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Saph and the Great Rebellion *C3 UPDATE*


New Video up at last

I finally got recording to work again. The quality is far from perfect, but it shows one of many, many unreleased levels. :)
Level design looks great, although I'm not that fond of the graphics you used there.
The design of the level looks quite solid, and seems to make good use of the unique mechanics the hack features. It looks nice and long too. I would have to agree with Dylan Yoshi in terms of the graphics department: the background looks somewhat lacking in terms of detail, and I'm not too fond of the foreground's colors. Still, the music was chosen well for the area.
For those of you commenting on my tileset, I would like you to keep in mind that the video quality blurs details pretty bad. Click here for a clear picture of this level's FG/BG I funno, you might have a change of opinion once you see how it's supposed to look, or maybe not. *shrugs*

And, in an unprecedented turn of events, I have decided to show off another one of my levels! Click Here

On a final note, I'm glad all of you seem to like my level design, and the ways in which I am using this game's mechanics. During the summer I have really been creating a lot of levels, taking advantage of the abundance of free time I've been having, and I certainly haven't run out of ideas yet. You can expect a lot of videos in the future, that's for sure. Just don't expect me to reveal all the surprises I have in store. ;)
Awesome, I can wait for a while. The FG palette hurts my eyes. Maybe you could darken it a little.

Edit: I was talking about the screenshot of this. It hurts my eyes.
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I finally check back, and you've added the ability to fly! :D
Also, Treetop Trip looks very well designed, and, it looks nice.
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wow that's amazing i can't wait for it to be released. XD
Originally posted by dante123456789
wow that's amazing i can't wait for it to be released. XD

Let's not bump old threads again in the future. If they're over two weeks old, you probably shouldn't post in them. The thread creator may bump it if they have an update of some sort to show. I'll go ahead and close this for now, but since Raibys is a global mod, he can go ahead and reopen it whenever he something to add for this hack.

Been awhile since I touched this thread, eh?

If you somehow missed it at C3, you can go here to try out a rough copy of Demo 1

Also, I plan to submit demo 1 to the site as an actual hack once I get this...quite imperfect copy I showcased at C3 all ironed out. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy/have enjoyed this demo. It's been a huge learning experience up to this point, and very experimental. I have been attempting something quite unconventional all this time, and have been very fortunate and honored to have this many people supporting and showing interest in my work. I thank all of you for that.
Uhhh... mazing!!!!!

I cannot wait for the full release. My only complaints are
1) I'd like it if you could press up to stop spin sliding, but I totally understand if its part of the games intended mechanics and it will be just as fun either way.

2) You cant spin slide on slopes, which is kind of lame.

3) I think it would be best if the health bar was filled at the beginning of each level.

but really, best three levels I've played on this site. I demand more levels!

Originally posted by hackfan
1) I'd like it if you could press up to stop spin sliding.

This is the one difference I want. I died quite a few times trying to stop.
I haven't played through much of the game yet, but so far it's top notch.
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This is pretty epic! I love demo 1! #w{=3}
Progress of Super Fail World Demo 2:


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Eh, did this post really warrant a 4-month bump?

Guess I'm gonna close this. @Raibys: If you want this reopened, just... do it yourself. >_>

It isn't C3 for another month, but I decided I wanted to show you guys a little something anyway. It has been FOREVER since I updated this thread, after all.

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

Originally posted by Youtube Description
Behold! My first video in ages reveals...something never before seen about my hack! That's right, folks...Saph and the Great Rebellion has been quietly worked on for all this time - I just have been rather quiet on Youtube lately. This level reveals the amazing WING powerup!

The wing powerup allows Saph, a regular Buzzy Beetle who is incapable of a single hop, to take to the skies and soar as a majestic...PARABUZZY! Press up to fly, and hold it to glide. The power cannot be lost in any circumstances, but goes away at end of level. (it therefore is only usable in the levels it is intended for)

There are a few glitches and the level is not perfect. Still, I hope you like it, as well as the fantastic music my love Azure made for me. :3

Holy! Its still being worked on #w{=3}
Im loving that powerup, could be useful, but what happens if you fly to high? dont you die?
Im so happy this is still being worked on ^^
The wing powerup looks really cool. The level design is also good but there could be more decoration such as bushes or signs. :)
Cool powerup, bro

Seriously though, that's pretty neat and could get in some interesting puzzles.

Keep it up. I like it when hackers try something new.
Well, looks like Saph's not completely unable to jump! Cool powerup.
Good fucking bye.
Love the hack, I totally <3 the idea of controlling and playing the whole game as a parabeetle!

The wing powerup is a great idea and addition, and as Error 52 pointed out, it opens many possibilities for unique, interesting puzzles.

As for the level, it's good and simple. The design is interesting for sure. Maybe the looks of it are a bit bland, but you're going to add some decorations... right? Anyways, keep it up!
Oh, and ninja'd.