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The first thread: Luigi's Misadventures (COMPLETED HACK) (RELEASED IN THE C3 SUMMER 2017)

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Well, since i was banned twice in 2016, i learned to be more patient, never appeared in IRC anymore and never PM anyone about hacks or stuff.
Since that this hack testing thread happened, i'll show this.
Well, i show my new project: Luigi's Misadventures: Tsux Namine's Factor.
I used the characters from Mechasvitch and Mewkwota (Permission)


-This hack have 10 worlds, 5 was finished (except the two last levels of world 4).
-I won't accept videos, only screenshots.
-Please rate the levels (level design, aesthetics, creativity, etc) and give me suggestions.

Feel free to post about my work in progress, i won't bother you or PM you, i promise.





(Sorry if my english is bad, I try to do my best)


Overall this world is nice and quite typical of a world 1 that would expect a normal hack, the graphics, level design and music used are correct, But i think the secret exit are very simple to find.

There are also some bugs,
During all demo the cut-scenes before a boss are unable to read because Mario is teleported too quickly.


Overall i have appreciated this world especially the level POWER PLANT CITY which I found very pleasant to play and the 2nd castle i particularly enjoyed the kirby blocks.

The level WESTERN SANDS 2 a bit repetitive for me.
I have nothing to add to the rest for this world.


Oh, nice a forest :D

The first level of Morinda Forest is a bit long and makes the level a little repetitive. Except that the level is nice, I enjoyed the little platforms.
The second level is almost the same a little too long but it's nice.

The fortress is very nice for me. I appreciated the moment of the Layer 2.

For the level BAD MORNING CITY
My reaction is
"Rrr, this sun ... x)"
I do not like this level so much, because i think the Angry Sun does not have his place in this level.

The next level is not really good because the scrolling is too slow and makes the level a bit boring especially if you die several times in the level.

The castle 3 is a bit harder than the others levels, it was nice to play. But the TIMER stay at 0 during all the level, I do not know if it's normal or not.


The first level is ok, but a bit long again.

I like the concept of the second level, however I think the secret exit could have been better exploited. (Ex: Keyhole in BIG & Key in small.)

The ghost house is nice. I like the system of boos.

The next level MOUTAIN MADNESS is funny (#XX_MONTY_MOLES_SNIPER_XX). But too much sprites at the end of this level.

The fortress is correct, but I do not like the palette of this blocks. I think it should be a little grayer.

The last level of the demo is nice. I have nothing to complain about.

Overall the demo is correct and enjoyable, the levels are generally nice and the aesthetics too but some levels are quite long and become quite repetitive if the player dies several times in the level.
Except that, it's good.

Layout by Koopster
So, it's time to start my first ever hack testing post.

Title Screen:

Well, it doesn't looks that good, the layer 3 font doesn't go really well with the picures, and part of the character's hair is cutoff, but that's minor, the song choice is okay, but not the best.

Intro Level:

First, I find that the disclaimer at the start was unnecessary, because you said on the thread and you should probably say this on a readme file or on the hack's description

About the plot, i cloudn't even read it, after the first text, i teleported to the next one and this made really hard to read it, but otherwise, it seems to be fine

Other than that the only thing that it needs is a song but i think you already noticed that.

The Overworld:

It doesn't look that bad, there was no major perspective errors, but it stills lacking, first of all, the decoration placement is pretty repetitive, by looking on World 1, i can see a lot of 16x16 hills placed very similarly, it would look better if you add more variation on their placements and heights, the same thing with the trees and buildings in World 3, and World 2 just lacks decoration.

Also, Worlds 2 and 3 are looking very flat and the river looks kindaodd in my opinion, the sky world by now looks flat and the clouds are looking off for me.

Patched Plains 1:


By your's standards i know you was going to use different graphic styles, and in this level, the FG and BG are a little clashy, but my major complaint is with the small pipes' palette, i suggest making the outline palette darker, because it will look like something solid, and when i played the level i tought they where passable blocks, but no, they're solid, and looks like you wanted to use their palettes on the normal pipes too and it not only has the same problem but doesn't looks good.


It's okay, there's nothing special about them, it feels like a first level and it's at the least enjoyable, i only think that's a little flat.

Patched Plains 2:


Same thing as the pevious one, nothing different.


I actually liked the design a little, the sprite setups where pretty decent and i liked the introduction of the black koopas and also the other enemies, other than that, there's nothing more to say, it's a decent level.

Patched Skyway:


They're good, this time the BG and FG graphics aren't clashy, and i like the background, my only complain is with the FG palette which is a little dark in comparison to the background.


It's decent, the enemy setups are decent again, i only suggest making the level focus a little more on the moving platforms, specially on the second half, when the level gets a little more repetitive.

Patched Fortress:


It's okay, nothing really special, only SMAS SMB3's fortress graphics using the original palette


It's fine, it gets a little repetitive after the midpoint because it doesn't introduces anything different, only the same sprites without many changes on the design itself.

Rubber Cave:


Eh, more clashy BGs and FGs and this time, they looks really clashy, i really suggest you to change this one.


