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Awesome hacking ideas
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Im Anonymous why do you ask?

No really im Aqualakitu and i just spelled it wrong because i thought it was spelled that way.Who are you if i may ask?
I have some ideas too!

A) The Street: Use layer 2 autoscroll. Now you just need to make sure it's clear of everything but blocks (cars).
Expand upon this by doing things like a bridge or tunnel! Another good idea would be to make it a city where, you have to avoid incoming traffic.

B) Vs. Yoshi!: Make Yoshi an enemy by preventing Mario from picking up things! In the end of the game (as a boss) make him a Chargin' Chuck or make your own boss!

C) Overflow: Make all levels difficult to beat both underwater and not. Then, make a level that floods everywhere and forces you to go back to the start! Now, make every level automaticly flooded. This can also just be a level idea (I was going to use it in the unofficial level contest in fact!).

D) Freaky Physics: If you really know what you are doing, change Mario's physics for a level to get the player a bit discombobulated. You could switch inbetween multiple kinds or even make that as a theme for your hack! (In fact, I might "freeze" my current one for this... so don't think that it'll be original....)

E) A Haunted Mansion: We all love ghost houses, yet they are never made into seperate worlds. They are too fun to be denied such a thing!

F) Try to do nothing typical. Make your character lose in the credits or put in an anti-climax. Try using score for 1-ups, not coins. Make Yoshi Coins be the only coins but dissallow them giving you a 1-up for collecting 5. Making a-typical hack that is presented well can really help!

G) Multi trick "boss": Make a boss battle that requires you to defeat a certain amount of a certain enemy with another enemy.

H) Frozen Fast: Make Mario constantly go at running speed and make alsorts of obstacles to go with it! Jump onto a 2 tile long piece of land or face death at this speed? Now that's cruel.

I) Kill the enemies: Make a level in which you must kill every single enemy! Are you up for having to defeat all the anamies you can see? Make sure there are no generators or impossible to kill enemies.

J) Yoshi's Story: While it may seem hard, it might actually be easy! Make each fruit add one to a RAM adress and when it equals 1D (30) you win! The lucky fruit and such would be hard to implement but there are ways!

I'll probably add even more today! Also, you can use anybody's Synth....

I like the idea of the Yoshi's story one. I could make a Yoshi's story style level in my hack!

Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.
What if somehow, you can make and add OW Exgfx to make sub maps look like planets and the sub map mario a spaceship ( smw themed :P ) ? Sub maps are planets and the Main map is:

a)a HUGE planet
b) a big asteroid belt
c) a space colony

and the storyline is that you, mario, :
a) must find peach, who was kidnapped
b) must investigate the 'mysterious' planets
c) must conquer ( cities, planets, civilizations, etc....) for you're own
d) must search for a rare item from some planet

And this would be capable of multi game sprite exgfx
by this I mean, one planet can by Dino land with all the smw sprites, and the next be a Kirby themed planet ( even with like, Kirby as the boss or something) . Then the next planet can be a metroid planet ( zebes ? )

Feel free to add to this or use it as your own :P
I had the idea before, but if I remember, someone said that Space POP would be too difficult or something.
I think it would be pwn to have a program that edits Map16page.bin and can do commands like "Change all tiles to palette 3" and so on. So much easier than changing each one individually...

<-- this is the dope on dope
Apparently, Map16PageG.bin only controls what each tile acts like, not more. But if I knew how to read / write to files in any programming language, it wouldn't be too hard actually.


I'm sure smalls would be able to make something like that...

but he probably won't :P

<-- this is the dope on dope
What if Mario could have a race?

Someone could perhaps make a custom sprite that can't be killed and runs across a level or slides down a hill (like a blue koopa) and activates the time over thing after it reaches a certain point (the goal) :O
fuck yeah meowingtons
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I am still a beginner, but I have what I think is a really cool idea for a hack. It goes like this:

Queen Eris, mother of the Koopa Kids, is tired of her husband constantly getting beaten up, dropped into lava, or bopped on the head, so she takes control of the situation, kidnapping not only Princess Toadstool, but also Mario and Luigi, so they can't stop her. She even steals seven of the kingdom's fabled Triskadeca Mushroom 30-sided power crystals to increase her own power. The only remaining person who might be able to help is...

