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Tower of Heaven - Traveler by UnderBound

File Name: Tower of Heaven - Traveler
Submitted: 2017-03-06 02:30:49 AM by UnderBound
Authors: UnderBound
Type: Ripped
Description: Pallet slightly off.
After talking with Hinalyte a little about this, it didn't take long before we decided this course of action. Looking up Tower of Heaven, ye, the player looks the same. The question is: Was it ported to SMW correctly? That answer is no.

The animation is pretty stiff. Take a look at Mario and you'll find his tileset is very interactive, and well animated. I'd figure that a Stick Figure, and a player as simple as this one, would have decent animation.

There's barely any changes in the body structure during the jumping and falling sequence. There's barely changes at all. Small and big look the exact same. There's no differentiation.

If you're going to port somebody from another source, anime, game, non-platformer; do make sure you use Mario's tilemap in this game as a good reference, and try to model the poses after him if you don't have artistic skills; even players as simple as this one. I don't care if whoever you're porting doesn't move like so in their original game, because they're now in SMW, not where ever they came from.

TL;DR : This needs a lot of work.