My least favorite level so far, like the pevious one, it gets repetitive after the middle, plus, there are some really cramped areas where you always hit the head in the ceiling when jumping, and i find the Puntin Chucks to be out of place, probably because there are only two of them(one in the sublevel), i suggesting using them a little more and better on the second half, another thing i don't like here are the small ground sections with clapping chucks in the corner, i suggest removing them or making the ceiling higher.

Yellow Switch Palace:


Like the fortress, it's only the original graphics from SMAS SMB3, nothing bad, nothing great, it's just okay.


I like the idea of having to collect 50 coins, but i have to say that this gimmick was poorly excecuted here, first, it lacks enemies, second, some coins are really hard to collect, specially the ones in the ceiling, probably because you hit the head before collecting all of them, i suggest redoing this level.

Riverside Hill:


Other than the minor problems with the pipes on the first two levels, i kinda like the aesthetics from this level, i don't find the BGs and FGs to be really clashy.


I found this level a little better than most of the pevious ones, it has some good enemy setups and the level design is a little better after the middle, it's not a great level, but is good enough.

#1 Clockwood Virus:


While the BGs and FGs aren't clashy, i find that whe palettes in both are too similar, you can make it look better by making the BG a little darker, it looks fine, but my biggest complain is with the gear platform which i thought it was passable but was actually solid.


It's decent, i have to say it's better than the fortress, i liked that you introduced Bowser Statues at the end but, i expected more, the second half is too short in comparison to the first, the boss fight was pretty easy, before the boss starts to chase the player, it's easy to attack it, and the chasing phase doesn't lasts longer.

Not about the design, but, like in the intro, you teleport too fast in the cutscenes and i wasn't able to read anything.


By now, it seems to be a decent hack, i'm not sure what to expect from the next world, but to be honest, i expected this hack to be worse than what i played by now, and i can see some improvement over your other hacks, of course, my opinion can change after i finish this demo.
Finished World 1!

Minor grammar corrections:
* "from the deviantART for providing their OC characters" -> "from deviantART for providing their OCs" OC = Original Character | OC Characters = Original Character Characters...?
* "I hope you won't regret for this! Should we start?" -> "I hope you won't regret playing this! Shall we?"
* "Luigi woke up from his house and finds out that Mushroom Kingdom" -> "Luigi woke up one day and discovered that the Mushroom Kingdom"
* "Techno cities" -> "High-tech Cities" Techno doesn't work very well like that
* "Could this be related to Bowser again?" -> "Could Bowser have something to do with all of this?"
* "An UTAUloid member!" -> "A member of the UTAUloids!"
* "Tsux Namine reveal to Luigi she was kidnapped and someone is using her songs for evil purposes!" -> "Tsux told Luigi she had been kidnapped and that someone was using her songs in nefarious ways!"
* "She also reveals that Luigi must find the Namibol City!" -> "She also tells him that he must reach Namibol City!"
* "To find the Namibol City, Luigi should venture at the modified Mushroom Kingdom!" -> "To find Namibol City, Luigi has to venture through the brand new Mushroom Kingdom!"
* "He also need to defeat the Switch Busters!" -> "He'll also have to face off against the Switch Busters!"
* "This place is full of dangers." -> "This place is very dangerous."

Also, the second and third plot screens (the ones with the Tsux sprites) fade out on their own. You can also see luigi falling for a split second? I assume you set his starting position at the wrong place.

World 1
Patched Plains 1:
* Checkpoint respawns, is this on purpose?
* Level design feels repetitive and samey, twin pipes with Venus Firetraps - one pipe with a Piranha Plant - one pipe with a Venus Fire Trap - small descent with two bridge ledges... Not exactly bad level design, but a pretty dull way to start your game.

Rubber Cave:
* Maybe remove the pits here? They might feel a bit tough for newbies in terms of a W1 stage.
* Try to darken the pipes (walkthrough ones) in the foreground so players don't get confused with the solid ones from the early stages.

Riverside Hill:
* "This stage have a sewage" -> "This stage has a sewer line"
* Maybe darken the waterfall's palette if you can so as to not confuse players who think you can swim in it?

Clockwood Virus:
* The Rotodisc's axis block cuts into the foreground graphics here. It's minor but I thought I should bring it up anyway.
* Cutscene screens have the same "fast forwarding" issue as the plot screens in the intro.
* "Member of Switch Busters!" -> Member of the Switch Busters!"
* "I'll send you to the cyberspace" -> "I'll send you to cyberspace"
* Dragmar's second phase is too unpredictable, it just homes in on Luigi and the player has no real way of avoiding it other than spazzing about. Maybe consider changing this boss. The wheels not being jumpthrough like the grassland foreground don't help.
* "Renember" -> "Remember"

* Not a bad starting world, but please try to be more mindful of repetitiveness in your levels. CTRL+C, CTRL+V a good level does not make. Also, please don't forget to test your cutscenes.
* You should also work on how you approach gimmicks. Never forget: Ki-Shou-Ten-Ketsu, or Intro-Development-Twist-Conclusion. Introduce a gimmick, develop it by showing how it works in certain contexts or scenarios, provide a clever puzzle or obstacle for the player involving it and give it a final send off at the end of the stage. See this video for more info.
* Props to Mecha btw, Dragmar looks adorable. Almost mistook him for an Appmon or a Star Force chara for a sec (since you're way into Digimon and MM).

