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All your old usernames!
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Originally posted by lion
Originally posted by 6646
→ name nuked(For site management)
→ 6646(?-now)

what about boldowa???????????????

could be the nuked name? he still uses it on github or something if i remember right.
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His nuked name was 757

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Originally posted by 6646
→ name nuked(For site management)

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Originally posted by Koopster
His nuked name was 757


My first username was "Reydelpozo" which i used on Habbo back then on 2007 and that literally means "King of the Well". That also the nickname i used to register in Fortaleza Reznor and because of that everybody calls me "Pozo" (Well) there.

As i grew up i made a new name called "LloydJara" in 2009 and eventually trashed the old one (Like in 2014). I recently changed the "Jara" (my first surname) to "García" (my second surname) in honor of my deceased grandfather (Who's surname is García) who i actually felt as a father during the time i had him.

Other nicknames i used includes KOTH (2011 aprox.) which i used when i registered in the SMBX Forums (Im inactive rn through).
I also ran as Hikaru Shirayama between 2015 and 2016 before an "accident" with someone which caused me to switch it to Hikaru S.S. (which is currently in use like Lloyd Garcia and its my current nickname in Fortaleza Reznor).


Well, when I was a kid, my forum names were almost always related to my IRL name, Saulo/Saul (is that how you pronounce him in English? Not sure), basically reffering to the same christian character in the Bible (I`m not THAT religious, though, so blame my mom and dad). I also used numbers and my surname with it as well, so it wasnt very creative. Back in Youtube, I actually had my name as my actual name due to Google+ fucking with my mind, so I didnt even know how to change my name because of that. After that, I put my name as UltimateZero42 on Youtube, and now I`m pretty much known as Dix On Chix there (blame Projared for giving me the idea to make a Dixie Kong meme), Theultimate12 in almost every forum I am in, and Ultima in almost every game I play, including Pokemon. I think I may have a bit of a obsession with the word ultimate, but I dont care tbh. lol
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afaik on all other platforms i´m registered as "ErzengelSariel"
just here it´s Leiras (yeah it´s Sariel backwards)
also when i was in my very first days in the Internet i used "ralubut" as my name. As everyone of you can figure out it´s "Tubular" backwards.

I guess my names have a running theme...


In 2012 I tried to start two YouTube channels which were both closed shortly after due to me not having any use for them, first one was UltraAllStars777 (no spaces), with inspiration from Super Mario All-Stars. For the second one, there's a minigame on Mario Party 1 called Crazy Cutter, I found it funny enough to make it my username, so I named myself CrazyCutterGuy (no spaces again), I know it's spelled Crazy Cutters on MP2 but CrazyCuttersGuy didn't sound as good. Both yield no search results, so RIP in pepperoni.

I made one right before this one called random42soundtrack in the same year I made my current one, I didn't really get far in it before I quit and (eventually) restarted as RanAwaySuccessfully, and I've been using that ever since (with variations such as RanAS and _ran).

In League of Legends I had the username, and this is cringe-inducing for me,
Eiymon Dmon
. Dear mouthful of crap. I apparently got to level 5 in it? But I didn't really like the game so after just a few days I quit.

Oh, and in 2013 there was this weird guy. What an idiot that guy is, seriously.

i just lurk sometimes
I have always used 'Bloody Shadow of the Darkness', but in another site I used the Engrishy 'BloodyShadowofDark', but it was because of character limitations.

So maybe 'Kurumi Vamp', it was the first, I don't like it, it's not very creative.

I also used 'MorningSun' on the Bloodstained forums, but it's a newer username.

I'm not good with usernames.
It's always about vampires, Castlevania or something similar.

Dawn upon me, morning sun... I anxiously tarry for thee, come to vanquish this horrible era of my life.

Things I am excited for:
Apparently there is nothing announced anywhere that really interests me.

Things I probably should do:
Update my profile to coincide with the new changes.
On the Angry Birds wiki AngryBirdsNest, I used to have an account where my username was Xavier Dragonwagon.

*everything stops*
Yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation...
*cut to next post*
Back when I was a kid, I used to use a whole shit ton of different names for different sites, usually having something to do with fire, Blaziken, and Zach. I guess I had a difficult time thinking of anything different, and I would usually just forget I signed up for a site after a short while so I'd just sign up under a different name. On YouTube, I've gone under things like HopdiddyDX (I was a fan of PivotMasterDX and Hopdidd years back), MagmaPivots (I was trying to have more unique of a "pivot" name than just a combination of other users), Reziebauls (I don't even know), and nowdays—I just go as Veck on YouTube.

On SMWC, I first joined as Magnum Mario X. I liked Mario, and still do. And then I switched to Veck, which seems to be more of a permanent username for me nowadays. I'm currently "Hook", but once a year has passed I'll be switching back to Veck for good.
The majority of the usernames I've ever had in the past were really trash. Like, get a load of this:
I used SuperJock3 when I was 3 because I seemed to have a weird obsession with that character from the first Indiana Jones movie. You know, the blueclad guy.

