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[210] Luminous Hollow [FINISHED]
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Just the beginning so far.

Main sprite focus is going to be on Diggin' Chucks and line guides because I'm nothing if not consistent. :V

I wanted to mess with diagonal platforms and number platforms, but really focus on the chucks, and unfortunately the diggin' chucks use the same tiles. Maybe I'll do a bonus room with them or something. I'm not too sure.

EDIT: Submission here: Download

The tree tiles look kind when they connect to a Mushroom platform. I'd probably darken the top 8x8 tile or maybe use a different graphic to change that. Just my opinion, though. The rest looks beautiful. Good job, Teyla.
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Originally posted by Falconpunch
The tree tiles look kind when they connect to a Mushroom platform.

I don't think it looks "off" at all, but yea I agree that an darkened top would fit really well. But it may cost too much imo. I mean, if you have to make an entire new pallete row for that single tile, that is.
Or you could change the trees to the columns used in yoshi's house, but everyone does that.
These crystals look really amazing. I also think tree graphics make for weird mushroom stems. Maybe with a white palette?

Otherwise, pipe tiles might do; or you could always try and replace the mushrooms platforms themselves with something different.

P.S. Have you considered using the 8x8 water droplets you find in cave backgrounds as foreground decoration? I bet those would fit in really well.
The crytals are quite cool, but otherwise i´m not really impressed. On the other hand this is just the first screen, so i hope there will be more (especially level design).

I've definitely tried for more than just pretty graphics #ab{:P}

I've added a demo download to the first post, goes into the first few screens of the sublevel after the midpoint. It's in Yoshi's Island 1. Haven't picked a song or changed the intro text yet, it won't have a secret exit, but will have a moon.

I'll need to think up a name too lol.

EDIT: Some screenshots

The very low timer made me unable to explore everything in the level, but I got a good look at it in LM. I loved the palletes for everything, specially the pipe ones. I think 3 powerups is kinda unnecessary, it makes the the player skip most of the obstacles using invincibility frames. It would be ok if you removed the first one (screen 0), then the net climbing part would prove a little bit more of a challenge! Aside from that, I really like the actual gameplay, it's enjoyable. Looking forward to see the second room finished. Dem translucent crystals are gorgeous!
This level looks very nice. I thought the palette of the green mushrooms looked odd when I saw them change colors along with all the other green crystals and grass while the other mushrooms stay the same color, but I guess there's not much that can be done about it (limited palettes after all). Nice job so far! #tb{^V^}

I had a bit of trouble with the line-guided segment but those always tend to be troublesome to me so it's probably fine.
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Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure about getting rid of the first powerup, but I'd like to take another consistency pass through the first half anyways. Tighten things up and focus them a bit more (replacing the grinders with saws, for instance. I don't really need both.)

The mushrooms and grass glowing is intentional. Everything green in the cave is intended to be luminescent in some way, even green koopas later in the level. This is why the sublevel is darker, so that the glowing green stands out a bit more.

I have another demo ready that goes to the end of the level now, here: Download

I'm not super happy with the end of the sublevel, and I'd like to take another crack at it. Unfortunately my original plans didn't pan out too well, since line guide sprites don't interact at all with layer 2, originally I wanted more interaction between the mushroom scales and the platforms. I might redo that part to try and get it to work, but I'm very worried about the player cutting off the line guides.

As for the first half, I'm thinking of actually getting ride of the climbing grates to focus down a bit more on line guides and diggin' chucks. The only place I think I really use them well is that initial climb, and I was thinking of making that be more of a tunnel crawl avoiding rocks through a short zigzag section. We'll see if I end up changing it though. I'd like some feedback first.

EDIT: I got frustrated and deleted most of the sublevel lol

Gonna do something with the swinging brown platform. I think it'll work out better than the mushroom scales wrt line guides.

And I've submitted it! Still looking for feedback of course, there's still some time for adjustments. Full Submission at: This place

Just the BPS at: Here

dont have time now but i'll edit this post hopefully later tonight w/ feedback

rn I can say that I love love the colours, and that you're using aesthetics as minor visual flairs rather than an entire overhaul. I like

Hey, I don't usually play the same person's level again, but I liked yours so much that I just did it.

I personally think it's the best level I've seen yet, of course I haven't seen all the entries yet, but this one's my favorite by far. I genuinely think this is a strong contestant for the first place.

It excels at many aspects, yet keeping a simple gameplay like the original SMW did. It's aesthetics are beautiful even though it's not spam'ish like the majority tend to like, yet is well polished and placed properly. The palletes are sweet and your music choice fits very well, the port itself is very good.
This entry is so good it makes me question why I wasted my time developing such inferior level anyway.

If I had to question anything, it would be this ledge over the pipe:

I think it looks kinda weird but I don't really know what you could replace it for, so it might as well stay as it is.

Good job, and I really hope you win when the judging comes out!
Wow. That was really good. I don't even have any actual feedback, and can only fall back on a non-issue:
- that rotating platform can probably be cut. I thought it was introducing me to the concept so i know to be ready to use it, but it really didn't go anywhere. When it does pop up in the second half, it just feels weird because so much time had passed from the first one.

But like I said, minor non-issue. I dont have much else to say other then I loved it and I hope it does very well.

Thanks! I'm glad it ended up pretty fun, but I've still made a few changes and updated it.

I have to give special thanks to FPzero for basically testing every version and giving a lot of level design feedback. He's the reason I gave it such a big overhaul and helped a lot with redoing the part 2 setups... And also the exanimation.

Updated ZIP here I'll trying to keep any updates in my latest post now.

and i helped!
Final version.

Some sprites added to unify the themes a bit more, and some removed to clean up the sections. Hopefully it's all good.

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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - [210] Luminous Hollow [FINISHED]

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