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Awesome hacking ideas

I had an amazing idea for kaizo hacks; a new type of shell (a new colour like purple or something) where throwing it makes it slower than mario, but you can still bounce off it. This would make shell surfing easy and midairs easy as well.
I got an idea for a SMW Hack! What if the Animaniacs were in Super Mario World? You can play as Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, or Dot Warner and the final bros can be Pinky and the Brain! What do you think?
How about a hack where you have to stay 6 ft from every enemy due to COVID? Seems like you'd have to dramatically increase their hitboxes and make them invulnerable and unable to spinjump off of, and the level decorations would include social distance markers.
Legacy custom music
A site with a non-useless dislike button
SMW hacking channel

Few ideas I had in mind:

- Mario digging his way to discover new maps, basically a hack taking place in mainly underground settings with that feature in mind.

- A castle heavy hack, Mario doing the good old destroying castles. Castle map with various decorations based on the level theme. Possibly with an ending scene of Mario taking down that entire thing. Or destroying parts of it after specific stages that maybe have a boss fight. Many levels will probably have puzzles with keys as main features.

- A hack based on stickman (current avatar).

I might do a poll and see which of the three to do. Or an online random generator will do the job.

Another one I have thought a long time ago:

- I am surprised no one did a hack with the name "This theme goes with everything". Use Guile's theme literally EVERYWHERE. Map - Guile theme, Every level - Guile theme, you die Guile theme, you win Guile theme, Boss Guile theme, ending Guile theme.

Or maybe someone did it but I missed it.
you're going to brazil

Hey everyone,

first I have to say, that I haven't created any hacks by now. But I thought about a "good" possibility to play smw hacks in widescreen.

My idea was, or let us call it a question as I don't know how it could be done, if it is possible to create a hack with all graphics (all sprites, blocks, layers of backgrounds etc.) and hitboxes compressed in size/narrowed, so that they appear in normal size when the screen is stretched to widescreen on tv or a computer monitor.

I think this has to be a lot of work, not at last because of correction of game physics and anything else I could not even think of that would change any gameplay, because as I said I'm totally unexperienced in rom hacking.

What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone maybe approached something similar or is this idea trash?

Have a nice day everyone #smw{:peace:}
Hmmm, that is certainly an interesting idea, though I am not fully sure how to go about doing that.

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
I'm not great at coming up with interesting ideas, but I'll just throw something out there that I think could be pretty neat.

So anyone who has played the big hacks from the JUMP Team probably knows about the Multiperson levels. These levels, often some of the last ones in the JUMP Team games, feature a variety of mini levels created by a bunch of different users. Some of these Multiperson levels are quite labyrinthine and must be played multiple times just for one to play every room. So that got me thinking. What if there was a collaboration of sorts where it was just a Multiperson Bowser's Castle level or something of the sort? Contributors just make small rooms and everything is assembled into a giant, complex castle. If it was big enough, this single level could easily be its own hack. You'd probably want a system that saves after every room and marks which ones you have completed.

Anyway, it isn't an awesome hacking idea, and it isn't really original. But I think it would pretty cool to see. (Of course I wouldn't expect this to ever happen considering how SMWC's history with collaborations has been mediocre at its best, so just consider it a pipe dream of mine.)
Well how about this one I was thinking about:

Everybody wants Mario and Luigi co-op, but what I say: Mario and Yoshi co-op. Yoshi will have abilities like the flutter jump, eat enemies and whatnot, but Mario can jump higher, run faster, do wall kicks and ground pounds.

This might be possible without shifting around palettes and other stuff, so I thought I'd mention it.

Also @Sokobansolver, the social distancing one would be interesting!

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
How about a hack using F.L.U.D.D at all levels (available on SMWC Sprites)? It would serve in Kaizo or Non-kaizo.
A non-linear Metroidvania-style hack based around exploration using the game's warp system
I might be wrong, but I think at least one hack like that already exists. You can find it here.
a hack with dashing mid air
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
This comment someone made on a Siivagunner rip.

I saw that comment as well, and I'm considering actually doing it.

Keep your spirits high, and your noodle sweaty!