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[FAN JUDGE] what's up it's CeramicMike1995 and im gonna review levels sometimes
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - [FAN JUDGE] what's up it's CeramicMike1995 and im gonna review levels sometimes
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Review my level pls.
Note: Don't use my level in the youtube link down here. Use my level in Rules and submissions thread.

Click here to check out my CLDC entry (video)
Layout by Koopster
Could you re-review my level? I updated it recently, and want to see if you find it any better.

this is prolly the last review update tbh. good luck to everyone who entered. this is ceramicmike1995 signing the FUCK out

Allowiscous - Neo Reztopia Tower
Design and Execution: 40/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 24/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 18/20
Overall: 82/100
i would give the player a bit more leeway to start off with in the first rope room. maybe extend the first set by a block or so. i like how the floors are different feeling now, but i do notice you have a tendency to have a lot of one tile jumps (be it one tile normal jumps with enemies or one tile trampoline jumps). i'd kinda watch out for this coz it's a very easy way to die.
i think floor 70 throws too much at you too quick. the falling platform beginning is fine, but then being greeted by a wall of bubbled goombas and bob-ombs with no ability to see what to do next is too much. i would move the middle platform on floor 80 over a bit to the left, as it's just far enough to not see it when on the first platform, and a normal jump wont reach you to it. i still think the room to reznor from the top of the building is kind of filler - i'd just give the player the mushrooms on the roof and then lead them straight to the boss. reznor is hilariously easy, the one grinder you added doesn't really make it much more difficult.
i did like this a bit more than your last version, though. i'm still not huge on the fg blocks as theyre a bit too much visually, but everything else looks splendid.

Erik557 - Spooky Stronghold
Design and Execution: 35/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 18/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 15/20
Overall: 68/100
i get locked into the first dragon coin room forced to die if i take too long, which frankly i did assuming that the mega spikes were the scrolling kind, not the on / off layer 2 falling kind. not a good first impression. i would hide an on / off switch in the ground or something to let the player know what type of layer 2 scrolling it is, or give the player a reset door.

the spikes in the second room covering the door at the end is kind of a dick thing to do, since i can still go through the door by standing on the spike (which hides behind the doors), but it costs me a hit. it's not very clear throughout this that i need to be ahead of the spikes since it's much easier to be behind.

i would cover up the one tile hole between the ground and the underground tileset beside the door for the second dragon coin, as the players instinct is to jump down but find safe ground. i did this and instead just fell in a one tile gap i couldnt at all see since i had no indication of where land was, besides a pumpkin to show me where at least 1 tile of land was.

i can fuck up your layer 2 smash right here:

it's minor, but it's pretty odd. i'm not sure what the point of the turn block is in the last dragon coin area, either. from what i can understand, this level has been neutured a lot from prior versions. it's not bad, but it's kinda visible that it was more at one point.

Design and Execution: 28/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 19/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 14/20
Overall: 61/100
the foreground palette is a bit odd. i mean, it looks fine visually, but it looks.... dead. it's a kind of odd contrast to the brighter background and blue and pink bubbles you have going on. i do not like the green bubbles, either. i mean, i get it, its a neat idea, but the fact that they're just munchers is pretty weird since they are solid blocks. this is very evident when spinies come into contact with them.

the spinies in the water is interesting, but rarely utilized in any worthwhile ways. the majority of them are very easy to dodge, as they fall so slow. with the nature of this level allowing players to move decently quick, very rarely do lakitus have any chance of actually throwing spinies (and if they do, they're rarely every of a concern to dodge). this is a cute level, though.

Evilmariobot000 - Gorgon's Gardens
Design and Execution: 5/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 15/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 10/20
Overall: 30 DISQUALIFIED/100
you gotta cut the mist, man. i was very surprised with this level, though. for a beginner, you've actually changed quite a bit and made something interesting. the ambition is evident.

using the castle corners for the sides of the grass doesn't look very good. my main concern is cemented in the fact that i can't see shit. i run into spikes and get hit by enemies that i cannot see. im not sure how to get the dragon coin that's up in the air over the spikes with the turnblock. also, having your other dragon coin room later lead back to the very beginning of the level is a dick move. you have cutoff later in your level where you have an upside-down monty mole hill floating in midair. it's right after the part with the tower of 3 thwimps.

with you not testing this thing, i'm kinda surprised how not broken it is. your fountain of koopalings is actually really fucking cool, and the waterfalls are really creative. following that is a dragon coin that i again am not sure how to get. the 5 high pokey jumps are way too high to comfortably jump over. drop it to 4 at least. your transition from grass to castle is also ridden with cutoff.
get rid of the period after lovely in your textbox and add it to the end of decorations. and then, well.... something unfortunate happens.

your level is unbeatable. in the second last room i cannot scroll or move the screen because in lunar magic you have enabled "no horizontal or vertical scrolling".
i checked in lunar magic and all i missed out was the big boo fight, which looks to have glitched graphics. however, since i was able to play the majority of it, i'll rate it anyway. there's a lot of personality here, and i do hope you continue to make more levels in the future.

