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Awesome hacking ideas
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Discussion - Awesome hacking ideas
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Yes, but I mean a remake, like a new version, not with new graphics and etc, I mean, ALMOST exactly as SMB2, but in SMW in the max possible.

My SMW hack Thread

Mario The Seasons Chaos

Originally posted by Beuli
Yes, but I mean a remake, like a new version, not with new graphics and etc, I mean, ALMOST exactly as SMB2, but in SMW in the max possible.

Umm what? lol. Ok, Alex NO has 3 IPS Patches in his hack. One is the Wario one he is working on which is for SNES Emulator. And the other two SMB 1 and SMB 2 are for the NES Emulator. So they still have their old graphics and stuff.

Ohhhhh I see what you mean. SMB2 on SMW Style. I don't think I've seen that hack before. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Its a project,that I planned to create after F-Mario X.
But if someone want to make it,I would help him ;).

Thats my Idea:
An Mario to Quote (Cave Story) Patch.
- Change the Mario GFX to Quotes Graphics(i think this is pretty easy,he doesn´t need so much colours)
- Change
..-Mushroom to a shooting weapon
..-Flower to another shooting weapon
..-Cape to another another shooting weapon
- insert the health bar patch
- change the enemies to the classical Cave Story enemies
- You cant jump on the enemies,you will get hurt.
- Press down as interaction Button
- etc.


F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
Think Super Mario Land 2:
The overworld in SML2 was pretty cool. You wanna know why? You could choose which world to go first. Combine this feature with the RPG Overworld and great design, and what do you get? A really great overworld!

Think Super Mario Bros. 3:
In a few levels in SMB3, you were in a pipe maze with the looping screen. Everyone loves looping screens, don't we. Combine this with a trap sort of block that triggers lava to start flooding the sewer. This block would start flashing a skull when you step on it.

Think Super Mario Bros.:
In SMB, the boss is always harder. This is where the custom sprites really come in. Don't forget to make sure the level ends when they're gone.

1: Big Boo Boss
2: Fire Birdo
3. Bowser
4. Mouser
5. Hammer Bowser
6. Earthquake Bowser
7. Earthquake Hammer Bowser
8. Clown Car Bowser (In game)

Think Super Mario Land:
Instead of having those dumb fireballs, why don't you grab some Superballs? Remember these? You get a superflower and start firing pinballs from the palm of your hand. Just edit the fireball to bounce off of walls and only allow one at a time. Also change the pallete from red and white to black and white.

Think Super Paper Mario:
Try to make an RPG.
Use the RPG Overworld, Health Bar, NPCs, Shop Blocks, Houses, Towns, and everything else that would make a good 2D sidescrolling RPG.

Think Super Mario World:
You really don't need custom graphics or sprites to have a great hack. Look at Demo World: TLC. That is the best hack I have ever played. No custom sprites or music. Imagine that. Sure it uses custom graphics and breakable bricks, but the point is, you don't have to reprogram the game for it to be good.

Think Nintendo:
Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi...These characters are becoming a little overused in hacks. So why not use a character from another game? Put in their own abilities with a little editing of the game and you got a whole new character. Well, you have to change the graphics too, y'know... He he.

Think Super Mario Bros. 2:
It would be nice to see a character select screen out in the game. Choose between 4 people Doki Doki style!
Here's a suggestion:
1: Mario
2: Luigi
3: Wario
4: Yoshi
Well, they're not THAT overused.

That's all for now. I may update with more.

Let's-a go!

That's right! Let's-a go to the best place in the world, the Donut Plains. That's right. The Donut Plains serves donuts to you every day!
Hey, I'm back...215 posts later! I think I can fill in more of the info for my hack idea now. I'm thinking "Plum's Worlds of Chaos" for the title, and I would probably have two sequels with a lot of the same stuff, but different worlds and stages. (Of course, some of the graphics would be different, and there would be a few more custom sprites that I'd make after the first installment in the series. I thought of "Plum's Worlds of Chaos 2: The Anatopists" as a title for the second game.) I don't know if I already mentioned this, but Emma's HP would be shown by a health bar instead of powerups. Not Mega-Man-X-style, more like the health meters of the Crash Bandicoot bosses, only narrower and with a circular "bulb" on the end that would show the exact number of hits Plum had left. Or Plum could have a health meter more like the one in Legend of the Seven Stars, in which certain enemies' attacks take off more HP than others, focusing less on individual hits. The graphics and functions of the mushroom, flower, cape, and star would be changed: the ex-mushroom would now give Plum one more bar of health (or a set amount of HP, in the other scheme); the ex-flower would allow her to throw bursts of magic horizontally or vertically; the ex-cape would let her levitate for a few seconds (either like Princess Toadstool in SMB2 or like Yoshi in Yoshi's Island, I can't decide); and the ex-star would look different, but have the same function. There might even be other possible powerups as well, if it would be possible.

Obviously, this would all have to be done quite some time from now, when I am actually good enough at ASM to do stuff this awesome. But if I could pull it off...whoo-wee!

