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How to rip Sega Genesis samples and optimize them for the SNES SPC700

Custom MusicSamples

So, for any new porter around looking for samples, you must have already thought about this at some point "How did people got around on getting FM instruments like that"? Well, I actually had that problem a while back (as you can see on this thread), and I did some extensive research after that. So, since not many people actually know about this, I guess it was only appropriate I shared my findings.

All right, so here's what you'll need:
-A PC recording program to sample the instruments. In this tutorial, I'll show how to use this program, but something like Audacity can also work.

-A way to record the samples straight from the YM2612 itself. VOPM emulates the YM2151, AFAIK, but it could be used for the same purpose. Right now though, we'll use VGM Music Maker, a tracker that actually emulates the YM2612, and is also MUCH easier to use than Deflemask.

-A program that can upload WAVs and edit them. OpenMPT is DEFINITELY the best program for this, and there's not a lot of programs that has a sample editor this intuitive and easy to learn, so its probably the only thing you'll ever need for this. Here`s the program.

-A way to convert them to BRR after the process is done. I'm not a expert on BRR conversion, but C700 or SNESBRR are the go-to tools for that, I heard. We'll be going with C700, though. Here's the download link for that.

You'll also need the necessary files for instruments as well. Here's a download link for TFI patches, and Here's a download link for OPM patches (careful though, they're VERY large files).

All right, now that I gotten that out of the way, here's what you'll do next:

First, open VGM Music Maker, then go to the Instruments page.

Then, just go to "Open a instrument or a group of instruments" (its the folder icon, btw) and select your instruments. For VOPM, go to a DAW like FL Studio, download VOPM and select "More plugins", put the plugin you want on the VST folder, then search for the plugin. With the newest FL Studio release, though, you'll have to go to "manage plugins", then "start scan". After that, use this tutorial for the rest because I'm lazy lol.

Then, open TTFA Voice Recorder (or Audacity) then select the record button, select Record from PC (TTFA Voice Recorder ONLY), then play the instruments you just gotten. Then finish the recording and get the WAV file. Simple, right?

In Audacity, simply press the Record button, play the instrument and save your file afterwards! Even simpler! If the recording doesnt work, then use this tutorial for more clarification.

Then, go to OpenMPT and loop, crop and downsample the samples you gotten like you would do to any other custom/non-optimized sample. DONT FORGET TO SPLIT THE SAMPLE TO MONO! I dunno how it works for BRRs, but it definitely DOESNT work for WAVs.

After that, just load the WAV sample on to C700 (literally the same process to use the plugin on FL is on the VOPM explanation, btw), and convert the sample to BRR.

And there you have it! I know it might not be THAT informative, but I HAD to do this since literally no one did this before, and plus the fact this is my first tutorial doesnt help at all. So, yeah...

Now, just in case anyone wants to see what I did with this information, here's a port of M.U.S.H.A's Divine Devise but using instruments from the game itself. Its a little bit choppy IMO, but its pretty great for a test at least. Well, here it is:!AkmwsyI8qADChjQeaCorx3KRemBN

(sorry about the choppiness of my port, btw lol)

Custom MusicSamples