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Tip: If you're using the wall-running purple triangles in your hack, remember to add Tile 1EB (or a tile that acts like Tile 1EB) underneath it. Extended object 44/45 will include this tile for you.
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ASM Projects show-off thread
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Nice boss!!

I don't see anything from Brutal Mario in that Iggy Boss!!

Are you making the all Koopalings bosses from NSMBU??
Or just that boss??

, i was able to do double status bar in levels. works with message boxes and other layer 3 stuff, and should work with regular HDMA (since this is done via IRQ and not HDMA). doesnt work with smw's boss battles. surprisingly works in bsnes too (after much tweaking of the h-blank timing)

the bottom bar is sorta empty so you can put your own counters there if you want

download it here (updated)
Wow, incredible Patch!

I have a simple idea for the bottom bar: It could display the Level name...not sure how to do that, though

I am pretty sure that I want to use it :)
dont think level name would fit :<

anyways, my IRQ adventures continue:

message box bg is layer 1, and so is the status bar background (text/icons are layer 3). there are 4 irq's running, no HDMA

gonna see if i can squeeze palette dma in. i will be using this in my hack, so i wont release it yet

glitchy stuff is due to bad irq timings; somewhat easy fix

1. Ladida's Layer 1 Message BGs
2. My VWF Dialogues Patch
3. Combine two Patches
4. ???

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!

well the only reason this works is because i made regular layer 3 use 16x16 tiles. so the vram in that area looks like this

$5000-$53FF : Layer 1 & 3 GFX (shared)
$5400-$57FF : Layer 1 Tilemap (status bar & message box)
$5800-$5BFF : Layer 3 Tilemap (regular layer 3)
$5C00-$5FFF : Layer 3 Tilemap (status bar & message box)

so i can use $4000-$4FFF for layer 3 backgrounds.

dunno where or how vwf text will fit (though it would be interesting trying to implement it #smw{:TUP:})
Cool, a Ufouria styled Textbox! this would fit perfectly, Just need to still use the Layer 3 palettes,

Here is a default Layer 3 palette suggestion based off A Link to the Past and NES Mario 3 schemes:

00-07, 10-17: BG palettes.

08-0B: BG-White-Green-Black
0C-0F: BG-White-Red-Black
18-1B: BG-White-Blue-Black
1C-1F: BG-Tan-Yellow-Black
Ladida, I swear, you pull out amazing patches like they were books in your locker. QUIT MAKING AWESOME STUFF!!!

But in all reality, you have absolutely dumbfounded me with your skills. I'm sure the ASM you have implemented into your hack has taken quite a lot of your time. Keep up the awesome work, and hopefully we can see some fruit of it in the "Works in Progress" later when you show it in action inside your own hack.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Ladida

Cool I suppose that the patch is very custom and is a good idea display the level name on the second status bar, also ... the link is appreciable.
Some sprites I made over the last couple days.

Tap-Tap from SMW:YI
Skeeter from Mario 64

Few small tweaks and testing to do... Might release one or both, if enough people are interested.
Wow epic stuff. The Skeeter is pretty awesome.

Nice to see you doing some ASM stuff again. #ab{:)}
SMB3 Sprites
We already have most of these sprites hosted in the sprites section, but let me clear up why I decided to remake them: they were lacking in everything that made them unique.
- Hammer Bros. now will hop between platforms like the Super Mario Bros. 3 counterparts.
- Boomerang Bros. can catch their boomerangs like they used to; the boomerangs also move in a smoother fashion and are extended sprites.
- Fire Bros. fireballs are extended sprites using Mario's fireball code, just tweaked to harm Mario.
- Sledge Bros. properly slam down to stun Mario instead of simply falling at the default speed sprites normally fall at.
- Goombas are pretty much the same, but can be spawned using a shooter included to make them "crawl" out of pipes.
- Para Goombas aren't modeled after SMW's code and thus properly flutter about.
- Flying Para Goombas drop extended sprite Micro Goombas that grab onto Mario and will prevent him from jumping high or running, and can be shaken off by button mashing or jumping in water.
- Micro Goombas have an added functionality that wasn't in SMB3; they die upon hitting water and sink when they touch lava, giving them slightly more personality that just a weapon.