I actually have a few more ideas. When I was talking with my friend Zibywan (obviously, that's not his real name), the two of us came up with a lot of ideas for this kind of stuff. I will save these "great" ideas for another post, though.
Originally posted by Smallhacker
Now for my idea: A two-part hack

Well, splitting a hack into two parts is barely a new idea. However, allowing the two parts to interact with each other is.

I had an interesting idea on how to do this. I'm not sure if it would work, but if it does, it would be incredibly simple to use.

By accident, using ZSNES, I opened a save state for "The Second Reality Project 2" in the wrong hack. It loaded, but was glitched up. This gave me the idea to use this to your advantage.

What would happen if you made the last submap in the first part of the hack match up exactly with the first submap in the second part of the map. By only changing where the level leads to and the paths between the levels in the overworld, you could create a level that works like the "Top Secret Area" in the original but with only a message box in it saying to take a save state in the overworld while the level is selected.

Once you make the save state on the overworld, you could load the second part of the game and make the save state. That would move you from the incorrect position where you would get a level telling you to open the save state instead, to a new position with the paths and levels arranged to allow you to continue your game.

It would be really simple to implement, and the save state would cover the number of lives you would have as well as your current power up. I'm guessing that with ASM, you could get it to keep track of your coin count and other things as well.

The only drawback is that I think SNES9x doesn't allow using the wrong type of save state. The hack would only be playable in ZSNES.

Current Projects: "Legend of Zelda: Balance of Power" (A Zelda Classic quest)
Yawn. But being serious dude your big long paragraph is confusing. However I know what you're talking about but its not really a great idea, imo. If you're talking about 2 parts, maybe you would consider doing what mario the archeologist do.
Well, I was bored in school today, doing nothing but waiting to get out since an ice storm is coming tonight, and I decided to think of a idea for my SMW hack. Then, I got to thinking about a new way to make the star powerup more unique. Here's my idea:

Instead of calling it a star, this new powerup should be called the Beserker. What's different? Well, when you pick up the Beserker, you will teleport to the same level you are in, at the same point of the Beserker's spot, but the level will have a more darker, or more evil palette to it. This will give a sense of anger, or destruction within Mario or whoever you choose in your hack. The time of the Beserker on how long it lasts will be one minute, because when you're in Beserker mode, you crawl when you walk. Jumping will be a bit delayed sort of, so it's a sort of leap-crawl thing. Get what I'm saying? Anyways, you're invincible throughout the whole time you have it, and you can enjoy being evil for once.

Then, there's turning back to normal. When time is up, you will go back to the normal level, at the place where the Beserker powerup ended at. But there will be a problem... you will be small now, and if you have stored powerup up top, it will be gone. So it's basically making it where if you used the powerup for a wish or something, then you'll have to give something in return.

Well, that's a idea of mine, and you will probably not understand it at all, but give it a look at, and who knows... maybe someone will make this a reality.

Thanks guys!
Random idea I thought of when I was playing Mario 3 for fun. It's very gimmicky though, so bare with me.

Basically, you're in an ice world and the angry Sun from Mario 3 comes. Now you're in a rush, because the longer you take, the more the place melts (kind of like a really slow moving layer 2 going down or something.) To make it a little more realistic-looking, rather than just a falling layer 2, the terrain can change realistically (e.g. if the snow is flat, it can melt the corners more so than the middle)

If you take too long, you're transported to a timed water level (gotta get out before hypothermia kicks in, don'tcha?) Collecting fire-flowers add time instead of throwing fireballs.

After that, well...we'll leave that to whoever brings this thought into fruition (if anyone does). And sorry if someone posted a very similar idea to this one; I haven't really been able to read the entire thread. =-C

holy dear mother of christ this thing has been released
Here's a pretty simple idea I thought of just now.

Suppose your hack has no Yoshi in it originally.

Now suppose you insert some new Yoshi graphics in your hack that resemble the YI Yoshi more than the SMW Yoshi (I think there's one in the database). Now, in like ONE or two levels, make it so Mario rides Yoshi from the start, and then add a Generator sprite that disables Spin Jumps (that is, getting off Yoshi), and hides Mario's graphics entirely.

The last thing you need is an ASM hack that makes it so "Mario" takes damage when hit while on Yoshi, instead of Yoshi just running away.

Result: You now have levels where you play as Yoshi instead of Mario.

I'm starting to wonder if I should add something like that... :o

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.

Already been done. I saw it on youtube and the guy was on the irc. Marios status was set to always on yoshi, and the whole hack you played as yoshi with health.
A long time ago, I watched this video of one of Dinomar's (who's now called Conte De Contis here at SMW Central I believe) levels in his custom hack. In that level, you got to control the Sea Pop (a mini-sub) from Super Mario Land. Now I know that there are some Sea Pop and Sky Pop (mini-airplane) GFX here at SMW Central, but sadly, I don't know how to implement either of those vehicles in my hack.

Anyways, today, as I was thinking about how my flying levels would be designed (and what music to put in them), I thought, "What if there was a hack that had the player always piloting an airplane/submarine/spaceship/whatever throughout the entire hack?" Well, I believe that the ASM is already out there (as was seen in that video that I linked to earlier), so this could be very possible. (Heck, we could even throw in some custom songs that go with the whole "flying" mood.)

