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ASM Projects show-off thread
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Originally posted by Alcaro
Originally posted by Dinomar
It doesn't work :(

Yes it does. Sure, it screws up the OW, but just enter the level and it'll work fine.
Originally posted by Dinomar
I patched it in a clean smw rom, i enter the level with the castle entrace intro, the game freezes with an annoying fading sound!

Try starting on a new save file.

Edit2: Oh, and a clean rom won't work. Save one level in LM and try again.

done, well, i will save every clean rom ( .)_(. )
Anyway, nice effect!

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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level bad. The original file was a expanded one.

I've been working on another patch- this is purely for showoff. Please DO NOT use it in your own hack without my permission.

Patch this and then do a spin jump.

(You do need a ROM with one level saved in LM.)
You guys DO know that my stuff insn't as impressive as YOURS, but I feel like showing off something I came up with nonetheless! XD

"Custom Block Demonstration: ON/OFF Targets"

As stated on YouTube, by breaking THREE of these targets, the ON/OFF flag is set to OFF. I reckon this would be quite useful for clever puzzles and stuff. Also, this is pretty much my first attempt at coding something that requires an unused RAM to work... yay, or something. ^___^

By the way, I shall upload them to the custom block database soon... just need to get the ZIP ready first! :3

Originally posted by Broozer

Now that is rather awesome, would make some epic alternatives for secret exits and such xD I've already planned how I'm going to use this.

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Originally posted by Broozer
a unused RAM

Grammatical error aside: lolwut?

May I have an unused RAM, please?
Come on, a typo doesn't hurt anybody. >_> Although, I kind of appreciate your help there - thanks for pointing that out, I guess.

By the way, I submitted that custom block (along with a version of it that sets the ON/OFF flag to on, instead) to the database a while ago. Here's the download link, in case anyone's interested: Download. Yeah, I know that the name I made up for the blocks isn't the best, but eh.

Also, NekohDot, great to know that you liked it. ^-^
Although small and incompatible with secondary exits (also used for pixelation effect :P), I have created my first useful custom block(s). Darkness blocks! Here are some pics!

The normal brightness of the level...

A little dimmer...

Almost pitch black!

These blocks can either always set the brightness to whatever,
only darken,
or only make the level less dark.

When you use binary as a level, nobody knows what level you are! *laughs manically*

ssaamm: Well, we already have blocks like that on the Central, but I'm glad to see you are learning ASM. :)

Some of what I've been doing lately
Here's one thing I've finished a few days ago;


Moon gravity, as well as some explosive orb things that flash the moment you approach their vicinity, as well as a variation that forces you to stomp on them before they start flashing.

Oh, and here's something else I've been working on;



Basically, the gray moving castle block disassembled. I included the obvious thing, the disassembly, as well as a few minor edits, like a vertical version, and 16x16 versions of the horizontal and vertical versions. It's actually my first disassembly ever, haha.


Here's a fun little sprite I made. I was trying to think of a stage hazard, but everything seemed too generic. But then I decided to make it kill enemies instead of the player, which made it so much fun I didn't even care. After all, you can't go wrong with a giant rock.

This was a massive pain to code, though... >.<


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That's pretty cool, Azure. It could be incorporated into puzzles easily. I like it a lot. ^_^

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Pretty cool. That reminds me of the boulders in the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin (SNES Version).
I disassembled the SMW Hammer Bro. He acts like the original, but never gets locked onto the flying blocks (Since the flying blocks themselves force the Hammer Bro to lock onto it, I always thought it was the other way around, haha). Another thing is, you can possibly even make custom Hammer Bro Bosses with a bit of ASM knowledge. Download will come shortly.



I was waiting for the day someone did this :) This means you can place the Hammer Bros on anything solid, right? Good job, and I hope you put the download link soon you can spew out more cool stuff!
I'm not sure if anyone will find this useful, but as it is kind of hard to modify a sprite without knowing what part of its coding does what, I commented the entire Phanto sprite code, apart from the shared library routines (and found some utterly useless code that could be commented out along the way). If anyone has any need for it, it can be found here.

Also, please notify me if you find any mistakes in the commenting, so I don't end up confusing anyone by incorrect remarks.

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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

As you can might notice, these tiles were rendered dynamically through the VRAM upload buffer ($7F837D) and it's a bit similar to a VWF scene except that the tiles are always 8x8, text is more annoying to type and there's also no commands (well, they're annoying to add). However, atleast it's possible to write to layer 1/2 this way (that's the only reason I wanted it). Also, Alcaro made pretty much the entire code (my one gave a lot of garbage, and didn't work the way I wanted it to), I just wrote some text to test it out.
Something I showed on IRC the other day: LINK
Don't whine about the level being crappy. I just threw it together to showcase the main feature. Oh, also, the status bar isn't shown because I'm too lazy to überhax the game into showing it.


Earlier today, I discovered an awesome aspect of the game engine (read about it here), so I threw together a level using roughly 0.1% of its full potential: LINK
Ugly status bar palette because I accidentally overwrote the wrong palette and didn't notice it until I had done too much work to easily correct it.


Basically, a sprite version of the famous On/Off switch block. It (obviously) flips the On/Off switch status when hit from the bottom. And it acts similarly to the Info Box (Because most of the code was based on it), so it has its own bounce animation after being hit. This sprite will be released to the world to love and enjoy as soon as I touch up a couple last things in the sprite.

EDIT: Released!

Here's some things I coded a few months ago. Patch it to a clean SMW ROM and go to Yoshi's Island 1.

It allows for multiple ON/OFF switches, at the cost of ExAnimation (though the game's regular animation will still work like normal). It would probably be useful for puzzle levels.

It uses a generator with only two lines of code, as well as many custom blocks. I'll probably make it available for download in the near future.
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