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Saph and the Great Rebellion *C3 UPDATE*


when i first played this hack and i had no idea of the controld, i was like
'what the hell? argh how do i jump, HOW CAN I KILL THAT ENEMY!' until i realised that i could just kill him by pressing down at a good speed xD

it looks awesome now #w{=3}

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Hey, guys. Just thought I'd remind you all that this project is still going on, since I have been...quiet about it lately. (yeah, that's an understatement :P)

Here are some teaser shots. I actually am quasi-close to being completely done making world 2, which will then finally lead to an official demo release. (as opposed to the mini C3 demos I have done in the past, heh)

That's all I'll show for now, though. Stay tuned, folks. ;)
I like the Paper Mario-styled enemies, especially the Pokeys. I'm not too fond of your palette choices. Maybe you're going for more off-the-wall colors, but a pink sky with bright yellow mountains doesn't look appealing to me. The FG in the second screen is a bit too funky for my tastes as well. Perhaps experiment with some other palette choices, as you're currently using bright, contrasting palettes.
I spy cutoff at the top of the second picture =3

Ether way, I d agree about the palettes. While I like how they are original and kinda special, I think you should adjust them so the palettes in each separate level match =/
You know, the palettes can be fixed, but the Paper Mario enemies and the tileset mix seem cool and fitting.
Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
It's been forever since I updated anything I guess I will just have to make up for it by...

...linking my Two World Demo now, shouldn't I? :3
oh yes. Thank you.
I played and to be honest, the controls could be improved, for example you can make the buzzy stop spinning if you press up or somethin. And if I press a button and than release it on the ceiling, Seph automaticly drops for some reason

And this game really lacks some kind of good graphics Combination, the foreground (SMW one) clashes with the BG's in the game, what I think is disapointing :(

But the overall feeling of the hack is good. Although I stopped after the first 3 levels because it bored me, I think the later levels/world will get better...
Err... Viridian Cliffside appears to be kind of completely broken in the latest version. Once I reach the part with the net barriers I keep getting stuck in corners while wallrunning and not being able to run on ceilings, and at one point I just kind of ran through a solid wall and ended up quite a bit further back in the level. It's a pity, because I was having a lot of fun with the hack so far, but until the level is fixed I can't seem to find a way to beat it. :<
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Yeah, the annoying thing about making this hack is that small misplacement of a tile or two can mess things up a lot. In this case, it happened because after testing was complete I was getting rid of some cutoff I noticed, and ended up accidentally having another tile overlap against one that's important for making wall climbing work on a wall or two in the area. (In fact, that's also what happened on the other error I had to fix earlier as well) It's kind of hard to explain unless I visually showed it, but anyway, the important thing is that I replaced the file again, so patch that to a new ROM. You should still be able to use your old save files and stuff.

I'm so error prone sometimes...
Just finished the demo, and well... I see what you meant by "really awesome stuff". That end-of-demo boss battle was seriously one of the most interesting ones I have seen in quite a while. In fact, the whole hack is definitely up there when it comes to creativity; I can't recall any other hack changing the gameplay mechanics to this extent. Sure, there may have been some slight technical problems here and there (I don't blame you too much, though; I can only imagine how annoying placing invisible helper tiles in every corner must be...), but it's still definitely one of the most fun hacks I have played recently.

I do have one nitpick when it comes to the game mechanics, though; it feels kind of strange how Saph can kill Chucks by shell slamming into them, but gets hurt if he is sliding instead. In fact, is there any reason you couldn't disable sliding down hills entirely and just keep the shell slam? After all, they serve almost completely the same purpose.

On another note, how many worlds are you planning for this to be?
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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

I like the idea of the Buzzy Beetle as the main charachter! But what/who is player 2? The girlfriend of Saph? Just asking.
Lovely greetings, Mario-San.<3
What. There is no Player 2, he disabled that. -.-
Good fucking bye.