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Super Mario Hack v1.7 is now a thing...
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After about 7 months, I've gained interest in updating this hack and actually getting it on the Central.

So, for those who don't know, Super Mario Hack (or SMH for short) is a hack that focuses on a new gimmick for every level. There is a plot, but it is about as bare bones as it can get. (i.e, Bowser jr kidnaps Peach.) There are about 7 levels, each trying to bring something new to the table. From blasting bullet bills in a submarine to solving puzzles or climbing up a tower to reach the skies, this hack will (hopefully) keep you entertained.

SMH v1.4 Download

Kinda sorta back though not really.
(Please understand that I am not good at English.)

A window appears saying that the link is invalid.
I tested this Mario with the right link.
And I found some bugs.

- ver 1.4 -

The camera position is strange when I break the midway point of this stage and restart it. And when you move to the middle tape position with pipe, the auto-scroll does not work.

- It 's hard to climb up there when you fall.
- Mario's starting position is strange. It would be understandable if you deliberately moved your location here.
- There is no midway point except for the airship stage. It was a little hard to play because I had to start from the beginning when I was playing the final stage.

- ver 1.6 -

This midway point does not work.

I think it's a good idea to get feedback from others and submit it because I may have a bug that I have not found.

I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
EDIT: Oh, almost forgot, here are movies, they can be played back with Snes9x 1.54.1:

I won't discuss levels in too much detail (with exception for Bowser Jr's Castle), because there is barely anything to talk about. That said, here are issues I found.

- First stage doesn't appear to be reachable, I started with Forest Swamp.
- So called "cut-off prevention" (square blocks) look uglier than cut-off in my opinion (especially when they barely prevent any cut-off, the thing with water could be handled by simply raising land).
- Don't explain stuff when you don't need to. People will figure that green water is dangerous (yes, I know it's purple in this video, but still, the game doesn't explain it, so you don't have to either).
- In Rising Fortress, player starts at the bottom, giving barely any time to react. Provide some floor below player, to give some time to react to a gimmick. Like, say, start with Mario in the upper half of a level.
- In Yellow Switch Palace, there are many places where player get stuck. I've marked them on this image. Two of those above turn blocks are fairly contrived (the player has to get here without having a mushroom, and wait for turn blocks to become solid), and are probably fine (considering level has time limit). However, the one in middle is very likely to get trapped in, as there is springboard just below it. You may want to get rid of used blocks in the middle part, they don't really serve any purpose in a puzzle.

- Diagonal pipe should be blocked from right side to block upside-down slope parts, as they don't really work correctly.

- This looks weird, pretty sure you can do better than that.

Now for Bowser Jr's Castle. This level really feels out of place for this ROM hack. It's much longer and trickier than rest of a level. I like it design wise, but there is so much difficulty dissonance between this level and rest of levels in this ROM hack. I feel like it should be toned town and have a Midway Point (or perhaps rest of levels should be made harder).

The boss of that level is garbage. Rest of level is quite fun, but boss is simply garbage. I just gave up on it, it's not worth my time. The problem is that after two hits, it changes the pattern to throw shells, which is unexpected and probably will cause unfair damage. Also boss is also much faster, and because it's chasing Mario, there is no way to jump over a boss, and player cannot spinjump on it (some custom sprites decided to not use standard colission code, instead they implemented their own weird version). Not only that, but duration during which boss can be hit appears to be glitchy, and while I was battling Bowser Jr., I tried spinjumping on it just after it was hit by a shell, but it very quickly returned to its regular state causing damage to me. How is that fair? This is the unfortunate thing about Super Mario World custom bosses in custom sprites section, they are mostly unfun to play against garbage.

I'm done, if there is anything after Bowser Jr's Castle, I'm not reviewing it, the boss of this place is garbage, and I don't want to use savestates.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
- At first brush -

I played through all the accessible levels. ROMhack is pretty alright! Nothing too spectacular, but things seem done rather well on the whole. There are some times where my critic layer felt some levels were underwhelming (such as the underwater submarine level). Nevertheless, I had a decent time with this ROMhack, overall.

What I would change
The only level that stood out to me was the final one. It's certainly much longer than the rest of the ROMhack, but not *too* much longer. I'd recommend changing the downwards auto-scroller section. It doesn't do much except making the player wait for the screen to scroll. Heck, I'd say you could remove it entirely, and the experience on the final level would be much improved. The final boss isn't very good, but I know there isn't much you can do about that.

Actually, I forget if there was a message box explaining this, but you should tell the player to jump on Bowser Jr while he is stunned - it's the one thing that isn't obvious and would benefit from being explained.

Advice, maybe
I'd say next time you make a ROMhack, you should keep in mind a goal of what the player should be feeling while playing it. Could be invoking anything like thrills, chuckles, or curiosity; just pick one thing that the player should feel, perhaps even something different between each level, and construct it with that goal in mind.

Would I recommend this hack? Eh, maybe. I don't really have a definitive "yes" to anyone I would know, since I couldn't really tell what the experience was going for at any point. It was a nice distraction, though.
(Sorry is my english is bad, I try to do my best)

Lovely Sunset

Unable to access

Swamp Forest

It is a rather pretty nice level, the level design rather correct and the combination BG and FG are fine.
I just found weird that the palette of this pipe was different from the bottom.

Water Sub

The level is a bit heavy especially because the generator of Bill Ball shoots too randomly, I died several times because shoots too randomly. I propose to remove it.
Otherwise, the level is a little empty, no coins (expected the arrows at the end.) , no decoration...

Rising Fortress

The level is fine, but in the vertical scrolling part the first saw that falls is very difficult to avoid.
The secret exit is rather bad. I think if it had a passage after the hose it could be better otherwise it's too easy

Yellow Switch Palace

A nice little puzzle, but add access to prevent it from getting stuck
Originally posted by GlitchMr


A nice level, there is just this passage that is not useful or one can get stuck with the scrolling.

Bowser Jr. Castle

I like this level, rather fun and enjoyable to play but the boss is still quite hard without save-states and make the level quite boring because there are no midway point.

Overall the hack is correct, although the difficulty increases rather quickly.
What I do not like in this hack is the atmosphere of the levels I find it changes pretty quickly.
(If you count the first level that is not accessible)
Also there is a lack of checkpoints, if you take the Bowser Jr Castle it would have been better to have a checkpoint before the boss because doing a whole level every time it's quickly annoying.
The global difficulty of this hack is Normal.

Layout by Koopster
Alright, alright. Hopefully I've fixed most of the problems pointed out.


-Lovely Sunset is accessible, along with The Hut.
-Some used blocks are removed from Yellow Switch Palace.
-Difficulty is lowered in Bowser Jr's Castle, added Midway Point.
-Fixed issue with The Airship midway point.
-Removed pointless message box in Forest Swamp.
-Removed oddities in The Airship level.
-Added floor to Rising Fortress

SMH v1.6 Download

Kinda sorta back though not really.
Lovely Sunset

It's a nice level, there is no default on the palette, and the level design is correct.

Yellow Switch Palace

For the switch i suggest you to use the 1F0 Blocks because we can still be stuck here and here

Bowser Jr. Castle

The midway point doesn't work. Because I think you have missed the level where we enter on the castle.

Fix that's and it's good.
Layout by Koopster
This should be the final version of this hack.


-Fixed issues mentioned by Aurel509

SMH v1.7 Download

Kinda sorta back though not really.
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