Markiplier World (worldiplier???)

i didnt think it was possible but you outdid inafune world

I'll do W2 through W4 tomorrow.

World 2
Anthill Workbench:
* "Ants are in almost everywhere. Ants are a bit easier enemies to beat." -> "Ants are pretty much everywhere! They're one of the easiest enemies to take down."
* Who coded the sprite? When you kill it, it starts vibrating during the death fall animation. I assume it's from it still registering contact with the foreground.

Scary House:
* The rooms with the fake doors felt a bit pointless, to be frank. Hope you'll utilize them in more creative ways in further stages to make up for it.
* Alter the trap door's secondary entrances. Try to not make the players start out all the way at the very beginning of the first segment when they enter the wrong door.

Western Sands 1:
* I'd replace "SMB3 Bricks" with "some of the bricks". It just sounds really awkward lol
* Try to hide the key (and maybe the keyhole) better. It's just lying in the middle of the road and honestly, something like that would fit far better in a W1 stage.
* Lastly, is it just me, or do the Mini-Goomba blocks seem a little underused in this stage? They feel completely absent from two fourths of the stage. As it's the stage's main gimmick, it feels a bit off.

Western Sands 2:
* I keep singing this song to myself whenever I hear Marble Zone... The lyrics are pretty gross, but those horns~♡
* The Gao gimmick isn't fleshed out at all. You can see the introduction, and a bit of the development, but it never gets past half said development. The most you get in terms of new situations with 'em is "higher platforms", which blows, honestly. If it's not too much, try to remake parts of the latter half of the stage to use the Gao in more unique ways. Mix em up with other enemies, have Mario face them while having to be on the move... Think outside of the box.
* Extremely repetitive geometry too. I've come across this formation about three, four, five times in this stage?
* Try to make the pipe leading to the key a bit more accessible, place a 16x16 stone block under it or whatev. I had trouble entering it my first few times lol
* What is the point of all the secret exits to the same first Markiplier World pipe all bunched up together? Maybe just keep the Scary House one to introduce the players to the "all Ghost Houses have two exits" rule.

SCP-409 Fortress:
* I read the entry before playing this, don't worry. Bloodstained much?
* "The Quartz Crystal can kill Luigi if touch on it, even the enemies can be killed in the same manner." -> "SCP-409 (the crystal) will kill Luigi and organic enemies on contact. Granite isn't affected." Try to process to the player that the crystal isn't normal crystal, as well as granite's neutralizing qualities.
* Crystal looks kinda cutoff-y. Try editing the ExGFX in yy-chr to add edge tiles that don't just end abruptly. I guess you could add granite blocks to the sides, but I worry if that would ruin the obstacle's setup. Maybe a block and a muncher, to at least punish players who just hop on the upper block.
* "The small and grey platforms can up if Luigi can jump." -> "When Luigi gets off the small platforms, either by walking off or by just jumping, they'll hop."

Lakitu's Oil Fields:
* "I sense an strong enemy in your way." -> "I sense a strong enemy just ahead!"
* General layout felt way too much like a rehash of Patched Plains 1.

#2 Power Bomber:
* "You can hit these explosive blocks by spin jump or by traditional brick block style." -> "Detonate the blocks with a spin jump, a fireball or just hit them with your head." I'd omit the Kirby game part, it's obvious to anyone who played it and it just looks awkward. You also completely omitted the fireball activation method.
* Bomb block puzzles felt too repetitive. Just detonating and dodging. I'd like to have seen more things like the "race against the block-spawning explosions" room (of which the wrong door is just a reset door which makes it extremely anticlimactic).
* "Dragmar was so boring to play with me! I don't cared so much for him!" -> "Dragmar was so boring to play with! I didn't care much for him!"

* Gimmick usage and level design feel a bit too basic here. Do work on it, if you can. The fact you managed to make a stage out of a goddamn SCP entry was interesting though!

~ One advice ~
Repetition, to the eye of a player, can be sometimes visual. To avoid the player feeling like they are in a repetitive environment, make sure that each successive level uses different foregrounds, backgrounds, or palettes. The domineering tone between each area is key, as the most prominent color will make an impression in the player's eyes. This is an advice that applies between the very first and second level's main areas. For an example of something prefferable: I very much liked the cloud background near the end of Level 2.

I only have this advice to offer, as the secret world dumped me in an infinite bonus game and I had not saved and I have no rewind keys set. Actually, that's one advice I could give - provide save prompts frequently. I am most certain that very few players will keep playing this hack if they are forced to replay some of the contents, when they can just download another ROMhack and play that one instead. Remember that the player IS the boss, here.