And then there was the 'xXx' or 'i" phase that I'm sure many of you've gone through. Brace yourself:
xXSonOf2Xx ~ wtf was this one I don't even remember
i sincerely hope your nose isn't permanently wrinkled because this was some pretty serious cringe

And it doesn't end there! Some extra cringe in case your nose is a little stiff
Iron Moon

Fortunately, it's not so bad nowadays. I usually just go as Chill, Chillah, or Chillahbyte (depends which isn't taken) on the media.
I haven't used a lot of usernames over the years, but if there is one site where I've changed my name the most, that would be YouTube. The first one I had was just first and last real life names (Lucas and Debatin respectively), and I wouldn't change it until 2015. During that time I went by the name of Lucas R.C.D. (due to naming restrictions forcing you to have a first and last name), an acronym that consists of my first name and the initials of my surnames.

Then, I was able to change it at the start of 2016 to just LucasRCD. However, something terrible happened torwards the (almost) middle of that year: I left my Google account logged in on one of the school's computers, some went in and changed both my username and profile pic to that of a koala, I was furious at the time and refused to do any sort of activity in it, and because of Google's stupid policy of only allowing you to change your name once in every 6 months, I had to create a brand account just to remediate the situation. That account's name? LucasRCD 2.0. I decided it wasn't worth waiting for the name change, so I just merged my main account with that brand one. I still have it as my username on YouTube nowadays.

As for this site, I've originally went by the name of ThatOneNetBattler, inspired by the channel That One Video Gamer (I was a fan of him at the time), which I then changed to LucasRCD, and the rest is history.
A change of scenery is always nice.

I play forum games and draw furries. I'm mostly active on Discord and Twitter.

So I first registered on YouTube with a name that's probably worse than anything even Chillah posted. Brace youself.


I remember not really doing anything as that, and also lacking a profile picture. My next list of usernames is fortunately not as bad-

>RedCreeper10 (the obligatory Minecraft username)
was a variant I used as my actual Minecraft username until recently, since RedCreeper10 was obviously taken already.
Then we have:
>SkyDoesLer (a pun on SkyDoesMinecraft based on my real name, which you can probably guess from that. I continue to use it on Wiimmfi, but only there)
>The Emerald Gamer (I have a Steven Universe OC called Emerald.)
>96 Exits (o h m a n)

Ironically, I used my one name change on Wikia to switch from RedCreeper10 to 96 Exits, so my forum names for the two sites have swapped appropriatenesses.

And now for the "modern" names.

>ThatPlanet (My current YouTube name, as well as for various other things. Comes from "I want that planet to die.")
>ThePicklesDill (Only ever on iFunny, which I no longer use because a large portion of the user base hates another large portion, and I am part of one. Had a "festive" variant, 'TheMistletoeDill'.)
>SpongecakeSoup (I believe I've phased this one out)
>MrMrMMANGOMILK (In-joke between a few friends of mine. These are the same guys that made up SkyDoesLer. Used for my Skype,, and I think my Discord maybe.)

That's currently all, until I go through another online identity crisis. I have a few more, but they're site-exclusive and bad.

I killed my layout 😔🤝
I don't even know where to begin. When I was in my teens, I used to be obsessed with changing my name every other week or month. Before, I used to have something Touhou related (back when Touhou was super mainstream). Then I went through every Fire Emblem character ever almost (you name it, that was my name at one point), then ultimately I just settled on Falaflame, because changing names every 2 weeks became tiring and I wouldn't be remembered for anything.


Hm. The suitable time has probably arrived.
The unthinkable Two-Pronged Formation.
This was a bitter decision on my part. Understand?
This is the first place I ever registered an account for, all those 10+ years ago. Hard to believe it's actually been a decade since I first came here.

The only time I ever had a username other than "Giga", "Giga571", "GigaX" or "GigaX571" (the variants all being born from Giga already being taken) were either when I could have none of those, or here, during halloween or some other name changing event. I've also gone with "GigaAmorph", "GigaAmorphous", and "GigaOtomia", and sometimes "CoronaOtomia" or "CoronaAmorph" if I'm making alternate accounts, but barring e-mail addresses as account names (which I won't mention specifics on, since I already get enough spam) that's about it.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Back in the old days i used to play games as Habbo and also used this name on some games on the DS. It was called IanAuto.

Then somewhere around 2008 I found this little game called ROBLOX and decided to come up with the name I still use to this day.

While I have other usernames on different websites (On Wikia my name is TimeClocky, and i have no idea why I came up with it), IanBoy141 is still the name i use the most.

marioworld until about a week ago tbh
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