Matheus2653 - Space Odyssey
Design and Execution: 27/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 18/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 13/20
Overall: 58/100
the piranha plant has no purpose at the beginning. it jumps high enough to where its fire despawns instantly. im not sure why the blocks the chucks break are mario heads, but go hard i guess. the first half of this level isn't super interesting: it's just a level that uses 1f0 and kinda exists. one of the only memorable parts of the first half was having the line guide platform land on 1f0 to allow you to get a few coin blocks, although i'd put a powerup in one of these blocks.

however, the second half is really fun for the most part. the pipe gimmick is cute, and i would've expanded on it more personally. i loved the part with the moving coins, it was really funny. this is another level where i think the secret exit is pointless: frankly, i'd combine most of the secret exit with the room prior as they share the same gimmick and then just get rid of the secret exit entirely. also, add another 100 seconds or so the clock.

the tiles under the cement block near the keyhole are tile 25 btw, meaning i fall through the floor.
i'm not a very big fan of the moon just needing the green switch palace blocks and it being at the very end of the level. plus, nowhere else in your level do you use the green switch palace blocks so it just seems like you added it for the sake of having it.

Wii2 - Golden Bone Mine
Design and Execution: 16/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 13/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 8/20
Overall: 37/100
there are 4 instances of big mario discrimination throughout this level: the first dragon coin, the path to the keyhole, the area with many coins in the autoscrolling section, and your path for the 3-up. it is also impossible for me to collect said 3-up moon, since it requires at least 3 switches (ideally 4, but i could probably shelljump the 2 block gap) to collect, and the only switch you give me access to is the yellow switch... once i beat the level. if you are going to use switch blocks, please give the player access to hit the switches. don't make things impossible for judges to collect.

the secret exit here has no point. it doesn't give the player any new gameplay experiences nor even brings the player anywhere new. i'm not a big fan of invisible blocks when there is no way to tell there might be something, so finding your p-switch in the beginning was a nuisance. your second instance isn't so bad though, since you have an embedded concrete block to let the player know where it is. i'm not entirely sure why you chose to use the goal posts everywhere, though.

your bonus room is really lacking. i'd consider making an actual bonus in the room, maybe give the player enough koopas to bounce on so they can get a 1-up or something. i'm not sure what the springboard at the beginning of the goal area is for, though. is it for getting high up on the goal? coz you can just jump from the pipes anyways. it doesn't seem to serve a purpose.

Wise Person - Broken Bridge Way
Design and Execution: 8/50
Design Creativity and Aesthetic Creativity: 9/30
Aesthetics and Polish: 6/20
Overall: 23/100
the vines are cutoff, but frankly in this contest i don't think i've seen a single person not use cutoff vines {edit; apparently kenny didn't use cutoff vines. shoutout to you}. this must be some new trend i'm out of the loop for. remember to set it to vertical scroll at will - it's a bit weird to have it be scrolling up whenever i climb (which is a lot through this level), but not scroll when i'm on the ground.

your piranha plants after the midpoint also get stuck in the ropes above them. get rid of the secret exit. the entire thing is unnecessary, you just have the key and the keyhole on the main path, making me do the level twice (and you also make me carry the key on vines and do jumps, which is complicated to pull off.

this level has some cute lore, but the gameplay isn't really there and it has quite a few issues. i think the best thing you can do here though is cut the secret exit completely and make the level longer, with some more interesting setups. why not take advantage of some other unique sprites, rather than just koopas and chucks? what about the flying koopas, or dino rhinos, or anything really. what's here is not much interesting.
Uh... I decided to leave in the Pihranha glitch as a mechanic. also, what do you mean by cutoff vines?

*Insert witty footer here*
What idol (thanks for noticing me m8) means is that since the bottom of your vines aren't connected to another tile, it makes them look like they end abruptly for no reason. You can fix them like I did by using the stems from the Jumping Piranha Plants to give them less abrupt endings.
do mine plz

please click this!
Fan judging is dead.

Your layout has been removed.
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