However the sprites will not work without 2 patches I designed to go along with them. The former patch adds the extended sprites used by all of these sprites (the hammer is a new custom extended sprite with a proper X-Speed routine rather than moving horizontally pixels at a time and won't despawn immediately after going offscreen vertically). The latter patch adds the functionality to .cfg sprites that calls the default sprite interaction routine when "don't use default interaction with Mario" and "can be stomped" are both set. This allows one to check if a sprite was stomped, clear $1594,x and do whatever they please, which is useful for bosses and sprites that do other functions when stomped if you don't want to make an entirely new interaction routine.

Delay Blocks
This patch will add a new functionality to blocks by creation of a new "sprite" table. It essentially is a sprite spawned at the position of the block that will wait a number of frames before performing a specific action. By default there are 16 slots but this but even 50 slots isn't much of a stretch, along with the RAM area used and some other stuff can be customized and the blocks included will change accordingly due to the patch and blocks sharing the same defines file. Of course the 2 blocks are merely examples of what can be done here; you can create delay blocks that can, for example, spawn a bob-omb explosion in the object's place (sorry for the slow as molasses gif) to create TNT blocks activated by being touched. Another thing is the possibility of creating a new set of Turn Blocks.

In addition to such, one thing the Delay Blocks do is when spawned if it determines there is no free slots available at that time, it will prematurely activate a block whose "marked for replacement" timer is zero (though it can be set to zero upon spawning if its low priority, or set for the entirety of its lifetime for high priority), and if none can be found it will choose a random one to activate and replace.

Lastly, in this Delay Blocks patch, it will install a set of subroutines that can be JSL'd to to perform several actions relating to blocks. The routines installed were the Map16++ (change block to next block in Map16) routine, the Change Map16 routine (change block to any Map16 block), and a slightly modified version of the Map16++ routine to be the Map16-- routine (change block to previous block in Map16). The custom blocks and delay blocks both call upon this routine for various things, but primarily to make the code run once because I am a dumb and couldn't find a better way to do that.

Recently finished,

Moneybags from Mario 64, with graphics by andy_k
For some reason, I really like it! I did think of one thing though... any way to have it display maybe three ch-ching coin-out-the-top-of-a-block extended sprites and add these to the total in addition to the rolling coins?


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
I COULD do that, and a lot of other things. I actually had to invent a new rolling coin, because the original one from the game insists upon a specific direction. Even if you give it commands to go the other way or set its X speed, it will always go right. So in doing so I gave the sprite support to just spawn another coin (in the video the example is a red coin, which gives 2 coins, and plays different sounds). So it would also be possible to make it spawn blue coins, or other sprites that do other things -- like deliver some coins automatically as you said. I don't think bumped coins are extended sprites though.

I was originally going to have it spawn 3 coins, but unless they have different X speeds the spread is a bit weak. I figured default SMW enemies spawn no coins, while almost all M64 enemies spawn at least one coin (if not a blue one). So I split the difference and have him spawn 2.

EDIT: Just looked, coins from blocks seem to be entirely their own thing separate from sprites, extended sprites, and cluster sprites. I guess it's pretty doable. If nothing else I might put one, so killing him gives one free coin, and two you have to chase.
Over the past few days, I've been working on an SMAS: SMB3-style fade-in and fade-out using any "horizontally convex" shape (any shape such that every horizontal line intersects 0 or 1 contiguous portions of it). Here are the results, using Mario's head:

Fiance suggested I make a sprite that makes Mario stick to it and slow him down, and if two touch they become a larger sprite. Was actually easier than I thought it would be.

Ectoplasm Sprite
Wow, genial idea and sprite. #smw{:TUP:}

Edit: Can someone insert a SMW tumb up smiley at "*insert SMW tumb up smiley here*"? Thank you WYE.

Rest in peace, Near.


Here's an NSMBWii-style inventory: Link. I've also created an SMB3-style one, where duplicates of items are not combined into a single stack, but I'm not going to show that, since it is basically the same.
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