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When did you start play Mario, period.

I demand answers you fricks

smb dx on the gbc iirc

Post-Mortem Edit: Thread title grammar is screwy to reference the other two "When did you start play" threads

Around 2005. Super Mario Land on my father's GameBoy. I remember rage quitting over Tatanga many, many times.
SMB DX on The GBC.

I thought Toad was depressed cause there was that mode with this picture showing up when you died.

when i was a kid
Super Mario Advance. Aka the only Mario game I've ever owned besides Double Dash.

besides Super Mario World, which i used to rip the legal rom I use to romhack
ask me if i give a f*ck...
First games were Mario Golf: Toadstool tour and Mario Kart: Double Dash. Didn't get any of the platformers until a year later with Super Mario Advance, and didn't get any of the main games until Super Mario Galaxy because I'm weird like that.
When I was like 3 years old with Super Mario World.
3 years old with a Famicom Multicart. (SMB)
? years old and it was Super Mario 64 on Corn, the N64 emulator. I had an N64 too and somehow the thought of being able to play N64 games both on the computer and on the console itself didn't confuse me back then.

I said "?" because right now I don't remember exactly when it was, probably in the 3-5 years old range, more-or-less.
Probably when I was 5 years old. Played SMW, Super Mario All-Stars, and Yoshi's Island on the SNES. All-Stars is a pretty good way to introduce young kids to Mario. If only it didn't have bad brick physics that needed to be patched!
Early 90s I think (might've been about 5). Was playing SMB on a NES at a relative's house from what I remember.
It was either Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World. When I was little, I wasn't allowed to use the brand new Ps2 or even the PS1, since I always deleted my dad's saves. I was stuck with the NES, SNES, and the Sega Genesis for the longest time.
The earliest memory I had was playing SMB3 when I was 4 years old. It was Taco Tuesday and I accidently knocked the console down when I ran to get food. I had made it to world 3 for the first time in my life and lost the progress just like that. I can remember this vividly yet can't remember my Japanese Homework for the life of me...
I'll make a layout eventually...
Either on flash fangames (super mario flash) or by playing mario 64 ds.

super mario world on an original snes

Originally posted by Deputy BS
super mario world on an original snes

same but it was 2005 and i was 2.
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Around 1995, got a nes for Christmas with Super Mario Bros. That's when it all started for me.
the first Mario game I remember playing was NSMB, somewhere between 2006 and 2009. mario galaxy 2 and NSMBWii I also had fond memories of.
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When I was little, I would go to the bank with my dad and they had two Gameboy Advance SP kiosks with SMA2 in them. I always remembered the map sprite being different for some reason ._.
Originally posted by 1UPDudes
SMB DX on The GBC.

I thought Toad was depressed cause there was that mode with this picture showing up when you died.

Toad was depressed because the game was so zoomed in that he died from cheap hits.
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I'm pretty sure it was sure 2010 or so, and the first Mario game I've played is New Super Mario Bros. on my stepsister's DS.