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Help with editing Yoshi's colors because i'm an idiot


Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read this nonsense.

Long story short, more than anything I want to make a Yoshi's Island that has my custom Yoshi pallete. The problem is, even after hours of reading through forums and messing with Golden Egg I still dont understand what to do. If anyone could please write me a guide or just help me out, that would be greatly appreciated. I want this to start up my YouTube channel, which I plan to play games with my own additions to the game to make it stand out. I already know what colors I have in mind, and even made this is MS Paint to show what I had in mind. Thank you in advance, your help is appreciated.

White 1
Blue 2
Red 3
Green 4
Yellow 5
Black 6
Cyan 7
Pink 8

You cannot edit palettes directly with Golden Egg (palette editing was never implemented), you will need to use a different application called SNESpal

Also, the intro Yoshi palettes and level palettes are not shared for some reason, this means if you edit, let's say intro pink Yoshi palette, this will not change the level Yoshi palette. Is there a way to make it so intro and level Yoshi palettes are shared? I don't know so don't ask

Now take these offsets and have fun editing palettes!:
In-game Yoshi Palettes
(15 colors per palette)
1FA240 00: Green
1FA25E 01: Pink
1FA27C 02: Yellow
1FA29A 03: Light Blue
1FA2B8 04: Purple
1FA2D6 05: Brown
1FA2F4 06: Red
1FA312 07: Blue

Intro Yoshi Palettes
(16 colors per palette)
1FEF4A Brown
1FEF6A Pink
1FEF8A Yellow
1FEFAA Light Blue
1FEFCA Purple
1FEFEA Green
1FF00A Red
1FF02A Blue