I'm currently taking an indefinitely long break from ROM hacking to play World of Warcraft again. Anyone may check out my user bio for more information on what I'm planning for Rainbow Legends: S********'s Adventure.
Meh, so I've an Idea. Which I previously submitted in a thread. Which got closed because THIS thread exists -.-

Now, Here is the idea. Which I will re-explain.

Imagine a super mario world hack which is star based, like in Super mario 64. I think it would be very doable with little ASM hacks, some EXgfxs as well. And such.

It wouldn't need an overworld really, since it would really all happen in one area. (In super mario 64, we're talking about Peach's castle) Making of the OW this main area (as seen in another similar idea which I didn't know ever was explained until recently) wouldn't be such a good idea, since it actually stops the programmer from hiding any kind of secret areas. The OW might yet be used for some details. EX: Main area, saving point, shop, N'such. Maybe secret areas even!

So, what we would need is this:
1: A star sprite which activates a certain exit or that adds 1 to a certain variable when got and which cannot be earned twice, n' such.
2: A counter for the stars.
3: Maybe red coins things? I've heard some already created them.
4: We'd need the patch to make the Blue and Red switch blocks to give stars and flowers to make the colored switches more important.
5: We might as well add a complex ASM hack to make 100 star coins possible, but that seems complicated, especially since in my vision of this hack, all levels are in the same area.
6: Doors that open only when a certain amount of stars are reached, and with a message if not IF POSSIBLE?
7: A bunch of EXGFX eventually, but we don't know yet what it will be so yeah...

What I have planned that could be nice for a starter...

The scenario! And keep in mind *I* don't want the whole thing to happen in peach's castle like if it was only a platform changing project.

Title: Super Mario 16 (not official!)

My basic idea: Bowser has kidnapped Peach AGAIN! He used a rod with temporal powers to attack the kingdom, take peach and throw Mario in the jails of his castle. Mario must then go throughout Bowser's castle
and collect stars through temporal black holes that leads to alternate dimensions and gain enough power to equalize the Rod's strength. Something Like that, it's not official, at all.

So in theory, what the hack would look like in average... The OW:

Bowser's castle, the main area. And in addition, since it's a castle, there's the automatic Save popup each time you collect a star.
The Castle courtyard would be cool too.
The shops and stuffin' for extra stuffn' or something.
Maybe some other areas.

The castle:
Contains secret passages and multple of those "temporal" holes, which leads to individual levels which all contain a bunch of stars, and maybe some boss levels (there are still the koopa kids... Oh yeah, and the eggs...)

If you're interested in helping me or doing this project, PM me.

EDIT: An ASM hacker seems interested! An EXGFX expert is left, I guess.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
After Megaman Reborn, im thinking of makeing a hack with gameplay like in Journey to Sillus.

PSN, Skype, Steam: YamiMario
A good idea would be to have a hack where you could own property...
Each piece of property that you own gives you +6000 points every minute. Additionally, Property profits would be stack able.


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
how about making levels but having a "catch" to them
here are some ideas:

1."holdin A is bad?"

Mario can Jump on grey brick blocks,but you cannot run with A,because if you do, you'll die.Why?Well, If you use ExGraphics, You can make a key become a custom drawn stone block.Make sure theres no keyhole.To make them float, make tile 1F0,Page 1, in LM Objects 100% see through using 7F, or F8.You cant see while editing, so make a seeable color tile onthe tile that holds the block.You can finish the level any way you want.To make alot without it slowing down,use EDIT1754's "No More
Sprite Tile Limits" Patch.When you finish, put the tiles back invisibly, but before you do that, you may put other sprites(chucks,
springs,koopas,etc.)on the tile to make more of and obstacle.Test it
and see how its like not pressing A to run.

2.L n' R is the way out...

This is a bit crazy but a good idea.Make a level where you can slip through WALLS.yep, WALLS! Just use a line of Layer 2 Scrolled Stone Blocks. Press L or R to slip through them. You can make an obstacle
where the closer you get, the farther the path is. There can be a useful block, but you cant get it because it hides in Stone Blocks
when you get closer to it, so you need to make it the right tile measures.Press L or R(you choose depending on tiles.)and it will get closer to you.You can hit it now. Try it!


How about making 2 remakes of Yoshi's Island; one with the original stuff like Baby Mario and another with the original Mario except with a shooter like the eggs used by Yoshi except poison mushrooms. Now, you would have an editable Yoshi's Island hack!
Balloon Party.
At times like this, you need to step back and say, "Where's the Balloon Party?"

Not sure if its possible but a hack called

and disable the normal jump lol.
Getting shells from koopas would be imposible though

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
I'd HATE that. I hate that twirling noise that's been ingrained into my brain due to retarded people who don't know how to do a regular jump so they only spin jump in their youtube videos and/or title screen movie in their hack.

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No, this is still illegal. And here are HACKING ideas, not ROM DISTRIBUTION ideas.

Your layout has been removed.
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