Unfortunately, I cannot give any global opinion on this ROMhack. I am very unlikely to try it again and replay this first segment of the game, as it did not feel very exciting and did not give me a clear idea of what to expect.
Movies (I know you don't want those, but like I do care ;))

Anyway, to avoid the fatigue while testing a ROM hack, I decided to only do a part of it in this post. Rest of it is coming later when I feel like testing rest of it.


Hack has its share of level design issues, but there are levels I liked, so it's not like it's completely wrong (it seems like number of boring levels is reducing, perhaps the hack would be better of starting with yours World 2 difficulty or so). The levels are full of power-ups (should probably have their number reduced), and have slowdown caused by using SNES Slow ROM mode (please enable FastROM in Lunar Magic).


Issues with the cutscene were pointed out by lion, and honestly I don't know English well enough to correct those things. I think the corrected versions provided by lion are fine, however.

I just want to point out at some point during cutscene there is unreadable text due to cutscene automatically moving forward without player doing anything. Checking Lunar Magic, it seems like you have player appearing over teleport block, which skips the entire cutscene custom sprite.

Debug room

Not tested, quite clearly not meant to be in final version of a game. Make sure you have proper "level" in this place (although level is quite pushing it, a single screen should be fine).

Patched Plains 1

And so it begins. This level feels like a typical first level of a typical ROM hack, and it doesn't do anything fresh. It's also fairly long, while doing nothing to keep player interested (this problem is repeated in many other levels in this ROM hack). I often see level designers fall into a trap of having to use all the level space Lunar Magic provides. The thing is, 0x1F is really a lot, and many levels won't need all that much - if you don't have ideas how to use that space, then don't - just make your level shorter. Now, I'm aware that you only used 0x1B screens, but that's almost 0x1F to be fair. Also, you may want to experiment with Super Mario World level design techniques of first introducing an obstacle, and then changing it, making it harder, different, or whatever else, instead of keeping the level constantly at the same difficulty.

The game is also way too generous with power-ups. This seems like a weird thing to say, because many ROM hacks have a completely different problem, but it's true. Essentially, for every three/four enemies there is a power-up block. With SMB3 power-down patch combined with SMW item box, it makes it almost impossible to die due to enemies, because of how many power-ups does player casually get. You may want to reduce number of power-ups, and get rid of SMB3 power-down patch. Even unmodified Super Mario World wasn't that generous with power-ups, usually having two power-ups in a level, not five or so. This is common to the entire ROM hack, so I'm not going to discuss this issue in rest of levels.

I like however how level does highlight changes in the Mushroom Kingdom by having mechanical pipes in the ground. Also, while many people may complain about respawning Midway Points, I actually like that as it helps making deaths less annoying. Your goal as a level designer is to let player overcome the challenge you set up before him.

Patched Plains 2

It's not really clear that you can talk with NPC using Up arrow. In fact, it's not really clear that this in fact is an NPC. Now, I'm not suggesting you put a tutorial how to talk with NPCs (provided by NPC itself, no less ;)).

Rather, I think the entire NPC thing is useless, as the NPC says something like "if you stomp on them, they will self destruct". Players won't read text, video games are to play them, not to read text (of course there are exceptions, like visual novels which are more like books, but Mario games are platformers, not books). In this case, it's clear that the enemies explode because when player stomps them, they start flashing, and later they simply explode.

In short, show, don't tell. Let player experience something. If you can avoid explaining something, do so. Nintendo did that really well, for instance, here is design analysis of first stage of Super Mario Bros.. The level itself is pretty much a continuation of Patched Plains 1, and shares the same problems as that level, essentially feeling like two extra Midway Points in that level. I really like the location of secret exit. A coin of slightly wrong color does suggest that there is something hidden, and it neatly introduces invisible coin blocks.

Patched Skyway

This level is really neat up to certain point where it simply feels too long as it keeps reusing the same obstacles. Again, I really like the location of secret exits - overall, you did a great thing with those - they feel really good to find.

Also, the hack appears to have forgot about the entire "Mushroom Kingdom" city thing plot. I wonder when it returns...

Patched Fortress

First of all, the level feels too long again, although it is shorter than rest of levels so far. It's sorta a pattern by now. I find it interesting that you used those spider enemies (essentially slower Thwomps that can be stomped on), I sorta get a feeling you wanted to make something easier than Super Mario World, but it's... not really.

Boss in that level seems weird. You give the player two power-ups before... Boom Boom battle. Yes. Apparently Boom Boom needs two power-ups before it. I did mention the issue with power-ups before, but giving two power-ups (with SMB3 powerdown patch) before battle with boss that was in first fortress of SMB3 is absolutely crazy. Yes, your version has 4 HP points, but that doesn't justify it.

Rubber Cave

I really feel like those barrel (?) things should be pipes. Again, cool secret exit. Too bad the level feels too long and boring.

Riverside Hill

There is sewage, but the water isn't polluted. Okay then... I don't know what means, but cool. I suppose it's trying to explain water from pipes? Is there really need for an explanation? It's a magical land where coins can float in the sky. Again, show, don't tell. Oh, and nice to see mechanical pipes back. Again, long uneventful level.

