution: 30/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 12/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 9/20
Overall: 51/100
Good level overall. There's a lot of good setups with the Thwimps, and the level feels solidly designed in general. There's a couple weird things, though. For a level called 'Spiny's Trees' it doesn't really use spinies all that well - the main threat comes from the Thwimps, and typically you can rush past any pipe lakitus and jump over or fireball any spinies before they become a threat. I feel like they could be used a lot more cleverly and threateningly in general, because the level's gameplay ends up being a bit monotonous when the whole threat is just around one enemy that isn't used in THAT many different ways.

I like the alternate P-Balloon path. Normally I'd complain that there isn't really much threat to this part of the level, but tbh I hate the p balloon because it controls like a toilet so I don't really mind it. I also like the use of rising pipes in tandem with the thwimps - the triple thwimp/rising pipe setup near the end is one of my favorites because it's pretty clever. I'm not really a fan of the secret exit room, though, because it just kinda drops the entire gimmick of the level (spinies) and becomes a standard p switch run plus some setups with fuzzies that aren't like, mindblowing or anything. I'd think this part would probably be a lot better if the fuzzies and trio rotating platforms were combined with the thwimps and pipe lakitus.

Overall, though, it's a solidly built level. It's not mindblowing or anything, but it feels like a level that would be right at home in a pretty good vanilla-y romhack. One thing that does bother me, though, is the palette in this level. It feels really grey, dull, and...dead, tbh. I'm not sure if I like it all that much? Maybe try experimenting with brighter colors. Overall, though, it's a very solid level, but I think it could have done more with spinies and pipe lakitus.

Since the deadline is soon, this is probably going to be like, the second or third to last review post. I probably won't be reviewing after the deadline. If there aren't any requests, I'll probably just review the levels I've heard good things about but haven't checked out quite yet (FrozenQuills, Blue Leaf, Leiras).
Originally posted by snoruntpyro

moo_we_all_do (again)
Design and Execution: 15/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 7/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 10/20
Overall: 32/100
Man. I liked where this level was going, and it looked like it was going to be a fun and simple romp, but then it just ended really quickly. The level is really short and as a result doesn't get to really do much. I feel like I just played the first third of a bigger level. Layer 2 and spike tops have potential to be used in interesting ways, especially with SA-1, but unfortunately this level just sticks to the basics mostly and doesn't really do much. The layer 2 is mostly used to make you wait around, the spinjumping on spike tops isn't used enough imo, and there's swoopers that swoop under you (SMH PET PEEVE.....). It's a solid foundation for a good level, but it ends before it accomplishes anything. Also please do not put dragon coins offscreen ty. Also random nitpick but the palette in the layer 3 could probably be brighter, I had to lean in to see it.

Yeah, for some reason Lunar Magic wouldn't let me go up to 0x1F screens? It only let me go up to 0x0F screens. Too late now, but I'll learn better next year :)

I swear to god if there's not a VLDC next year someone will get hurt
Overall: 96/100

I don't even think you gave a score that high in MaGL3, wow.

I've heard some pretty amazing things about idol's level - really makes me want to try it out now.
@moo a level with layer 2 or layer 3 can't have more than F screens
I'm Impetus, a long time reader, first time poster. If you have time among everything else to review my level that would be super helpful.
can you play this level
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Hey if you have time, could you replay my level? I made it leagues better I think, and very few of the original survived.
Thanks for playing my level. Your feedback was really helpful.

I completely agree with your argument, I used spinies and lakitus very badly. The focus of my modification was to reposition the spinies and lakitus more wisely, as you mentioned.

Could you tell me if you got any better or worse?

Answering some points...

Using the fireflower makes the level much easier, and the maximum I did was to reposition some spinies / lakitus to high places of the level, to make difficult the use of fireballs. In fact, my modifications were focused on these two sprites.

The secret way I intended to leave it with a simple design indeed. With a little effort I did not put to the level, it could make the design much more creative. But my intention is to make it a mini-game-bonus that rewards with the secret exit.
I have not modified it yet, and I think I can hardly create something good before the deadline, but I'll see what I can do to improve it.

About the palette, well, I do not know how to handle colors very well but the result is in the image there. Hobz had already mentioned that the background needed more saturation. I'm sorry I only modify it now (and I've increased the time limit to 400 as well).

About P-Balloon...
I already think the P-balloon is cool, I just find it annoying when you get the P-balloon in the air underneath it and it floats fast at times. Especially when I pick it up with the intention of floating down.

Name of the level...
How about I change the level name to something more creative, like "Spinies Thwimp's Trees"? #ab{:P}
Pretty please?

It features rainbow fog

Thanks for reviewing my level, Pyro!

Now, in terms of feedback, I can see where you're going with it, and I can definitely agree with it. I should've focused on the gimmick itself some more, so I guess I kinda screwed up there. To be honest, I kinda rushed my level towards the end and I couldn't think of anything better.

I was hoping for stuff like chucks destroying blocks you actually had to stand on

I was actually thinking of doing something like this, but I couldn't find a way to set it up properly, although now I actually found a way to incorporate it.

I updated my entry. It's essentially the same except I redid the entire 4th quarter of the level and tried to focus on the gimmick a bit more.

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Originally posted by snoruntpyro
[Review of my level]

Oh, pyro! I'm terribly sorry about this. (I'm awful at making levels IMO.) Thanks for the review, furrydude.
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