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Touhou Project - Power Card by Decoy Blimp

User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
File Name:Touhou Project - Power Card
Submitted:03-21-2017 - 09:48:45 AM by Decoy Blimp
Authors:Decoy Blimp
Description:The red P card from Touhou. Can be used for powerups. Keep in mind this rip takes up the entirety of palette row C, so don't use this unless its in a level where no sprite uses palette row C.

(Ignore the "Decoy B." in the second screenshot)

Removal Reason(s):
  • If the palette it uses takes an entire palette row, then I feel like it's not useful to have. The colors can be reduced. This looks like it would be more useful as a collectible block, sorry!