#1 Clockwood Virus

So, I kept making fun of how every single level is long and boring. There is however a reason why I didn't just say that every level is boring. You see, this level actually has some interesting things going on for it. It's still somewhat long, but it doesn't really feel all that bad this time as it has its share of interesting things. It's first level in this hack which introduces a concept, and then puts a harder or different version of it later, just like Super Mario World does, and does vary things a bit.

Cutscenes don't work again. And it's once again problem with teleport blocks. The boss itself feels like typical boss made using Ultimate N00b Boss sprite (can tell by its chase mode, which is in my opinion not fun to battle against, and if not for a bug in that sprite that causes boss to not deal damage while damaged, it would be crazy). Flashing while damaged feels weird, but I cannot really suggest how to fix it.

First world bonus world stage (unnamed)

Yellow Switch Palace

This stage feels pointless. Essentially, collect 50 coins without any obstacles to deal with. Simply, a filler. On sidenote, I'm really not a fan of having invisible coin blocks in this stage, they are simply trolling - haha, you cannot finish the level because you didn't find the invisible coin blocks, and you cannot even die because there no time limit, pits or enemies - I'm so smart, am I not? No. That's not fun. This level is just waste of player's time. Just have something else for switch palace, this level should be scrapped and replaced with something else.

Anthill Workbench

I really don't feel like writing again what I wrote in pretty much every single level description. Sorry. (hint: long and boring)

Scary House

This on the other hand is a trainwreck. Essentially a boring Ghost House level with barely anything happening, and then pick a door. If you pick a wrong one, you return back to beginning. One of many doors leads to normal exit, another to secret exit. Perhaps there is a hint to that, but I haven't seen one, and if there is, it's probably not really clear. Enterable doors look differently to fake doors, but at the same time fake doors just cause Boos to laugh, so they are fairly pointless. Also fake doors are fire-proof (like, they stop fire)? Huh?

And the level boss is... unmodified Super Mario World Big Boo Boss fight with different music. There is so much that can be done with Big Boo, but you didn't. Please understand? Nice to see you tell in advance that all Ghost Houses have two exits however.

Western Sands 1

SMB3 Bricks are totally suspicious. Ignoring that this advice is really not needed (you could instead have a safe encounter with those, perhaps fake brick hidden inside of pyramid, so that the player could safely see how they work), is it needed to highlight those are SMB3 bricks of all things? Does the player need to know they come from Super Mario Bros. 3?

And again, this level feels repetitive with all its obstacles.

Western Sands 2


SCP-409 Fortress

The level says that enemies can be killed by it, and yet, I don't think you can ever make enemy touch SCP-409. And apparently plumbers won't crystalize when touching it, just die. Fair enough, sometimes you just have to separate plot and gameplay, otherwise game would be unplayable.

Small gray platforms could be introduced in a better way, without needing to depend on text (which I don't really understand anyway). Essentially, make player start on such platforms (or require them to stand on such a platform to perform a jump), and force them to jump. In fact, the first encounter with those would work for purpose of introduction, as long the first such platform would be removed (only second would stay). That said, the level actually has interesting elements to it with it gradually becoming harder.

And... boss is Boom Boom. So anticlimatic, but I suppose I should expect Boom Boom every fortress?

Lakitu's Oil Fields

Oh no, there is strong enemy. What will I do? Nothing hints what is that "strong enemy". I suppose it is Lakitu, but why notify me in advance about it when the level name outright hints that?

Disappointing how throwing fire balls into oil doesn't cause it to burn. I would expect that throwing fire into oil would cause fires. On sidenote, foolish of oil fields owner to put Fire Piranha Plants near oil (as well as prize blocks with Fire Flowers). I understand he wanted some pets on his oil field, but couldn't he have picked something less threatening to oil?

I like how the level changes its gimmick somewhat in second part by replacing flying Lakitu with many pipe Lakitus. Neat change of gimmick when the old one started to get a bit boring.

Power Plant City

Luigi's casual violence over way too many Rexes. Yay (seriously, Rexes aren't any sort of a threat in this level)! And a weird gimmick that level doesn't really do much with (and really, a lot could be done with it, for instance here is a level by levelengine made for MaGL3 contest using those blocks). Either way, it's not all that bad, but the gimmick could be used better. In second part of a level, there is slow smasher section. I think the entire section could be just scrapped, as it's really slow and uneventful.

#2 Power Bomber

The first castle was an interesting level, and this one is relatively interesting too. I feel like you could introduce bomb blocks in a better way, but I suppose the spinjump thing isn't really obvious. Perhaps it would be a good idea to scrap the entire requirement of spinjumping, or perhaps have a following pattern - power-up, turn block, and block bomb below turn block - this would make the player try to spinjump on turn block and inevitably spinjump on block bomb.

Cutscenes don't work again and the boss is Mouser. Somewhat unfortunate that there are no good Super Mario World bosses... I think I battled Mouser for 23848124589th time or so. That's about it for now with reviewing... ahem... testing. Coming later to review worlds 3 and 4.
Thanks for the feedback...

Let's me see your suggestions:

Originally posted by lion
Checkpoint respawns, is this on purpose?

