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Paper Mario: The Plasma Star (may be cancelled)

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Welp. Mario Doge left the level design, so a former SMWC member on our server, Master Skodwarde/SwagAssMustafa joins in his place.
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World 8, the space world's claim list!
Not giving away names because they are too much information

Levels Designer
Level 1 (water themed)
Level 2 (ice themed) Toad64
Level 3 (lava themed) tmauri
Level 4 (typical space level TJF
Level 5 (moon themed) Green Jerry
Final Level TJF

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Toad64 and I have been wondering what the decline in feedback has been about. Looks like nobody cares about this anymore.#smw{T_T}
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Alright guys, please welcome tmuari to the level design team! He'll replace Mario Doge/Anas (SwagAssMustafa/MasterSkodwarde)
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Well guys, if anybody will ever respond here ever again, a 2 world demo is coming soon! Expect it in about a week, or just until SuperMario198 and Pixel-Gon finish their levels.
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You may work on them anytime you like.
And also, the mountain world won't be in progress for a while, because World 3 has a lot of gimmicks.

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Sorry about not releasing a demo, guys. But here's an announcement:
There's going to be a Star World! Isn't that exciting? More levels? Oh well, you know what that means.

Shimmer Seabed
Gleam Graveyard
Star Summit
Twinkle Tundra - toad64
Beam Beach - tmauri
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Alright, so apparently SM198 left the level design team. Luckily, tmauri was happy to take his place. This should also make the demo of the game come faster. (SM198 didn't even give an update about his level, and it's been two months since he "started" working on it.)
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This game hasn't been worked on in a while, and there's been no feedback, so time to show off some new stuff!

Mario and Luigi's new humble abode: (Hand drawn graphics and lots of Easter eggs!)

A shop run by a Toad.

Preview of a desert level. (Ignore the cutoff sand in the Layer 3, I'm going to fix it, as well as the cutoff stalagmite(?))

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You should really do something about that background in the "toad" shop, even if it's just changing the hues more. It is WAY too similar to the foreground.
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Yeah, I thought about that too, but do you have any nitpicks about the others? If so, please tell me.
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Yes, I do.

In the screenshot with the phantos, that bottom strip of reddish-brown in the background could perhaps be confused with the foreground. I think changing its hues to cooler tones would help it blend in with the background better.
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New updates!

New "Nintendo Presents" screen

Icy cave area

Superstar Hill,
the gateway to the game's secret world.

Iggy's Castle Garden

New shop, as requested by Face, as well as a new font.
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Any feedback?
Also, I will release the 3 world demo sometime before my birthday: January 31 (2003)
...As well as a trailer, once I finally feel up to composing the game's main theme
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It looks neat for custom graphics, especially in the Paper Mario setting. I dunno about using "Interlligent Systems" as the logo, though it does kind of belong to them (thats just me though). Other than that it looks like a good hack.
Looks nice but the palette of the Icy Cave Area looks too flashy imo, try to darken it a bit.
Layout by Koopster
Green Jerry is joining the Level Design Team!
Also, here's the userbar's code:

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First day of December update
Since December has officially started, I decided to go on and work on a World 3 level, Mt. Snoway to be exact.
Alongside that, I've finished a bunch of other stuff, too.

For starters, here's the final version of the first real level in the game, Grassy Way.

There's some good 'ol Goomba mashing fun, as typical first levels have.

A Toad that questions mortality and a key that leads to a secret level that I'll talk about in a second.

And finally, the only powerup in the game that's only used in certain sections of levels.

Iggy's Castle has got a nice sunset going on...

But it seems like he had dark in mind, and before you battle him, he'll even make a homage to the whole Koopa persuasion thing.

SPOILERS: Below is World 1-A, the secret level

This level is an autumn forest with the classic flyin' (American) football fanatics all over the place.

...With a pretty bonus room above the clouds.

Anyways, without further ado, this here marks the month of giving!
Because don't forget it's giving, not getting.
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