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emulator troubles

I've tried Snes9X, ZMZ, and bsnes. nothing seems to work, what emulator do you use to play hacked SMW and YI games?
Most users here use Snes9x and ZMZ... If you want us to be able to help you, we'll need you to be a bit more specific with the issues you're running into.

Are there any error messages popping up when you launch these emulators?
is there a way of showing you screenshots?
Originally posted by lucassouce215
is there a way of showing you screenshots?

You don't have to make a screenshot, just writing down what it says should suffice. If the message is too long however, you can use the Print Screen button to make a picture of your entire screen, and upload that to a site like Imgur.
I wouldn't advice embedding an image of your entire screen in a post though, it causes table stretch and isn't very nice for many peoples monitors. Directly link to it instead.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you're trying to play .bps files in your emulator. You can't do this, you have to patch the .bps file to a clean SMW ROM.

Here's a tutorial for that.
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