I do this since Master Hand's doomsday...

Originally posted by lion
Cutscene screens have the same "fast forwarding" issue as the plot screens in the intro.

Oh, i'm sorry, i didn't tested it, but i think that's now fixed...

Originally posted by GlitchMr
Disappointing how throwing fire balls into oil doesn't cause it to burn. I would expect that throwing fire into oil would cause fires.

Sorry about that, could i do a request in the ASM requests thread about an oil block?

Originally posted by lion
Anthill Workbench:
* "Ants are in almost everywhere. Ants are a bit easier enemies to beat." -> "Ants are pretty much everywhere! They're one of the easiest enemies to take down."
* Who coded the sprite? When you kill it, it starts vibrating during the death fall animation. I assume it's from it still registering contact with the foreground.

to be honest...


-Fixed an issue about the cutscenes.
-Some grammar fixes suggested by lion.
-City Athletics now shortened a bit.
-New Level Colemanite Peaks is now released.


-The flame castle is a work in progress...
-The World 1 of this hack have inspiration of Kirby's Planet Robobot.
-World 5 will be a beach/water themed, i want to hear some ideas of you.
-Due to my longer levels, SMWC resources are limited and i can't bother anyone or PM anyone for asking their stuff, also, longer levels means more interesting to play.
-One thing that i stored some japanese and cool sonikku sprites in my computer.
-The Boom Boom bosses are from Tsutarja (From Worlds 1 to 3).

(Please understand that I am not good at English.)

Wow! I have played quite a lot of fun.
But there was a little problem.

Two stages of this world begin at level 0 of the original SMW. Perhaps the levels in this world are still incomplete, and it would be better to indicate that it is a demo like the castle of World 4.

- After you break this stage, no fortress level tiles will appear.
- There are times when it is hard to go to the door after breaking this boss. I suggest that you tell the message box that the door will come out.
- It is hard to prepare for the big Thwomp at this level. It is better to place a purple coin in the ground with these Thwomps.
- Here is a little cut-off. I know what's in there, but it seems cut-off has occurred and I need to fix it.
- DEBUG ROOM : This stage is a test level. It would be better to disable level entry.

It's almost done. But before submitting this Mario, I think it's okay to keep the test going, because I might have a bug that I did not find.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
First, sorry but i'm going to make multiple posts here because don't have much time to play this, and it's better for me to make a separate post per world because i'm trying to do detailed reviews in the levels.

Anthill Workbench:


They look fine, the FGs and BGs aren't really clashy but the "rock background" color is too similar to the land color.


This level is a little enjoyable at the beginning, but later, it suffers from the same problem from the other levels, it gets repetitive and less enjoyable, some of the ant placements wheren't good and this level is pretty long.

Scary House:


The best looking level so far, i only think that the pallettes should been a little darker.
Also, the corner tile is lacking outlines.


I really liked this one, the enemy setups got better at the first half and i really liked the door gimmick, probably the best level so far.

A very small note, but i find the secret exit here pointless because it leads to the same place as a pevious level.

Western Sands 1:


It looks decent, the graphics aren't clashy and i have nothing more to say.


It's pretty fine, i liked it at the start, because i like this kind of level, it doesn't gets really repetitive at the end, but it still can be improved.

Western Sands 2:

Another level that is good at the start but gets repetitive after some point, an i think that you re-used some parts because there are some segments on the level that are similar to pevious ones, with very minor changes on the design, and some sprites are out of place like the boomerang bros.

And this is the third level to have a secret exit that leads to that pipe in World 1.

SCP-409 Fortress:


The quartz thing looks clashy with everything else, but other than that, it's totally fine.


I like the main gimmick, but yeah, i didn't liked the layer 2 room that much, i think it feels empty in some parts, but other than that it's okay.

Lakitu's Oil Field:


Eh, it's not that bad, i like the palettes, but i'm not a big fan of the graphics used.


It really feels like a level to introduce lakitu, being mostly flat, and here, it's good to introduce it, the second half as okay, but i still think you can add the lakitu here again.

Power Plant City:


The background doesn't looks really good, and my biggest complain here is with the ladder climbing thing that looks terrible imo, everything else is okay.


I enjoyed the first half, it had good enemy placements, and i really liked the gimmick, but after that, the level got boring in the layer 3 smasher room, it's not only out of place but it's lacking enemies.

#2 Power Bomber:


They look good, the graphics aren't clashy and i like the palettes, nothing more to say.


I really like the gimmick, it was excecuted well in the rooms, but i think some rooms where lacking enemies and it got a little repetitive after a while, i think that adding more normal segments would be something better to do.

About the boss, there's nothing to say, it's just another boss fight with mouser.
So, let's finish this with this post.

Underwater River:


I'm going to point out that those pink/purple decorations are inconsistent, some of them are solid and some aren't, and they have both black outlines and the same colors, other than that, it's all fine.


Nothing really special, the level is boring and repetitive, and like many other levels, it goes on and on without adding much to it, like, the second half feels pretty much the same as the first, without any difference.