Enter the Royal Sorceress Emma Amelia Toadstool, more commonly known as Plum. (She ALWAYS dresses in purple.) She is Peach's cousin, so of course, she is devastated at what has befallen the kingdom. So she sets off to find the crystals, her cousins, and her plumber friends, to defeat a whole new brood of Koopa Kids, and to counter Bowser's evil Koopa magic with her own special brand of colorful homeopathic Mushroom Magic (no pun intended), striking a blow for feminism.

The theme of the game would be "chaos", which would be reflected in the title (though I haven't come up with an actual title yet). Plum would have all new powerups, and if I could figure out how to pull it off, each Triskadeca Crystal obtained from a Koopa Kid would increase Plum's power, enabling her to, for example, shoot more...uh, whatever her equivalent of fireballs would be, like four at once instead of two. I would probably give one of the secret worlds an elemental theme. Though I don't know how I would number the levels and phases (which most people would probably refer to as worlds and levels), I would make a lot of phase names puns, such as a bridge phase called William Shake's Pier, a fortress called Fort Eewinx, or a phase set in a dark canyon called Sar Chasm.

I would prefer that nobody actually use this idea until after I create my own version of it a year or two down the road when I am more experienced in the world of SMW hacking, but if you really want to use it, YOU MUST a) credit me for the idea and b) not accuse me of plagiarizing if I should happen to make my own version of it after somebody else has already used this idea. If I admit defeat and actually post a message that this is too complex a project for me to be undertaking, it's open to the general public, but until then, anybody who wishes to use this idea should follow my rules.
I got this old forum closed before because of this, but I'm just wondering:
1. Expanding the overworld, possible?
2. OW playable levels expanding?

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1. Would be possible, but you wouldn't be able to edit the area in Lunar Magic, so it would be very hard to make a larger overworld that is as aestheic and functional as normal overworld areas.

And no, I'm not going to tell you how to do it, but if you want to, your best bet would be to look into things like current submap bytes, overworld tilemaps, etc.

2. You would have to rewrite the whole way SMW loads levels because it counts level 100 as level 25 and so on. You could "theoretically" change the way that it worked, and have it load levels from 0-FF, which would allow you to have 256 levels that would work on the OW (0-FF), but once again, I'm not going to tell you how.

Your layout has been removed.
How about a hack where you play as an enemy, and you have that enemy's attributes, like how Parabuzzy made Saph the Unemployed Buzzy Beetle?

Also, don't take this idea, but I'm making a hack starring a Boo.
Idea one: Charge up shot

Maybe ( through a kind of hex editing) You can make Mario charge up his fireball into more powerful ones ( like mega man).

The basic concept for hex editing is : After the 'B' button is held for a certain time unit, the sprite launched ( when 'B' is released) changes to another set one ( like Yoshi's Fireball) . After another time unit is surpassed, The sprite would be different then the first two ( maybe to the bowser statue's fireball.)


Idea Two: Power gain

Maybe (through more complex hex editing) you can make Mario gain abilities after beating sub maps,entire game,fortresses & castles, certain levels, etc...

Concept for hex editing:Change physics for Mario and swap sprites ( fireball, certain palette, etc...) after XX event (s) are completed.

1) After beating event XX, Mario physics are changed to <run faster, jump higher> .
2)After beating event XX, Mario can launch a higher number of fireball sprites at a time.
3) After beating event(s) XX , Mario's fireball sprite is swapped with another < I.E Yoshi's fireball> , which could be changed to yet another after event(s) XX are completed.

Idea 3: Death of Mario
Maybe ( through hex,asm, and multiple palette edits, you can make Mario's colors appear ghostly. This could be for all sprites, or just Mario's.

The basic Concept for most editing: Switch Mario's possible palette to be transparent like Boo's, and manually make all other colors transparent as well. Next, switch the new colors with the old, opaque ones. Then, Make it so the transparency never turns opaque, yet mario can still do all physical things ( get hit, use power ups, etc...) .

Getting hit and/or dying would just dis-locate Mario's soul, not kill him ( he is already dead) . It might be wise to make all Mario sprites two tiles, or all one tile. This would be great for next Halloween...

That's quite a lot of hex editing! Feel free to comment on this, or even use it yourself, if you use it, please give credit.

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once the ideas are set, this should be moved to hack discussion.

Who knows what post number this is?
Here's my idea: (I would totally do this but a) I can't asm/hex editing yet and b) I already have another hack I'm working)

The hack would be just like Castlevania Circle of the moon (or any of the GBA Castlevanias (I don't know what the old ones were like never played them) and be one huge countinous level. I would place emphesis on exploration and open endedness

It would have custom upgrades that allow you to access new areas/abilities, (again I know this has been done before but not in the form of a SMW romhack) custom enemies and bosses, nice graphics, and a health bar that increases every time you defeat a boss a la Zelda.

