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Saph and the Great Rebellion *C3 UPDATE*


Originally posted by Tewi Inaba
Do you have a support bar?
I have been a big fan of the buzzy beetle enemy (They are just sooo adorable!) and I want to show that I am really looking forward to this hack :D
I wonder how the design will be with no jumping though...

You should add a power where he can fly with wings :o

I'll make a userbar soon.

The levels are being designed...very carefully.

Also, as I said before, whether or not you will be able to fly will be revealed later...

EDIT: Here's the userbar, if you wish to use it.


The way you're talking about it, it's quite obvious there's going to be flight in some form. ^_^

This is certainly one of the more interesting hacks I've seen. I can't really see how you're going to have platforming with no jump ability (or have any real challenge), but that makes it even more interesting. It's definitely going to be a different take on the Mario universe, that's for sure.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
/me looks att Parabuzzys name and avatar.
...yeah, I think you will be able to fly.
/me is shot

Any way. Cool (but some what weird) Concept. If you pull off this good. Then it might be intresting.

...Time will tell...
This sounds interesting. I'm going to keep an eye on this.
Looks very cool.But are the levels going to be puzzlish or more with plattforming?Like many people wondered i ask myself,too how a hack would be without jumping.
Well... can the Beetle climb ladders? If so, I see a lot of chances for good level desing...
Hello? Those compacting blocks plus enemies would make it harder than normal. Also, I'm assuming that Parrabuzzy will be used in a "Winged Yoshi Heaven" type style. Anyway, he already said it would have untraditional platforming. Imagine Morton or Roy Koopa. Clearly a similar style of platforming here. Also, did you get this idea from New Super Mario Bros.'s blue shell ability and Morton and Roy Koopa, or was it your love of buzzy beetles? Anyway, great idea! As for you Alice Margatroid, I would assume so, although in a background wall style instead. I guess I'll put supporter bars in my signature now....

  • i know Saph cant jump, but if he happened to run onto a note block would it still let him go up?

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    Originally posted by Fuji-San
    i know Saph cant jump, but if he happened to run onto a note block would it still let him go up?

    Yes. He can also use springboards.
    Originally posted by Parabuzzy
    Originally posted by Fuji-San
    i know Saph cant jump, but if he happened to run onto a note block would it still let him go up?

    Yes. He can also use springboards.

    I'll take it that he'd have to climb up a wall/ceiling and then drop down onto the spring board in order to use it, correct?
    CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
    Yeah. You'll have to find creative ways to do things that were once simple for Mario, like hitting a ? Block or bouncing on a springboard. (You know, you CAN jump off of a wall while running on it, and get some horizontal movement...) This adds a sort of "puzzle" feeling to some levels. You may have to find an item to toss in order to activate a ? block that Mario could've easily jumped for in any other SMW hack. So don't worry. Even though you've got a lot of new abilities at your disposal, the hack is not "overly easy" or "not challenging". I'd also like to mention that although there WILL be some puzzle levels, the main focus of the hack remains as PLATFORMING. Like any other Mario series game, this hack will require use of your brain AND your reflexes.
    I find this hack to be one of the most innovative so far. I will have to try it out when you release it.

    Also, use of ASM in your first hack project proves to me that you have genius hack-making potential!

    You have my support on this hack!
    Originally posted by BulletBillTime

    Also, use of ASM in your first hack project proves to me that you have genius hack-making potential!

    Well, first of all, this isn't my first hack. (not by a longshot)I have many half-completed ones on my computer and stuff. (In fact, look back about a dozen pages and you'll find a dusty old thread called "Super Mario Zone! (SS inside)") This'll just be the first one I finish.

    As for the ASM, sorry, Bulletbilltime, but your genius is in another castle! Although I had all the ideas myself, and I attempted to make my own ASM for it, I just don't quite have the hang of ASM yet. I had to get a lot of help with it.

    HOWEVER, I promise you that I will make this hack as unique, enjoyable, and innovative as I can with its level design. As I hope everyone can already guess, the levels are going to be specifically built around Saph's strengths and weaknesses. I assure you that they will be nothing like anything you have ever played before.
    I am definitely interested in seeing what you do with this. =D
    If Saph can jump off of Walls and ceiling, why can't he do it (say by a pixel) on the ground? Buzzy Beetles do jump slightly, right before they attack in PM:TTYD. Or is the idea, he just jumps without going anywhere, effectively making him fall down?
    I am aware that buzzies will bounce up slightly right before dashing at Mario, but it doesn't seem relevant enough to make you able to do a small hop just because of that.
    This hack looks epic. Changeing the gameplay of SMW is really something i like!
    /me adds userbar

    I know I just posted not so long ago, but I get more interested in this the more you talk about it. I love it when hacks completely change everything (as you can probably see from my hack), and removing jumping sounded kind of weird at first, but then I realized how much more interesting you can make the puzzles and platforming using that system.

    I'd add the userbar, but I don't really like them. And I think it does you just as much good to simply know I really, really want to play this hack. ^_^


    Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
    Thank you very much. I'm flattered.

    You see, it was your hack that inspired me to get back in to SMW hacking in the first place. Therefore, I must thank you as well, for if you hadn't made such an amazing and interesting hack, I would probably still be in that dreadful creative slump i was suffering from.
    Booyeah, bro! You already know what I think of this hack. How can I help?