Scary House:

When i played this, i expected something like the first ghost house which i liked, and it was decent in the first half, i liked the sprite setups, but like many other levels, it gets repetitive very fast after some time and the level just gets repetitive, like i saying that your levels are repetitive.

Morinda Forest 1:


The graphics are fine but my biggest complaint is with the foreground trees, the leaves are just flat in the whole level, it not looks only repetitive but kinda unnatural, and also, it looks cutoff at the end of the first half.


It's a pretty decent level, nothing really special, the enemy setups are fine and it isn't as repetitive as the pevious ones.

Morinda Forest 2:

It's overall, a good level, the enemy setups here where a lot more varied than in the pevious levels and it feels less repetitive overall.

Kirakira Fortress:

First, this level doesn't get revealed after the pevious level's event.

About the aesthetics, i'm not going to say anything because it looks the same as a pevious level, i'm only going to say that some decorations looks cutoff

About the design, It's fine, by the start i liked the enemy setups and specially the vertical layer 2 room, the second half is pretty much okay and doesn't feels repetitive.

Bad Morning City:


It's not bad, the BG and FG fits, but some of the decorations looks like solid when you see but they are only decorations, it whould look better if they had a different outline to not look solid.


I liked how the second half used the sumo bros more than the first one, and overall it's a decent level, i only thinks that it has too much sprites in some places, specially in the 2nd half.

City Athletics:

I like how you used different enemies at the second half and also the idea of a high level made of blocks, but, it's all i have to say, this level has some good enemy placements but, a lot of places are just lacking sprites, and the slow autoscroll just make those areas pointless or empty, i lost the count how many times i used fast-froward in this level.

#3 Grinders Gallore:


I'm not a big fan of the graphical choice, it's not bad, but it's not really good in my opinion but the biggest problem was in the background of the main level which confuses me, it would look a lot better if the city buildings and clouds where in layer 3 and in a slower scrolling speed, otherwise, it doesn't look like something that is further away from the place.


The first half was good, it has some good design and enemy use, but i find that vertical sublevel completely pointless and repetitive, i suggest removing it or making more interesting to play, the rest of the level was decent enough and boss battle was pretty meh.

Land of Giants:


Pretty fine, the graphics choice wasn't bad. I only have a pretty minor complain with the used giant block, that looks yellow instead of looking brown like the others, but as i said, it's minor.


Is really good to see that people still remember World 4 from SMB3, and the giant enemies that are quite underused by now, and overall, it's a pretty decent level that feels like something from SMB3's World 4.

Big or Small:

Another pretty enjoyable level, the gimmick is interesting and the sprite usage here was pretty good, on the whole level and i also like what you did with the secret exit.

Green Switch Palace:

A pretty simple bonus level that really feels like an smw switch palace, there's nothing really bad about it, the gimmick works well and much better than the yellow one.

Creepy House:

It's a decent ghost house level, the gimmick was used pretty well, i specially liked the last part and overall, it doesn't gets repetitive.

Mountain Madness:


It's pretty solid, probably because the graphics where made by the same person, and overall, it looks fine.


There's nothing wrong, another level that has good enemy use and progression, unlike a lot of pevious ones.

Orochiki Fortress:


The background is a little clashy with the forgeround but otherwise, it's okay and i liked the palettes used.


It's another level that has a good progression and gets less repetitive with the time, i only think that the layer 2 rom was too short.

E: I forgot to talk about the boss, it isn't the best boss fight, it gets a little hard to dodge the fire attack most of the times when picking up the blue blocks.

Treacherous Mine:


It looks okay, there's nothing more to comment, the fg graphics are fine and fitting with the background, nothing more.


Well, this one has also decent enemy placements but sometimes, specially in the second half where the ceiling is too low and makes some enemies harder to dodge, otherwise, it a pretty okay level.

Colemanite Peaks:

This level is really good and pretty enjoyable in my opinion(probably because i really like this kind of level), the enemy usage was pretty good and there isn't much wrong here.

So, now it's time to i say my opinions on every aspect of this hack:


The level design here is a mixed bag, there are some boring levels with some really enjoyable ones, many of them(from Worlds 1 and 2 mostly) get repetitive after some point, i can see some improvement during World 3 and mostly in World 4, but overall, the design goes from poor to good.


This one is hard to talk about, because a big part of the levels here have custom graphics, and many of them are different, there isn't like a style, but at the least there aren't any terrible graphical clashes like in your previous works.


I didn't said anything about music before, but the music choice is great overall, but i'm not sure because i have a pretty good taste for music.

Overall: 6,5/10

It's a pretty decent hack overall, as i said, some of the earlier levels are worse than the ones in world 4 for example, and i can expect a lot of better levels, since i noticed an improvement during the hack, now expect me to play the whole thing once finished.

Is the link works?



-Western Sands 1
-Western Sands 2
-Morinda Forest 2
-Kirakira Fortress (Added No-feather sign)

I deduced that the levels must be repetitive because of using the same enemy every time.


-It's the sea-themed world.
-About the Overload Harbor, i tried to make the BG which looks like the Overload Ocean from Kirby Planet Robobot, but the result is clashy.
-The Main boss is Ace Aroi and his Aroi Mobile.