The OW would act as more of a map of scattered save points. Each level on the overworld would take you to a different save area in the labrinyth for easy back tracking. Though one issue is exit access (I guess I would force the player to get level exits in order).

Another feature I would want to implement is to hook the show message sprite somehow to a button, so you can get a desricption of each room sort in the style of old adventure games (Quest for Glory (anyone who's heard of it gets a cookie) and Monkey Island (for a more famous example).

One last thing, don't tell me learn ASM/hex since I plan on learning it after my first hack is finished :P

I love America so much that If America were a woman I'd marry her, then have 52 kids,(All named after states, including DC, Puerto Rico would be the adopted Spanish one) all of which id wind up paying child support for...
Eh, An00bis told me to post this here, to see if anyone would do it (lol, probably not).
But anyway,
MegamanX> It's basiclly a program where someone can import a MIDI file, and change the instruments into instruments used in Custom Music, then export it as a .txt and a .spc

That's basiclly my idea of a program that users that don't know how to port music can use, or if they don't feel like asking 100 other people to port a song for them.

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Hi, here are my ideas:

Idea 1
More Characters:
Allow the player to control more then simple Mario and Luigi, with some altered physich, a thought like this:
Various Characters
Every character have one diferent interaction with the power ups
Every character would have one diferent pet
Every character have one exclusive set of abilities or even gameplay
Blocks exlusives for certains characters

Sample: Nintendo Trinit

You play as Mario, Samus and Link

Mario have the normal gameplay, have the Attack Power Up as Fire Flowers, Motion Power Up as Cape and Guard Power Up as Metal, wich grant imunity to projectiles. His natural abilities are Spin Jump, wich break blocks, and he could hold objects, and stomp enemies with his foot. His pet is Yoshi.

Samus have the metroid like gameplay, have Attack Power Up as Power Suit, wich grant Charge Shot, Motion Power Up as Gravity Suit, wich grants Screw Attack, and Guard Power Up as Varia Suit, wich grant imunity to Enviromental Hazards as plants and spikes, like Yoshi's Foot, and if she get certain speed, she use the Dash Attack. Her natural abilities are Power Shot, Wall Kick and Morph Ball. Her pet is Metroid, wish can eat enemies to shot energy around him.

Link have somehow have Zelda gameplay, but in horizontal view, but not so screwed as Zelda 2, his Attack Power Up is Red Vest, wish grants him Bombs, Motion Power up is Blue Vest, wish grants him water mobility and Boomerang, and his Defence Power Up is Purple Vest, wish grants him Mirror Shield for projectile and shells, and Titan Mith, wish let him hold itens. His natural abilities are Sword Strike, Shield, wish defend high or low projectiles depending on you being Stand or Chrouch, and Pegasus Boots, wish let him run over short distance out of the floor if fast enough. His pet is Caepora the bird from ALTTP wish he summons with the ocarina, wish have free fly and should use breath to eat objects.

Idea 2
Completely Non-Linear Overworld
One Starting Point wish let you get various paths (I think 7 is fine)
Each path is give you one world
Each path have his own secrets, wish could reveal new paths in the other paths
One last path tho the final boss is opened after you clear all the starting paths.

Sample: Teo: The New World Savior

Teo is the avatar of Alphone, the new born god of the newborn world of Gaiaterra, he must help Alphone give sustentable life to the world, so he must get help of every part of the world to this goal, but the world is impregnated by evil creatures, and they must be stoped in order to this be possible.

The idea is simple: You is Teo, you Start in the Cave of Start, and must get help of the world spirits: Water Isis, Fire Sol, Plant Tupan, Earth Xuanwu , Wind Freyr, Animal Artemis and Sun Amaterasu.

You could make any mission in any order, when you complete a certain portion of each quest, the spirits will start to regain their powers, and start to interact with the territories of the other spirits, wich, as sample: When Xuanwu gain power, he create a island in the middle of Isis territory, opens a cave in the territory of Artemis and make a montain in the the middle of Tupan territory.

Idea 3

LV related abilities

It is someting that i was thinking, the game could have some lvl system, wish coins replace EXP, and they give the character new abilities.

Sample: StarReflex, The Quest of Illusion

As a illusionist, StarReflex have some trick based abilities.

