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Patches suggestion and list

If you feel like a certain patch could benefit the hack is needed, post here.

This is the current list of patches:
  1. SA-1
  2. UberASM (kind of a modified build)
  3. Sprites on Platforms and Springs and Stuff
  4. Yoshi's Flutterjump
  5. SM64 Wallslide (Noobish Noobsicle's one, not MarioE's)
  6. Counter Break Yoshi
  7. Goodbye Football RNG
Why not use a sprite message box?
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Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
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Originally posted by M A R I O W O R L D
Why not use a sprite message box?

I tried use it, but the ROM crashed.
My hacks:
Bowser's Castle (finished)
Bowser's Castle 2 (finished)
Super Mario World - Mushroom Revolution (Work in progress)
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That patch is crashing because it's not SA-1 compatible.

Can we use this patch and follow this tutorial?
My hacks:
Bowser's Castle (finished)
Bowser's Castle 2 (finished)
Super Mario World - Mushroom Revolution (Work in progress)
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Maybe. Depends on how much interest sparks for using mode 7 gimmicks.
What would we even do with that?
I was definitely thinking of adding that one, because man I hate footballs. I just forgot to actually patch it LOL

Added, it'll appear in a later base ROM revision.
Removed the custom status bar for now. I also listed UberASM twice, lol
powerdown y/n
That's a bit difficult. I'd say, the levels should be build around that patch, at least to some degree, so whether you include it or not should have been discussed at the beginning.
I think, I chose no.
Shell-Collectable Coins and Yoshi/Dragon Coins (could be cute)

this edit to allow coins to be placed overtop of bounce blocks

remap note blocks and on / off blocks to use sp0 / sp1. im not sure if any other sprites need to be made global (the goal spheres maybe if there's room? lmao)

line guide act-as fix. allows line guides to be used just relying on act-as (still has to be set to rope), so you can use exgfx for the fg and not worry about the line gfx being in the same place.

free scrolling. this allows scrolling to work more like SMBX, where the scrolling just follows the bottom of the player. this is probably more questionable, but it would allow for stuff like having the screen scroll when you spin jump off of enemies and could allow you to ride thwomps and stuff upwards. i don't mind if this is refuted though, but it does prevent the kinda janky thing where the screen doesnt scroll with the player when they spin jump off an enemy and it has to "catch up" to the player.

i'm also pretty unsure of the walljump tbh - i think it's a bit of a polarizing patch. a lot of folks seem to be iffied off of this project cos theyre not terribly fond of the walljump. i would rather use the ground pound or this to add a fun gimmick to mario's movement - but idk about the walljump lmao.

also about the powerdown - yes, but only if we don't use reserve lmao. with reserve it just allows the player to tank 900 hits.

edit; oh yea extended level names would be cute