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[No swiss here..] FRANTIC FURNACE (v 1.01)

this level was for vldc9, kinda.. i pretty much just took the palettes and first two screens and made something out of it. this is my first vldc entry and second contest entry overall.. hope its good enough. sorry in advance for the huge screenshots, i was kinda in a rush to get this thread made so i could head to bed.

another update

some of the screenshots are outdated but #smw{-_-Z} im too lazy to update them
Judging by the screenshots the level looks challenging and fun, probably I'll try it later. I also like the palette combination, it works very well :P
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Played through this level. The first half is pretty fun, and I thought that the use of the diagonal podoboos and the 1f0 tiles was pretty clever. I would remove the podoboo from the first screen, though, it's really easy to immediately jump into it after starting the level, especially since the coin placements seem to lead you right into it.

The second half falls apart a bit. The spike jumps are really simple to pull off, because the podoboos are positioned directly underneath the spikes, which means you'll just harmlessly spinjump off of them when they pop up. I'd recommend moving the podoboos in-between the spikes instead, so they pose more of a threat when you move from one spike to the next.

This screen is really unfun to get past, as it requires you to spin jump on vertical podobos. It's hard to predict when they're going to jump up, which makes it feel really luck-based more than anything.

I feel like maybe there was supposed to be a diagonal podobo here, since there's also 1f0 blocks. That would make this screen a lot better.

This screen is also really weird. The podoboo doesn't really seem to have any purpose here.

I also recommend making the palettes a little brighter. The combination of lilac and dull red-orange is a bit weird and not extremely pleasant to look at.
Preliminary playthrough:

I like the use of Barrel Volcano for the song, and I'm surprised a perfect port exists.

Design: The actual level seems fairly straight-forward in terms of design. Spin-jump or die, basically. There's plenty of power-up chances before the checkpoint to keep you alive, but there are no power-ups after the checkpoint. There should at least be one, given there are three beforehand.


As noted, this seems brutal, but once you know the timing of the Podoboos, it's really not. However, if you don't go when you are intended to (on the second volley), you won't get across. This seems a bit unforgiving.

After this, though, it gets really weird. I thought the Thwomp ended up despawning itself, cause there was no audio indicator it hit the ground. I thought it was a pit down there. I went back to respawn it, then spin-jumped down to try and get up to the boss door. I subsequently bonked down there and died.

It seems you have to tank a death to get the 3-up Moon. Not sure I agree with that. If it's frame/pixel-perfect to get and stay alive, I definitely disagree with that.

I have uploaded my struggles for you to see.
I did not intend for the player to spin jump off those podobos.. a fire ball that bounces against the walls is supposed to spawn there??? that's really weird.. i never had any trouble with it spawning during testing. Also the fire ball under the grabbable blocks is meant to be used for the moon, i guess its not very obvious though. Anyway, i'm gonna heavily rework the second half and maybe make the level a little longer?

Ehhhhh. I dislike this port of Bonetrousle. It's loud, obnoxious, and not even accurate to boot.

The first half of the level got even easier, somehow. Some of the Podoboos disappeared, while others appeared later on. Second half of the level is also much harder from all of the dodging you have to do. This corridor, for example.

This magic twirl seems useless, since you get a falling spike a few moments later.

This area is much harder, since the Podoboos are still there, but the spikes have been added. A lot of back-and-forth is necessary to survive.

This part is definitely a lot easier now, since you can actually see the Podoboo going across the bottom. Granted, you can't see all of it, and that is the point, but it does at least hint to the player that you can safely jump down.

Overall, needs a bit more tweaking, but the general idea is there. :)
dunno if i wanna use this entry anymore and i feel like a shit head because of it because i started two levels and didn't enter them....

can an admin close this thread???? i promise my next level will actually be an entry...

this level was a bunch of ideas that could have been good but ended up like shit because im a dummy, ill try better next time
I'm gonna keep it open. Whether you keep making this level or scrap it and start a new one, just keep using this thread instead of starting a new one.
oh ok, thats probably a better idea! thanks for suggesting that, dunno why i thought to do otherwise..
I wouldn't scrap it. It has enough intrigue to keep it interesting, not unfair with the difficulty, and it's not super long to be frustrating.