LV2: Trick Cape - When chrouched, if X is pressed, he could turn invulnerable for 2 seconds.
LV3: Ghost Dash - When you press Side-X, he will give one side dash, but he turn transparent and intouchable for one second, but cannot surpass obstacles.
LV4: Star Jump - When you press Up-X in the air, he will give one midair jump.
Lv5: Comet Dash - When you press Side-X in the air, he will perform an air dash.
LV6: Twinkle Glide - When you hold X while jumping, he will glide.
LV7: Turn Cape - When you press X while stopped, he will move his cape, turning enemies and bricks into coins.
LV8: Magic Dust - Hold X while stopped, he will charge energy and his Turn Cape will have longer range
LV9: Crazy Twist - Press X repeatedely while stopped, and he will start spinning, he could move while spinning, and have the Turn Cape effect,
LV10: Magic Brick - When you press R+X, he will create a magic brick, that work like blue bricks.

Those abilities cost something, should be star points.

Idea 4

Money Based Gameplay
Your character have to buy things, like mushrooms, boots, etc.
The overworld itens turn rare
Enemies give money when die
Bosses give Rewards
You could do Missions for more money
Give new path that are only unlockable if you have certain itens

Sample: Mandy Adventures

Mandy is a girl that was bored of her common life and went traveling the world, but travel cost money, and to get money, she will need to work, collect money and continue your travel.

Mandy Adventure is in one world like ours, but with monsters, and for every single thing in this world, you will need give some chash, like ours.

The cities have shops, wish give medicine, tools, vehicle, etc
Some people would give her some sort of job, like swiping the monster around his house, openning the blocked road, find a cartain item, etc.

In the overworld you could hunt monster for money and explore various places.

Certain places will have obstacle wich only could be surpassed by certain item, like you need a pickaxe to open your way through boulders, or Oxygen Tube to pass through an underwater gallery.

And to through certain places you will need to pay for transport, like a boat in the water and a train in the monstains. You enter de station, pay for the ticket and enter in one pipe level.


Little looser in the programing but a master in the spriting, a machine of ideas, ask me, i help you in your hacks.
I have some ideas of my own that I would love to implement in one or more of my hacks:

Find a certain amount of exits to gain access to new levels/areas:

What if new levels or areas could only become accessible depending on the number of exits that you've already passed through? There could either be a setting for the overworld that causes events to play out (and levels to be revealed) depending on the amount of exits that you find in the game. Alternatively, there could be blocks that are either solid or "ethereal" (passable, but not interactable) when the total number of exits found in the game is less than a designated value (like, say, 30 exits), and uses their "acts like" tile settings when the total number of exits found in the game exceeds said value.

These kinds of features could allow for the creation of very non-linear games (as non-linear as Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy).

Creating/eating sprites that are activated by actions other than simply landing on/near them:

Anyone remember the creating/eating sprites that are found in Roy's and Larry's castles in the original ROM? Anyone know that their paths are hard-coded? Well, what if you could get around the hassle of hard-coding the creating/eating sprites with some sort of unusual editor? What if you could just create a sprite that transforms one kind of block in the Map16 page into another, and simply lay out the blocks that would act as the sprite's "path"?

If such a sprite was created, then the possibilities would extend well beyond merely laying out a path for Mario (or whoever your hack's protagonist(s) is (are)), as you could program the sprite to transform some blocks of air into spikes if you so wanted to. With some tweaking, you could also create a variant that is activated when a switch is pressed down or a block is hit, and the sprite would transform the landscape (ala the bomb blocks from the Kirby series).

I'd also like for there to be sprites that spawn creating/eating sprites when/while a certain trigger is active, like, say, at certain time intervals, while the P-switch is active, or whether the ON/OFF switch is ON or OFF. That way, we could have things like doors that block off access to areas unless a switch was activated, or lavafalls in which the lava appears to actually be flowing out of a recently opened, or closed, valve.

That's all that I have for now. If anyone's interested in making these ideas a reality, then do let me know (preferably through PM), OK?

I'm currently taking an indefinitely long break from ROM hacking to play World of Warcraft again. Anyone may check out my user bio for more information on what I'm planning for Rainbow Legends: S********'s Adventure.
I have an idea. A hack that worked in "chapters", sorta like Paper Mario.

You would have 8 chapters, (the chapters, or savestates, will be located in seperate, password protected folders), and at the end of the chapter, you would get the password to open the next chapter.

I think this (if it works) can allow you to overwrite levels, so you never really run out of room.
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