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24hosmw #10: Results!

14th. I'm quite happy with that.

Congratulations to the winners!
25th place, hm? Top half is fine yeah.

Congrats to the winners!
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Originally posted by white_moth
My level was suuuuper rushed...

It is a 24h contest, and when you don't have a lot of time, sometimes a level that must be built in 24 Hours can end up rushed.

Had tons of fun making my level. this has to be one of my favorite 24h contests so far ;)
looking forward to beating snn in vldcx next

And congrats to the other winners!
Congrats, winners!

Well, 38th place isn't that bad. I already knew that I wasn't gonna have a great score, but this was still a good contest regardless. I'd also like to say thanks to all the three judges, as gave very reasonable criticism and I don't disagree with it one bit.
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It was fairly fun judging this contest. I appreciated playing the entries (and streaming it), especially the really good ones.
54th place, dang, I didn’t thought I would drop myself so hard
But congrats on the winners and try again next time to those who didn’t make it.

Also isn’t Chargin Chucks were used in one of SMW’s castle like one of the rooms of Bowser’s castle

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2 points in authenticity... ok

but 51st place? That´s awful. I guess i´m out of participating to such contests.

I know there isn't as much variety one can do with autoscrolling wooden smashers, but this really felt like the original segment only with some minor block changes and a bunch of Thwomps and ice added.

That's exactly what I did for that part, so... yeah. Ran out of ideas.

I'm happy with my placement, though. :)
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Originally posted by Leiras
2 points in authenticity... ok

but 51st place? That´s awful. I guess i´m out of participating to such contests.
I liked your entry but it didn't look like it understood the goal of the contest.
Wow, I'm super glad (and surprised) that I got first place #tb{:D}
I had a lot of fun with this contest. This challenge was right up my alley.

Thanks for organising this contest, and congrats to the other winners!
Neato 3rd place, and I'm quite surprise to considering how short the level was. Though regardless the contest was a lot of fun, and congrats to the other winners to boot.