Originally posted by smwc23105
Underwater River:


I'm going to point out that those pink/purple decorations are inconsistent, some of them are solid and some aren't, and they have both black outlines and the same colors, other than that, it's all fine.

Blame Gamma V, he made these graphics.

Also, i'll do more other fixes soon...
Double Post

Anyone have problems with the Dropbox link? Is it works?
If anyone is testing my hack, i want to say that another BASE ROM is released.



-World 6 levels.
-Three levels of World 7

Edit: Fixed an issue related with the Map16.

Playing the latest beta and I found this typo in the World 3 Castle after beating the boss! The boss of World 3 meant to say "I'll be back!"
Fantastic levels and the music you're using keeps me entertained as I playthrough the hack! Keep up the good work! #smw{:TUP:}
Just want to let you know, the boss (Triclyde) of the Fortress in World 4 only works in ZSNES!
I tried with SNES9X v1.54.1 and BSNES+ v073.3a and the game crashes when loading that boss room!
Did you tried this?
This for anyone who play SMW rom hacks.

I hope that this helps you.

The tryclyde boss works on this emulator.
Thanks! I'll try it out later! #smw{:TUP:}
First off, since this hack is pretty dang long, i'll edit this review every time I complete a world.

Intro screen: That OC is flippin' adorable but seems a bit too serious for her looks. Oh well, looks don't always tell their personality. Anywho, it all seems to work fine. Point awarded.
Overworld: Not much wrong here, although there are a few too many decorations in World 1. Otherwise, it's alright. Point awarded.

World 1
I won't review Debug Room because, well, it's a debug room.
Patched Plains 1: This level is definetly good enough for now, but there are a few oddities here and there. First of all, the pipes look very swamp-y. It doesn't look bad per say, but it looks a bit grim compared to the rest of the level which seems somewhat vibrant. Secondly, you have copy and pasted some parts of the level and changed it up a bit. It's no problem here because there has been done enough to keep it apart, but I don't think that's the right way to go. Still though, good level. Point awarded.
Patched Plains 2: This level introduces all kinds of new and returning enemies. That's all fine and good, but some seem to be shoehorned in pretty much, especially the fly-like enemies that I have yet to see again. Placing a regular Goomba or Koopa should've sufficed in their places. The level itself loses focus later on, like you've just realised you added all those enemies in the level and HAVE to add them to make sure they get utilized. The desgin itself is okay, and the secret exit is well hidden for a first-time one. Half a point awarded.
Patched Skyway: This level is noticable for being so unnoticeable. While it may seem bad because you won't exactly remember the level later on, it is a good thing because this level seems very much like a normal Mario level. I would reccomend toning down the amount of power-ups though, it's a little over the top and some challenge wouldn't hurt. Point awarded.
Patched Fortress: Same as Patched Skyway, really. Something I find kinda weird is that entirely new enemies first turn into a stunned state when hit, before falling off-screen. I'm not sure if that was supposed to happen. Boom-Boom was... Boom-Boom. Not much wrong with him. Point awarded.
Rubber Cave: This is where stuff gets interesting. First of all, only now you decided that the pipes shouldn't look like they came out of a swamp. Secondly, the first half of this level is really tough for a World 1 level. It's honestly very tedious because of the huge amount of enemy placement. It gets better in the second half, but the damage has been led and the level seems to drag on for too long. No point awarded.
Riverside Hill: Overall, this is a nice and flowing level, but I wonder why you can't swim in the vertical streaming water. Seems a bit unlogical. The cat/Goomba-like enemies work good but again, they don't seem to appear anywhere else. Still though, this is a fine level. Point awarded.
#1 Clockwood Virus: This is a sweet and challenging level, but the boss is really anticlimatic. If you have power-ups, literally all you have to do is stand in the middle and jump on him when he is near you, even when he goes berserk. Maybe you could've made him invisible on some moments and bypass the OC's powers? I dunno, but this is underwhelming. Half a point awarded.
Anthill Workbench: This level has it's fundementals down for having Ants and being inside an Ant cave, but there's not much to like about this level. The Ants don't appear elsewhere AGAIN, and it gets repetitive at light speed. No points awarded.
Scary House: Aw yeah, this has the SMB3 Ghost House theme. ...But the latter part doesn't sound good. The level itself is acceptable, but I dislike the fact that the wrong door can lead you to the entire beginning of the level. Not the best of tricks, even for a Ghost House. For the rest it seems to be okay. Half a point awarded.

So, overall, World 1 is a decent world but it has major flaws with having enemies that appear nowhere else and some difficulty spikes. World 2 is next, and i'll add to this post when I have the time.
It's almost there, only 12 levels left.


WORLD 7 complete
almost complete
(only two levels left)

I don't reached to the WORLD 9 yet.

The World 9 will be the rematch with all the main bosses.

I'll finish this hack before of the C3 summer, or perhaps, i'll release this during the event.
I will not use that patch, i'm sorry. I'm already quite far with the previous version and I don't want to restart.
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